Title: Escape

Author: "teh great" M.F.

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Warnings: Shounan-ai/Yaoi, OOC

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Chapter 06: Love

Allen wiped the sweat from his brow as the sun set over the horizon. Looking around, everyone was busy sweeping and throwing away the last few pieces of non-salvageable items into the trash. Although it had only been a couple of hours since the vandalism of Otis' stand the group had managed to clean up all the remains and save what they could in a fair amount of time.

Allen glanced sideways at Otis who stood staring at the cavity in the row of kiosks. The very cavity that once held his kiosk where he sold things that were "out of the ordinary."

Earlier, after Otis and his former gang had released themselves from their group hug… erm… no. It was more like: Earlier, after Otis beat his former gang members senseless for even thinking about dog-piling him… Allen had been debating with himself whether or not he should ask Otis about the gang, especially that leader of theirs. Yes, it was established that the blonde, Jonathan, was in fact, not the thief that Allen was searching for, but even if that were true, Allen couldn't shake off this feeling he had about Jonathan. Maybe he wasn't the thief, but that didn't mean, he didn't have any inside information on him.

But of course, the thing that kept Allen from asking Otis was the fact that whenever Otis laid his eyes upon them, there was this glimmer to kill that shone brightly behind his eyes. Yeah, it was probably something Otis didn't want to discuss at the moment.

"Oi!" Jonathan called, walking up to Allen. "Looks like we did a good job huh?" The blonde said while brushing his hands off. "What do you think captain?" He asked, looking down at Allen.

Realizing he was talking to him, Allen sighed. "Yeah."

"Hey, what's with the sigh?" Jonathan asked, slapping Allen on the back. "Man, all this hard work calls for some refreshments down at the bar! What do you guys say?" Jonathan grinned, a resounding cheer from his fellow companions following. "So how about it? You and Boss want to come with us?"

Allen swallowed. "S-sorry, I don't drink…"

"Be a man and grow some balls!" Jonathan landed another thud onto Allen's back. "Every man's gotta like bit of brew once in a while!" He turned to Otis. "How about you Boss?"

"What do you think?" Otis kicked at the dirt road. "I'm going home." He said as he started walking down the street. "Oh yeah." He stopped in mid-step and half-heartedly threw a bag over his shoulder. With a loud clink, it hit the ground at Jonathan's feet. "You helped me out today, but that doesn't mean I'm coming back." Otis paused. "Take that as a token of my appreciation and don't ever come near me again."

Allen blinked. Jonathan just chuckled. "We didn't do it get you back." He picked up the bag and threw it back at Otis' feet. "We did it because we're friends."

Allen could feel the stinging of tears behind his eyes. Maybe it was the sincere words of dear friendship that caused them to bubble up, or the dirt in the air that Otis had kicked up earlier, but either way, Allen's heart filled with warmth. And even though he might've not completely understood if the statement was just as corny as it sounded, or if it was truly as deep as he thought it was, it was just too much for his little heart to handle at the moment.

"You cryin' Captain?" Jonathan asked as he put a hand on Allen's shaking shoulder. Otis turned around with a surprised look on his face.

"N-no!" Allen sniffled, holding back his genuine tears. "I'm okay." He said, voice shaking.

"No!" Jonathan announced, the rest of his gang suddenly appearing at the sides of the two men. "It's not okay! Let it out Captain, just let it all out!"

"Yes Captain!" the gang repeated, tears sparkling behind their eyes.

Otis stood staring at the somewhat pathetic scene. Why him of all people? "God! Shut up! Fine!" Otis shouted in defeat. "I'll meet you guys at the bar! Later tonight…" He ended in an embarrassed tone.

"Really?!" Everyone asked in unison.

Otis scratched the back of his head. "Y-yeah. So… nine, right? At the old place?"

Jonathan smiled, proud and happy tears flowing down his face. "Of course Boss."

"We're looking forward to seeing you there Boss!" the gang saluted at Otis, all with tears flowing down their faces as well.

Allen laughed. "You guys really are…"

"…a bunch of clowns." Otis muttered.

"Hahaha--ahh, Tyki, will you look at that?" a voice cooed through the darkness. "Looks like they're having fun."

"Will you quit that out?" A cool voice replied. "You spy on that Allen Walker, when you should be doing your homework."

Rhode turned to Tyki, smiling. "I finished that a long time ago! Anyway, are you one to talk? Mr. I-Watch-Him-In-His-Sleep?"

Tyki's only reply was a fit of coughing.

Rhode giggled. "I told you that those cigarettes are going to kill you."

Tyki tried his hardest not to blush as he composed himself, "How'd you know about that?"

Rhode grinned widely. "Gotcha!" She pointed her finger at him like a gun and pulled the trigger, which caused Tyki's skin to change to a shade of burgundy. Laughing, Rhode fell back into her chair while Tyki grabbed a cigarette, mumbling under his breath, "Can't believe she spies on me too."

"Let's face it." Rhode said as Tyki exhaled a large cloud of smoke from his lungs. "There's just something about him that we like."

Tyki smiled to himself, she had a point. "I guess he doesn't even realize that he's been pulled into another scenario of the Earl's. Since we aren't there harassing him and all."

Rhode turned back to her window to Allen's world. "I know. He's nothing but a clueless, nice-guy." She said as she followed Allen's every movement with her eyes. Tyki just shook his head as he watched her usual habits. The same as always, he supposed. "Well, I guess it's about time for me to go." He said, getting to his feet.

"Don't forget to bring back the boy's innocence." Rhode teased. "And I'm not talking about Walker's."

"Yeah, yeah." Tyki said. And without another glance back, he grabbed his jacket and walked through Rhode's doorway.

Allen grabbed hold of his left forearm as he looked up at the dimming twilight. Tonight was a bit colder than the last. Unfortunately for Allen, he was stuck in his skimpy leather pants and half sleeveless shirt. He sighed, who's bright idea was it to give Allen such skimpy clothes? Not wanting to think too deeply about it, Allen just found resolve in that it was a random process.

In front of him, Jonathan and the others were walking along, cracking jokes and striking poses. It didn't seem like these guys needed any liquor in their systems, because from Allen's point of view, they acted pretty drunk.

"Here's the bar captain!" Jonathan announced as they stood in front of a small building. "It doesn't look like much, but she's got the best brew in town." Jonathan blushed. "Just thinking about it makes me feel drunk…"

"Oh." Allen looked at the run-down building. "I guess I'll have to trust your word then."

"Sure do!" Jonathan smiled then turned to his gang. "All right boys! Meet here 'round nine! I'll have things ready for ya, so go on, take the rest of the day off 'kay?"


Allen watched as they all dispersed, smiles of relief and excitement on their faces. He smiled to himself as he watched their expressions, and not only theirs, but others as they walked pass on the sidewalk. Perhaps it was another façade, but all the selfish people in this city seemed pretty… happy.

"Hey captain…" Jonathan said hesitantly, walking up to Allen. "There's been something on my mind… so, before you leave, do you mind chatting with me a bit?"

"Uhm, sure. I can do that." Allen's eyes widened. "Oh yeah! I also had some things I wanted to talk to you about!"

"I think I've got a good idea about what you wanna talk about…" Jonathan scratched his chin then turned to Allen. "But it sounds like a plan, information for information."

Allen raised a brow at Jonathan as he started walking forward. Does Jonathan really know what I want to talk to him about already? Allen shook his head, well, if he did, then this conversation would flow pretty steadily, right?

Allen had to practically jog to catch up with Jonathan and his long strides. The two of them entered a park just as Allen caught up, "So what's on your mind?"

Jonathan didn't jump right into his thoughts. He tapped his fingers against his mouth before he opened it to speak. "Earlier, after we finished tusslin' in that alley, that guy who came, he was your friend, right?"

"Yeah, Rabi." Allen answered cautiously while still trying to keep the mood light.

"Yeah!" Jonathan nodded vigorously. "He's been hanging around our side of town lately, asking everyone suspicious questions… questions about him."

"The thief." Allen said almost robotically. "Yeah, Rabi's a bit eccentric, don't mind him." The adrenaline began stirring in his veins. "Has he talked to you about it yet?"

"Nope." Jonathan said as he plopped down onto a stone bench, he seemed a little dejected. "I've just heard about him is all…"

"Hm, well, then can I talk to you about it?" Allen asked, not knowing whether or not his proposal would be accepted.

Jonathan looked over at Allen, his face ecstatic. "I just knew that that was what you wanted to talk about!"

Allen found himself sighing in relief at Jonathan's reaction. "So for the record, your not the thief right?"

"I wish!" Jonathan laughed. "If I was that thief, I'd be the richest bastard in the world!" He rubbed his hands together. "Sometimes I really wish I was him, or that I knew who he was. He's probably so rich right now, what, with sellin' all those goods on the black market for those outrageous prices!" His eyes suddenly shifted from hungry to angry. "And you know what? People actually buy it! Crazy rich bastards."

"Wow!" Allen blinked. "Sounds like you know a lot about this guy."

Jonathan smiled, acknowledging the fact that his information was of much interest to his captain at the moment. "Well, I may be the stand-in leader of a somewhat shitty gang right now, but that doesn't mean I don't know what all is happening in the underground." He grinned smugly. "Too bad for your Rabi friend, but I'm a goldmine of information on that thief."

Allen chuckled, "Well then, can you tell me more about him? Have you ever seen him?"

"I've seen him, just not his face." Jonathan sighed. "He's a weird guy. Wears black cloaks with hoods and everything, and sometimes he's got chains hanging off of him like the grim reaper or something, of course, he doesn't really carry around a scythe, but that'd top of his costume for sure! But anyway, it's thanks to that costume that nobody's seen his face."

Jonathan stopped in his tracks. "That guy though, he's been getting really cheeky lately. You know, with his declaration to kill the minister and all."

"Oh, you've heard about that?" Allen asked, surprised that the public already knew about the information.

"Of course! Everyone in the underground's heard of it. I understand why he might want to kill the minister. I mean, the ministers a dickass, he's been taking all the money from the churches in the city and using them to buy himself women and the latest equipment to lengthen his lifespan, and other weird stuff like that, I actually heard he recently bought out a sex toy company…!" Jonathan snickered.

Allen blushed. Are we still talking about a minister here?

"Why is he still the minister then? Why doesn't the city do something about it?"

"Well, they can't." Jonathan shrugged. "The guy's been minister here since the city was first established. He's pretty old, but like I said, thanks to those weird drugs, he's still able to move around like, uh, a lively 50 year old I guess. Anyway, even though he may be a lousy bum, he's really good at his job inside the church. And all this information against him is being held from the public. They go on living their lives, worshiping this false prophet, all because the higher-ups in the city are afraid that if they do reveal all this, then the people will revolt and riot. The city's done rough estimates of how much the damage could cost…" Jonathan scratched the back of his head. "Obviously it was enough to make 'em keep the minister."

"So they just keep digging themselves a bigger hole." Allen said staring at the cobblestone beneath his feet.

"Oh, but there's more!" Jonathan added, a slight grimace replacing his cheerful demeanor. "At any rate, it's also thanks to that bastard that there've been more and more people popping up around the city who have no home and no money, you know, poor people. How, you ask, is that his fault? Well, in this country, the minister is supposed to take the money he gets from the people and help those in need, build new homeless shelters, distribute welfare… all that kind of shit. I guess really, this city especially, started going down the drain ever since the minister turned his new leaf."

Allen didn't understand. "Why? Why would he change like that?"

"Greed I guess, lust, other things like that. Material wants got the better of him and he kinda just spiraled out of control."

"Why this city?" Allen pressed further, trying to fill in the gaps. "What about the rest of the country?"

"Oh, didn't you know? This here city is the capital of the country." Jonathan stuck out his tongue, "I think."

Allen shook his head. It was still hard for him to swallow. A holy figure who wasn't holy at all. How could something like this have happened? Maybe it was just the atmosphere of the city. Maybe the holy man finally gave into the wicked atmosphere around him. But that still didn't make sense. Allen remembered looking at the faces of the people on the street moments ago, all smiling, all happy.

Allen was lost in his thoughts while Jonathan continued blabbing on about other minor details about the minister.

"Woah, check out that guy! Talk about old fashioned." Jonathan suddenly said, changing the subject. Allen looked up as Jonathan pointed to a man outside the parks gates. He was tall and had a top hat and suit on. Allen's eyes widened, although the man had his back to them, Allen knew that figure anywhere.

"J-Jonathan thanks a lot for the input!" Allen jumped to his feet and started jogging off. "But I just remembered, I have something to do! Nine 'o clock right?"

"Y-yeah…" Jonathan blinked. "See ya?"

That man it couldn't have been, could it? Allen was careful in following him, leaving enough distance between them so he wouldn't look suspicious. After all, he was stalking the only guy on the street wearing a suit of all things. And it didn't help that the man Allen was following was also a head taller than those around him. Talking about sticking out like a sore thumb.

Allen followed while the man led them down streets that seemed to grow more and more empty. Allen decided he would go and confront him as soon as he turned the next corner onto a dead end street Allen had seen earlier. But as soon as he mentally made that decision, his target turned a sharp corner with a sudden burst of energy, noticing this, Allen cursed underneath his breathe, hoping he hadn't somehow blown his cover.

As soon as he turned the corner, Allen froze as he stared into the dead-end alleyway, with no sign of anyone, anywhere.

"Where...?" Allen stared down the dark and empty alley.

"Looking for me Allen-kun?"

In a heartbeat, Allen had his innocence activated and had it pointing at Tyki's heart. Interestingly enough, Tyki's upper body was sticking out of the wall to Allen's right, an amused look on the Noah's face. He pushed Allen's innocence aside and stepped out of the building.

"Put that thing away, I'm not here for you Allen-kun." Tyki said as he pulled out and lit up a cigarette.

Allen pressed his weapon to Tyki's chest again, "What are you doing here?" He demanded.

"I told you already, I'm not here for you boy." He inhaled deeply. "Of course, if you want my attention that badly, I might just give it to you." He smiled to himself, sadistic thoughts filling his head. "But sadly…" He cleared his throat, remembering the reason he came. "I'm here for the other boy today."

Allen readied his weapon. "I won't let you hurt them." His composed anger burned through his words.

Tyki exhaled a cold laugh as he flicked his cigarette butt out into the street. Noticing the seriousness of Allen's words made Tyki twinge. Here he was trying to be nice to the boy, and Allen-kun was being a jerk to him. This, his black side would not tolerate. "You've got to realize that the world doesn't revolve around you exorcists."

Allen gasped as a bone crushing pressure wrapped itself around his neck before he could react. Tyki's contorted smile looked down on him. "Although I'd love to see you writhing in pain beneath me, I have a job to do, one that involves that thief that you're after." He whispered, his dark eyes penetrating Allen's wet but determined, blue ones. Realizing he wasn't going to get any more anguish out of Allen, he chuckled and let go of the young exorcist's throat.

Allen fell to his knees, gripping his neck and coughing painfully until he could get enough air circulating back into his lungs. "You-you can't have him." Allen whispered, tears streaking down his face.

"Is that so?" Tyki asked wearing a pleased expression. "Well then, how about we have some fun and make it a race?"

"A race? What are you trying to get at bastard?" Allen asked, trying to raise the volume on his voice, only to get out a measly murmur.

"It's as simple as it sounds. Whoever finds the rebel exorcist first, gets to keep him and his innocence."

Allen steadily got to his feet. "This isn't a game! There's no way that we'll let you get to him before we do."

Tyki smiled. "Always fighting, aren't you boy?" He asked then leaned forward and grabbed Allen's collar. Allen's eyes widened with shock as their lips touched. Tyki's lips were ashy and dry, like his cigarettes. In anger, Allen closed his eyes tightly as he struggled to push Tyki away, after a good kick in the shins though Tyki finally pulled back.

"What the hell?!" Allen tried shouting. "BLEH! I taste cigarette!" His said, voice cracking.

Tyki laughed as he rubbed his shin, "Ouch! That was a kiss for luck!" He turned on his heel, "You'll need it." He waved and before Allen could try to stop him, he was gone.

Allen paused, "What the hell do you mean I'll need it?!?" He shouted angrily after him, wherever the Noah had gone to. A sudden ache wrenched around his throat, and Allen coughed as he rubbed his neck. Getting nothing but silence in return, Allen turned around and headed back to the more crowded street.

This situation was getting serious. If the Earl had sent a Noah here, it must have meant that something big might happen soon, but what? Allen peeked into a shop window. It was seven fifty, which meant Allen had plenty of time to go and look for Rabi and Kanda before his engagement tonight.

Massaging his neck with one hand, Allen used the other and pulled out his earpiece that Baku had given the three of them way at the beginning of their mission. Too bad it had a mind of it's own, earlier while he was stalking down Tyki it hadn't worked. Allen stared down at it and wondered if it would work now that his ordeal was over. Allen talked into it… once, twice, one more time. No response, again.

Meanwhile, on Rabi's end of the spectrum, Rabi darted through the crowd in the Bazaar searching for none other than:

"ALLEN!!" He called out. "ALLEN!!" Where is he?

" 'Scuse me sir…" Rabi said stopping a man at a stall, "Have you seen a kid around? About this tall, white hair, funny looking scar—err, tattoo on his face?"

The man gave him a funny look before he realized what he was talking about. "Oh, do you mean that old man who's friends with, what was is name…? Oh! Otis, I think it was?"

Rabi nodded. "Yeah! That's right!" All of it, except for the fact that Allen's not an old man.

"Oh sure, him and a group of guys went downtown towards the bars." The man scratched his chin. "Although I don't think it's safe for a man to be drinking and hanging out with a gang like that at his age."

"Yeah, yeah, thanks a lot!" Rabi thanked as he started running through the crowd again. Bean sprout must've run into that reject gang again… but what's he doing hanging out with them?

Allen sighed as he continued staring at his useless earpiece. I wonder how I'll find them now. This place is huge.

Rabi ran as fast as he could, his eye darting from face to face. Beansprout where are you?

Looking up at the glow of the city against the night sky Allen put the earpiece back. If he was lucky, Otis might run into either Kanda or Rabi and ask them to come to the bar that evening. That way Allen would be able to inform them the new development.

"Allen!" Rabi called as he finally spotted the patch of white amongst the other shades of grey. "Allen!!!"

Allen looked up. Was somebody calling his name?

"Allen!" Rabi pushed past the crowd and grabbed his white-haired friend… or so he thought…

"Who the fuck are you?" An agitated woman looked up at him. Rabi's hand that had been resting on her shoulder shot back into the air.

"Oh man! I mean, woman! I mean—dammit! Sorry!" Rabi stuttered, his face turning red.

The woman raised a brow then batted her eyelashes. "Hey, looks like you want some action tonight, don't you sweetie?"

Rabi swallowed. "Uh… wow! Look at the time! Is it that late already? I better get going!" And with that, Rabi strode in the opposite direction, leaving the bewildered woman behind.

"Rabi--? Oh pardon me." Allen apologized as he bumped into a woman with the same shade of hair as he did.

"No problem sweetie." She brushed off. "Nice hair by the way." She winked as she walked off.

Allen laughed lightly then turned back around. "I could have sworn I heard Rabi's voice."

"Rabi?!" Allen shouted.

Rabi stopped in his tracks. "Beansprout?!"

In an instant Allen felt thunderous steps running towards him, and before he knew it—BAM! There was Rabi, hugging Allen's small frame till his face turned bright red.

"Allen! Allen! Allen Walker! Bean sprout!" Rabi repeated over and over, grateful that it was actually Allen he was holding, and not some strange woman.

"L-let go of me Rabi…" Allen said, trying to push the older exorcist off him. "I can't breathe…"

"Oh, right." Rabi grinned as he let go. "You okay?"

"I will be, but there's something I need to talk to you about." Allen coughed as he rubbed his sore shoulders.

That was when Rabi saw it.

"Allen, what's that?"

"Hm?" Allen asked. Rabi looked down at Allen, frowning with concern.

"Follow me for a sec, would ya?" Rabi asked, but didn't wait for a reply. He grabbed Allen's wrist and walked the two of them into the nearest restaurant. The duo sat down at a small, secluded table in the back and ordered a couple of drinks to keep the waiter busy. As soon as he was out of sight, Rabi grabbed the collar of Allen's shirt and started unzipping it.

Allen blushed. "Rabi! What are you doing?" He asked angrily. "Stop it! I'll-I'll catch a cold!" his voice cracked as he tried to push off Rabi's sudden advance.

"What are these marks around your neck Allen?" Rabi asked, suddenly stopping with his aggressive spell. He gently placed his hand around Allen's neck, covering the deep red marks with his own fingers. "Who did this to you?" He asked, pulling his hand away from Allen's porcelain neck.

"That's what I needed to talk to you about." Allen whispered, zipping his shirt back up, all the way to the top this time. "Earlier I ran into a Noah. Rabi, I would have contacted you and Kanda earlier, but my communicator wouldn't work. Sorry."

"Dammit!" Rabi cursed. "If only we would have known about the communication sooner!"

Allen tilted his head to the side. "What're you talking about?"

"You see…" Rabi started seriously. "That's what I came to tell you. Here, let me see it." He said, taking the device from Allen's ear. "Looks like yours was the defective one. Mine and Yuu's were working real well up until a few hours ago." Rabi explained as he dropped the earpiece into his glass of water. Allen watched as it sparked a bit then fizzled to the bottom.

"Fou had to come and find me to explain that they were actually an invention fresh out of Baku's imagination." Rabi shook his head. "Truthfully, they did work for a little while, but they obviously ran out of energy or somethin'… I dunno, Fou explained it all to me about them being a prototype and all, but anyways, the point is, they don't work anymore."

"I see." Allen stared at the fried piece of equipment sitting at the bottom of the glass.

"Thank you." Rabi said grimly, accepting their drinks from the waiter. "I just wish I could've figured that out sooner, then maybe, I would have been able to find you before this happened."

Allen watched as Rabi's hands wrapped around his hot cup of coffee, trembling a bit.

Allen couldn't help a smile that crept across his face. "Rabi, I'll be fine, so don't worry about it. It's nothing compared to some of the other injuries I've had before, right?"

Rabi smiled at Allen's attempt to cheer him up. Allen smiled back. "So where's Kanda?" Allen whispered as he took a sip of his hot drink.

"Fou went to go inform him about the communicators." Rabi answered taking a whiff of his coffee, he grinned. "And I think she said that she would be taking him back to HQ afterwards and have him watch over the minister, since he's so strong and reliable after all." Rabi chuckled as he stirred in some cream and sugar.

Allen laughed and looked down at his own drink, hot chocolate with extra whip cream and fudge syrup.

"Jeez, I can't wait till we finish this and go back home!" Rabi said as he stretched back in his chair. "This mission's been a long one."

"Yeah, well at least we weren't sent to Siberia like last month." Allen said, bringing his cup to his mouth, then, for a second he froze.

Rabi took a sip of his coffee then looked up at Allen. He was frozen in place, his cup barely touching his lips. "H-hey Allen, what's wrong?" Rabi sat up, "Is everything okay?" Allen's eyes widened, he had an itch, a sudden, irksome itch in his nose, one that he couldn't get rid of. Oh no... he realized, he was going to…



Foam and hot liquid went flying everywhere, the majority of it though, landed on Allen's face. "HOT!" His voice splintered as he dropped his cup. Luckily Rabi caught it before it shattered, and sent even more hot chocolate running over the edge of the table.

"Bless you!" Rabi said, trying to suppress a burst of laughter. "Allen, are you ok?"

Tears welled in Allen's eyes from the scorching pain of the hot chocolate, but the fact that he had just made himself look like an idiot in front of his friend didn't help hold back his tears. "I'm fine." He said, grabbing his napkin and wiping the liquid off his face.

"Aww…" Rabi could feel the waves of embarrassment cascading off of Allen. "Don't worry Allen, nobody else saw you in your clumsy, yet glorious moment of sweet chocolitude. Just me!" He said in a nonsense manner. Allen told him to shut up as his reply and Rabi just chuckled. "C'mere you're missing a spot." He said, leaning across the table. Hesitating, Allen wanted to wipe off the few tears that had escaped his eyes, but he went ahead and leaned across towards Rabi.

Rabi placed a hand under Allen's chin and looked him square in the face. Allen blinked, trying to hold back the rest of his tears. Using his free hand, Rabi brushed away some hairs from Allen's face and leaned in. "Hold still."

Allen closed his eyes, when he suddenly felt something warm and wet wipe across his cheek. "R-Rabi?!" Allen blushed heatedly, his chin still planted firmly in Rabi's grasp. "What are you doing?"

"I'm getting the rest of this stuff off your face. What else?" Rabi whispered teasingly as he licked his lips. This time he took his free hand and placed it behind Allen's head, pulling him even closer. Again, Allen felt the same warm, wet, coffee-smelling sensation wipe across his face. Licking away both the sweet chocolate and salty tears from Allen's face.

"Use a napkin!!!" Allen could feel the rest of his tears of embarrassment trickle down his face. And he thought he was embarrassed earlier, boy was he wrong.

"But you're so sweet Allen-chan." Rabi pressed a smile to Allen's forehead. Allen closed his eyes tightly when he finally felt sweet release. Opening his eyes he saw Rabi lean back in his chair smiling like the usual goofball he was. Allen stared at Rabi wide-eyed and put a hand over his cheek, the thin layer of Rabi's saliva cooling his skin. Allen's mind was blank, a white void of nothingness for a couple of seconds when finally, one lone thought registered in his brain: Rabi's tongue… felt good.

"Rabi." Allen said, trying to shake out that thought and realign things again. He repeated his name once more. He was close… he knew it... There was something in his mind, some kind of truth that was screaming at his face, but what… what was it?

After a few more seconds of silence, it finally hit him.

Finally, after all of Rabi's flirts, this one was the much needed sledgehammer to the drywall: the act at the Coffee Shop, the awkward conversation at the bedside, the constant touching and taking care of.

Allen had told himself that Rabi was a weird friend. One who showed the same form of affection to all his friends whether they be boy, girl, or even lover. But why hadn't he realized the stupidity of that sort of reasoning sooner? Back when they had first kissed in the coffee shop? Why? Perhaps Allen was just in denial. But now, the question was clear:

Does Rabi love me?

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