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Tidus yawned and got out of bed. He had been up to midnight. Why? He was setting up his nice, new, shiny computer! Yuna had been telling for so long that he needed to get one. He finally had gotten one. He had been so excited that he even missed Blitzball practice. HE MISSED THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO HIM FOR A NEW COMPUTER!

He quickly went over to his computer after drinking six cups off coffee downstairs than coming back up. It was in his room. He started up the computer. Bizarrely Tidus loved his computer so much already that when the computer starting humming to signify that it was started up he hummed along with it.

He spent a half and hour just looking at different desktop designs and screen savers. Yuna walked in on him then. When she walked in Tidus was about hug the screen but stopped when he noticed the ex-summoner.

"Uhh…did I interrupt something with you and your computer?" Yuna asked disturbed by the blonde.

"No I was doing nothing." Tidus exclaimed talking faster than normal.

"Do you have AOL on your computer?" Yuna asked as she walked over to the blonde blitzer.

"Yeah I downloaded it last night!" Tidus replied nodding his head furiously.

"How much coffee have you had?" Yuna inquired.

"Six cups!" Tidus answered still talking fast.

"You certainly did." Yuna commented. Mental note to self: Don't let Tidus have coffee.

"It tastes so good. Do you want any?" Tidus asked facing the computer.

"Su--'' Yuna was cut off by Tidus talking.

"I wasn't talking to you Yuna! I was talking to Phil!" Yuna anime sweat dropped at what Tidus said.

"Err…have you tried going into a chatroom?" She suggested trying to forget the fact that he named his computer.

"No but I will now." Tidus clicked on several icons and a chatroom opened up. He looked around and saw that Yuna was gone. The computer asked him to see if he wanted to create a screen name. He clicked yes and put in Tydus65. So he was easy to recognize yet he wasn't feeling creative either. Another message thing popped up. It read "You have been invited to a chatroom by 'X-Summoner2'. He guessed that it was probably Yuna. Yuna also had her own computer. He clicked yes and was sent into a chatroom.


X-Summoner2: Hi Tidus!

Tydus65: Yuna?

X-Summoner2: Yep!

Tydus65: I'm tired.

X-Summoner2: Than don't stay up to midnight setting up a computer.

Tydus65: I just had to set it up though! It was so pretty and shiny!

X-Summoner2: You realize when you see Wakka he's going to be mad.

Tydus65: Why?

X-Summoner2: You missed Blitzball practice.

Tydus65: DAMN!

X-Summoner2: ………lol


Redblitzer09 has just signed on.

Tydus65: Oh God!

X-Summoner: Bye Tidus!

Redblitzer09: Tidus's online?

X-Summoner2: Yep!

Redblitzer09: He wasn't too creative in making a Screen Name, ya.

Tydus65: HEY! I'm just feeling uncreative!

Redblitzer09: How come you missed Blitz practice, ya?

Tydus65: I was……umm…doing important stuff.

Redblitzer09: Like what, ya?

Tydus65: …………something.

Redblitzer09: I bet I know what you did, ya!

Tydus65: Really?

Redblitzer09: Yeah! I know you live with Yuna, ya!

X-Summoner2: ………what does that have to do with this?

Redblitzer09: A lot, ya! You probably had a busy night.

Tydus65: Are you suggesting that I………

Redblitzer09: Yep. I am suggesting that you did 'it' with Yuna last night, ya.

X-Summoner2: You're sick Wakka.

Tydus65: No Wakka! I slept with Yuna two nights ago! TWO!

X-Summoner2: Shut up Tidus!

Redblitzer09: ………………

Tydus65: Sry Yuna!

X-Summoner2: You better be!

BlondeThief34 has signed on.

BlondeThief34: HIYA!

Tydus65: Yuna, can I have some cereal?

X-Summoner2: Get it yourself!

Tydus65: But why?

X-Summoner2: You told Wakka about our personal life! So now he's gonna tell Lulu, And she'll bite my head off for it! Then Lulu will probably tell Rikku! Then Rikku will Gippal! Gippal will tell Baralai! Baralai will tell Paine! AND SOON THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW!

BlondeTheif34: What's Yunie talking about?

Redblitzer09: You see…Tidus told me that he and Yuna did 'it' two nights ago, ya.

BlondeThief34: REALLY!


Tydus65 is currently away.


BlondeThief34: Are you okay Yunie?

X-Summoner2: IDK!

Redblitzer09: Do you need a therapist, ya?

Tydus65 has returned.


X-Summoner2: OWW!

BlondeThief34: What's wrong Yunie?

X-Summoner2: My stomach hurts and Tidus's screaming hurt my ears!

Redblitzer09: What's wrong brotha?

Tydus65: It looked at me!

BlondeThief34: Who did?

Tydus65: The evil bird on the Coco Puffs box!

X-Summoner2: ……………

Redblitzer09: ……………

BlondeThief34: I can relate. It's happened to me too!

Tydus65: It's so creepy isn't it!

Redblitzer09: You two need lives, ya.

BunniesWillDie668 has signed on.

BunniesWillDie668: Hello.

Redblitzer09: Hi Lu.

BlondeThief34: Interesting Screen Name.

Tydus65: Do you have a hatred towards bunnies?

X-Summoner2: Why would do you want bunnies to die?

BlondeThief34: Why bunnies?

BunniesWillDie668: First of all yes I hate rabbits! They're always eating my carrots! I CAN'T LIVE WTHOUT CARROTS!

Redblitzer09: Lu's just a little obsessive about carrots.

X-Summoner2: A little?

BlondeThief34: More like a lot.


X-Summoner2: Now what?


BunniesWillDie668 has signed off.

BlondeThief34: Poor bunny.

Redblitzer09: I better go check on Lulu. I hear lots of loud noises, ya.

Tydus65: Not a bad idea.

Redblitzer09: Talk to ya later, ya!

Redblitzer09 has signed off.

X-Summoner2: He really should just bring her to a therapist.

Tydus65: Or give her pills.

BlondeThief34: Or send her to the crazy house.

X-Summoner2: She really does belong in the crazy house.

BlondeThief34: Why did he marry her?

X-Summoner2: Cause they're both idiots.

Tydus65: I still have a dilemma here!

BlondeThief34: Oh yeah! THE CEREAL!

Tydus65: I'm hungry but it scares me!

BlondeThief34: Try hitting with a bat to kill it!

Tydus65: Good idea!

X-Summoner2: Whatever mess you make Tidus you clean it!

Tydus65: NO!

BlondeThief34: Huh?

X-Summoner2: Tidus has an aversion to cleaning.

Tydus65: EVIL CLEANING! But it is a sacrifice I have to make.

X-Summoner2: He won't even clean the mess he'll make if I tell him too.

Tydus65: So will you get me cereal then?

X-Summoner2: Fine.

X-Summoner2 has signed off.

BlondeThief34: OMG!

Tydus65: What the hell!

BlondeThief34: I just got an email that was entitled 'You are a slutty hypocrite!'!

Tydus65: Same here!

Redblitzer09 has signed on.

Redblitzer09: I'm not a slutty hypocrite, ya!

BlondeThief34: You too?

Redblitzer09: Huh, ya?

Tydus65: You got one of those emails too?

Redblitzer09: The slutty hypocrite ones, ya?

BlondeThief34: Yeah!

Redblitzer09: Wonder who sent them, ya?

X-Summoner2 has signed on.


X-Summoner2: What do you say Tidus?


X-Summoner2: No.

Tydus65: Uhh………I need to think on that one.

BlondeThief34: How's Lulu doing Wakka?

Redblitzer09: I don't know, ya.

X-Summoner2: What do you mean?

Redblitzer09: She just sort of disappeared, ya.

Tydus65: We could face world destruction then.

BlondeThief34: I need to write my will then.

X-Summoner2: For once Tidus is right.

Redblitzer09: I don't think Lu would cause world destruction, ya.

X-Summoner2: You're kidding right?

BlondeThief34: Okay Yunie you're getting my TV.

Redblitzer09: Okay fine, ya! She will cause world destruction, ya.

X-Summoner2: YES! I GET RIKKU'S TV!

Tydus65: It is a really nice TV.

BlondeThief34: Tidus you get my car.

Tydus65: Happiness!

BlondeThief34: And Kimahri gets nothing.

X-Summoner2: How come he gets nothing?

BlondeThief34: Because he would tear it all apart then burn it.

X-Summoner2: Right.

Redblitzer09: Why does he burn stuff, ya?

X-Summoner2: He says that it's a gift to the gods.

Redblitzer09: He needs a hobby, ya.

Tydus65: It is his hobby.

Redblitzer09: Creepy.

BlondeThief34: Auron gets nothing because he's dead.

Redblitzer09: I miss Sir Auron, ya.

Tydus65: You miss a drunken old man that couldn't hit a fifty foot rock?

Redblitzer09: When you put it that way…yeah I do, ya.

BlondeThief34: Lulu gets my tranquilizers.

Tydus65: You have tranquilizers?

X-Summoner2: o.O

BlondeThief34: They're from when I was on drugs.

Redblitzer09: Drugs, ya?

BlondeThief34: Yeah they were so good. But Brother stole all of my drugs. So now I have to use sugar as a substitute.

Redblitzer09: Uhh…that's interesting, ya.

BlondeThief34: It is. Back to my will. And everything else will be sold in a yard sale.

Redblitzer09: What about me, ya?

BlondeThief34: Oh yeah I almost forgot you Wakka! You get all the dust in my house.

X-Summoner2: lol

Tydus65: lmao

Redblitzer09: Dust, ya?

BlondeThief34: Yep you get all of my dust! You are so lucky! Everyone will be so jealous of you!

Tydus65: Yeah we are so jealous of you! lol

X-Summoner2: I wish I was you! lol

Redblitzer09: I'm so blessed.

To Be Continued…

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X-Summoner2: What do you say Tidus?


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