Misleading Contradictions

Chapter One

Not even the faintest trace of sunlight could be detected within the dank dungeon of sorts, no windows around to provide fresh air and light. The bars of the teenager's cell were cold and unforgiving, preventing him from escaping. A soft growl escaped his lips as he griped the bars, resting his forehead against them in frustration as his mind replayed the events that had occurred one week ago.

The grand hall was filled with chattering students, reminiscing of their summer flings and activities while enjoying the vast amount of delectable that had been placed at each of their tables. A few glares were being exchanged between the Slytherin and Gryffindor, since the two had never been on very good terms. Harry could hear Ron and Hermione greeting a few of the new first years that'd be in their year before promptly starting to bicker with each other. A small grin tugged at Harry's lips, knowing that such behavior was perfectly normal, if not expected. In fact, he would suspect something was wrong with them if they did anything different. Their banter was simply a part of their strange relationship, both unwilling to admit their feelings for the other.

The brunette glanced over at the staff table, narrowed eyes locked on one particular teacher: Severus Snape. The older man seemed uncharacteristically anxious, casting fleeting looks at his surroundings every once in a while. Snape must have realized someone was watching him, however, for his expression returned to normal and he met Harry's gaze head on, sneering incredulously.

Harry returned the hateful look with on of his own before looking away, his mind churning over the possible reasons for Snape's nervousness. Fingertips brushed against his scar when it suddenly began to sting, a tingling sensation washing over the bewildered youth. What the hell….?

A foreboding gust of wind traveled through the room and the light of the candles flickered dangerously until they completely died away, leaving the hall dark. Harry looked up in alarm, turning to where he could hear Ron and Hermione's surprised exclamations. He relaxed with a start that no windows had been open, nor a door, so how could there have been any wind?

The silence the sudden darkness had caused erupted into gasps, cries, and shouts when figures began moving within the room. Soon, the room was engulfed in light once more, thanks to the staff, and no one could comprehend what was going on. It seemed that within mere moments, the whole placed had been turned to chaos, strange beings running this way and that. The scent of blood soon reached Harry's nose, just as he noticed one of the men coming towards him. He was strangely dressed, with a head band of some sort around his forehead. The shinobi, recognizing Harry as his intended target, smirked mirthlessly before moving quickly forward. Harry yanked his wand from his robe, prepared to cast of spell of some sort. The man was much too fast, however, and the Potter boy soon found himself disarmed. Harry looked on with surprise as the man worked through a few hand signs and before Harry could even think of getting away, his world went black.

When he awoke, he found himself being dragged down a hall by two woman who were dressed very similarly to the man who had attacked him earlier. He was no longer at Hogwarts, that was obvious, but just where was he? And who were these people?

Harry now understood why Snape had seemed so strange. He had been expecting the attack, no doubt, and was probably how the beings had managed to get into the castle undetected. Hands curled into fists as he glared daggers at the two people who led him down the hall, demanding answers.

"You are in The Hidden Village of Sound. We are the shinobi of Orochimaru, a new ally of the man you know as Lord Voldemort. You have been captured due to his wishes. You will behave yourself if you know what's good with you, though.. We aren't the type to let you of the hook just because we intend to give you away."

The woman's eyes had been filled with absolute malice.

Harry's musings were interrupted when he heard footsteps coming down the dank hall that the dungeons lined. Looking up, he recognized the pale, dark-haired shinobi immediately. Whenever Harry was allowed out of his cage, which was surprisingly often, Sasuke was always the one that came and got him. Not that Sasuke particularly liked wasting his time dealing with Orochimaru's prisoner, of course, and often made the fact that he considered babysitting beneath him quite clear. As expected, the dark-haired boy stopped in front of Harry cell, unlocking the door and pushing it open. He failed to bestow even a mere word of greeting towards the boy, simply motioned him to come out.

Harry Potter's first impression of the Uchiha prodigy had been that he unpleasantly reminded him of the oh-so infamous Draco Malfoy. Well, perhaps not his very first impression, since he highly doubted that the blond would ever be caught pressed up against the wall with a snake-looking man's tongue shoved down his throat. Indeed, if Harry remember correctly, Orochimaru had been fully prepared to continue shamelessly groping the object of his obsession even with the wizard's presence, had it not been for Kabuto's soft cough. Harry had been able to notice that Sasuke had showed no reaction, whether it be negative or positive, to Orochimaru's advances. Therefore, the boy-who-lived assumed that such occurrences happened on a daily basis. Had it not been for his stubborn pride, he would have shuddered at that thought.

However, after only a week of being Sound's prisoner, Harry quickly reconsidered his earlier opinion about the similarities between Sasuke and Draco. Of course, they were both rather arrogant and didn't seem to give a damn about anyone other than themselves, but that was about as far as it went. While Draco was the type to claim he was powerful even though he wasn't particularly elite, the Uchiha's greatness was much more evident. Though perhaps not as powerful as Orochimaru, if their training sessions were anything to go by, he certainly wasn't an amateur. He was from a good family line and was undoubtedly proud of it, since he had once slammed another of Orochimaru's subordinates against a wall for daring to insult the Uchiha name, but didn't seem to hide behind it. Still, despite his obvious power, Harry found Sasuke rather infuriating. He was just so.. Indifferent.

Harry glared at the other as he was led away from the cell. The people of Sound didn't consider him a threat, that much was obvious. He had no wand, and though they didn't either, they weren't the ones who need one. Harry had been so desperate to escape when he had first arrived that he even tried copying some of the thought hand signals he had seen Sasuke use. Which had only caused the Uchiha to roll his eyes when he noticed, as well a short 'you're doing them wrong. Besides, you can't do them anyway.'

Sasuke simply returned Harry's glare, making his way through the various corridors before stopping in front of one particular room: Orochimaru's chambers. He entered without bothering to even knock- It was a well known fact that Sasuke rarely had to follow the usual policies of Sound and often did things that would have gotten him killed had he not been Orochimaru's 'favorite' and his future body.

Orochimaru looked up when Sasuke and Harry entered, smiling a sadistic little grin that nearly caused Harry to shiver. "Thank you, Sasuke-Kun. I know you don't like taking time out of your training to fetch him." His words were met with silence, though he didn't seem bothered. Turning his gaze over to Harry, he smirked lightly. "There's been a change of plans. We were originally going to give you up to Voldemort, but have decided to keep you, since he had failed to hold up his end of our bargain."

"Bargain?" Harry repeated, knowing that despite their different languages, he understood them and they understood him. No doubt thanks to a translation charm, courtesy of Snape, Harry suspected. Orochimaru didn't bother explain any further just what their deal had been, simply stated that the boy-who-lived would be staying for a while, until they decided what to do with him. Harry was about to yell at the man, too determined to just let the man keep him there, but any advances in conversation were interrupted by Kabuto's sudden appearance.

The silver-haired man allowed his gaze to sweep across each of the people present, a misleading smile gracing his features. "Orochimaru-Sama, I thought you might like to know that the Kyuubi vessel was caught snooping around a moment ago. We managed to catch him.."

For the first time since he'd been there, Harry saw Sasuke's nonchalant composer crack, if only for just a second. For the briefest of moments, surprise, along with another emotion that Harry couldn't quite places, flashed through his onyx eyes. However, the change vanished as quickly as it appeared, though Harry noticed that the other boy's fists were clenched. Without so much as a word to any of them, Sasuke stomped out of the room, heading in the direct he and Harry had once come. Not sure what to do, Harry followed after him with mild curiosity, Orochimaru striding after them as well while Kabuto merely smirked knowingly.

Quite a bit of commotion could be heard coming from one of the cells. "Bastards! Where the hell is he, huh! I'm Naruto Uzumaki, you can't keep me in here for long, ya know!"

Sasuke arrived at the cell first, standing before it in all his Uchiha-glory. Naruto's yells instantly hushed and for several moments, the two just stared at the other, taking in their appearance. The dungeons were dark, but the pair could still see each other clearly- If not with their eyes, then with their very souls. Both had matured when it came to appearance, no longer the twelve-year-old boys they had been three years prior. Naruto had lost he childish attributes and had turned out quite handsome. Even with his juvenile appearance long gone, he still upheld a sense of immaturity that had been the very reason he was considered the number-one-loudest-ninja.

The Uchiha had been rather fortunate in the looks department when he was younger, any girl in the village would vouch for that, and it seemed that his beauty had grown even more. His feature's were delicate, but still very much so that of the young man he was. He was taller than before as well, his ebony locks just a tad longer than they had been, though still in the same style. What caught Naruto's attention was the ninja headband the other boy wore, which wouldn't had been all that special had it not been for the fact it was no longer that of Konoha, but of Sound. The fifteen-year-old's eyes had also changed, Naruto noticed. Those eyes seemed colder than before. In fact, Naruto would have thought of them as lifeless if it weren't for the spark of pure fury that was evident within them. However, as soon as the others had arrived, the anger disappeared and he looked at his former teammate with little emotion.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Sasuke hissed.

Naruto glared at him, crossing his arms indignantly. "What do you think, Sasuke-Teme? I mad ea promise three years ago that I'd bring you back. I'm not going to go back on my word. I'm here to drag your ass back home, even if I have to do it with you kicking and screaming."

Harry was quite surprised how blunt and disrespectful the blonde was towards Sasuke and immediately decided that he liked the boy. He was even more surprised, however, when Sasuke didn't lash out at Naruto's words. Obviously the two knew each other, but Harry had a feeling that something much more profound had occurred between them, than being simple acquaintances.

Before Sasuke could reply, Orochimaru snaked his arms around the younger male's waist, smirking openly at Naruto. "You tried that before and failed. You don't honestly believe you can succeeded..?"

The wizard hadn't failed to miss the almost pained look within Naruto's blue eyes when Orochimaru had embraced the former ninja of Konoha and his curiosity peaked just slightly, despite the felt he felt quite out of place in the whole situation. Naruto's hurt expression turned to disgust soon enough and apparently decided to ignore Orochimaru's comment, his next words directed at Sasuke. "Feh, bastard. When the snake said he wanted your body, I hadn't thought he meant that in more than one way. Are you proud of yourself, Sasuke? Becoming Orochimaru's little whore!" He snapped, glaring daggers at the Uchiha. Their banter wasn't like it had been. No, these insults weren't being made out of secret fondness or for the sake of getting the other worked up. The words Naruto were spouting were meant to hurt, in retaliation for Sasuke's willingness to hurt him.

Naruto's accusation caused the shinobi to snap and without warning, he reached through the bars and grabbed the blonde's collar, yanking the other forward so that he was pressed up against the bars. Naruto didn't struggle, simply returned the glare. After a moment, Sasuke loosened his grip and shoved the other back, opening the cell just wide enough to push Harry into it. Closing and locking it, Sasuke glanced over at Orochimaru.

"Come, Sasuke-Kun. We have many things to.. Discuss."

Though Sasuke would never admit it, he wanted to stay. He wanted to see Naruto, despite everything that had occurred during the past few years. He had missed the idiot, but knew that having any connection to the aspiring Hokage would be a liability for him. Sasuke couldn't' afford any weakness. Not uttering a word, the boy turned away from the cell and followed after Orochimaru, glancing at his reflection as he passed the metal wall that signified the start of the dungeons. Eyes widen just slightly at what he saw. His Sharigan had activated? Had Naruto's words really effected him that much? "Dobe." Sasuke whispered softly, shaking his head before quickening his pace, ignoring Orochimaru's gaze.

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Hola! Yet another story by Yours Truly. I love Harry Potter/Naruto crossovers, so If igured I'd make one. But I didn't want to make one with the same plotline as all the others, so this came up. Heh. Sorry for the shortness, I'm in a rush at the moment and can't spend more time on it right now. Well, enjoy. )

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