Ta-da! A new story just for y'all! Okay first of all, it's short b/c my problem w/ sentence forming really messes up my story lengths. Second, when I say that Atem is "resurrected", that means that he's in the body that he was born with. It's told how that happened, but you'll understand once you read. My first chapters are always short, but I hope this makes a good impression. So, here's a new story for you all to read!


The two look a likes stared at each other. It had been done. The ceremonial battle was won … by Atem. Yugi fell to his knees in self pity. His friends all wanted to see what was wrong, but the former Pharaoh stopped them with a raise of his hand, signifying that he would be the one to speak to the boy. He quietly made his way over to the crying boy, placing his hand on Yugi's shoulder and kneeling before him. "Yugi, why do you cry? You fought a great battle. Perhaps that was true, but Yugi did not see it that way.

"B-because … I didn't get a chance to save you … now you'll be forced back into the puzzle for another five thousand years!" Yugi buried his face in his hands. He could not let his best friend fall to that dark fate once again. He heard a deep sigh above him and before he knew it, he was brought into a loving embrace.

"You tried your best, Little One. And that is all I can ask for." Yugi returned the hug.

"But it wasn't good enough …"

"On the contrary …" A soft female voice said, interrupting their tender moment. Both ancient spirit and modern boy looked to Ishizu, who had spoken with a smile. "The prophecy says that if the Pharaoh does win the battle, he can not move on to the afterlife; however, it does not say how he has to spend his time here on Earth." She winked at both of them. Joey snapped his fingers.

"Are you sayin' that 'Tem can remain in his body again?" Marik had to think about it for a second, but then agreed.

"Yes, actually; since he is already in his original body, he can pick up right where he left off in ancient times!" Before the battle had started, the group was lead to Atem's ancient tomb, where his own real body had awaited … however, it had rot and decayed due through time. Atem stated that it was 'not his finest moment'. However, a resurrection spell was used on the body, bringing it back to full health and allowing its former resident spirit to enter. (This is what I mean when I call him a 'resurrected Pharaoh' in my other stories.)

"So you're saying that even though Atem won, he doesn't have to live in the puzzle anymore?" Tristan asked. The Ishtar siblings nodded.

"Yes, that's right." Having been quiet through the battle and moments following, Kiaba smirked from the back of the group.

"Well then, I guess this means that I'll have as many chances to duel you as it takes me to defeat you properly." Atem smirked.

"Wishful thinking, Kaiba." Suddenly, Yugi threw his arms around Atem's waist and smiled.

"This is great! You can come and live with me and Grandpa now! I'm sure he wouldn't mind, would you, Gramps?" Solomon shrugged in a casual manner.

"Of course not! After he's taken such good care of you, it's only right that we returned the favor."

"So it's settled then?" Tea asked. Atem smiled and nodded.

"I guess I'm staying … but how old am I?" He asked, scratching his head. Marik chuckled.

"You're twenty-one. I know because of all the research I had to do on your life." This made Atem blush for a second while everyone else laughed … everyone except Kaiba.

"Are you all done now? Can we possibly leave this place? I think I'm losing my tan from lack of sunlight."

"Eh, don't worry 'bout it, Kaiba. That fake tan of yours looked too orange anyway." Joey commented. The two started arguing while Yugi and Atem were discussing living arrangements.

"You can have the guest bedroom, Atem. It's right across from my room." Atem chuckled and brought Yugi into another hug.

"Please call me 'Yami', Little One." Yugi's smile widened. Suddenly, the ground seemed to shake. A small rumble at first then grew into a shockwave.

"That can't be good …" Joey announced. One by one the stones of the ceiling started to fall, almost landing on a few people. "DEFINETLY NOT GOOD!"

"The tomb is collapsing! Quickly, we need to evacuate NOW!" Ishizu instructed. Nothing more had to be said. Everyone ran for their lives, running as fast as they could to escape the collapsing tomb. Atem and Yugi were the last to leave.

"Hurry!" Atem yelled toward his light. Yugi, having a few health issues, had the hardest times running up the stairs and out of the tomb. Joey, Tea, Tristan, Solomon, the Kaiba brothers and the Ishtar siblings made it out first, catching their breaths.

"Where are Yugi and Atem?" Tea asked with worry in her voice. Still inside the crumbling tomb, Atem had taken the liberty of taking Yugi's hand in order to speed him up.

"There's the exit!" Yugi said. Atem ran faster, forcing Yugi to try and catch up with his speed. The boy's legs were starting to hurt. As soon as they reached the exit, Atem let go of Yugi's hand, thinking they were safe, but that was not so. Yugi stopped and looked behind him, never seeing a falling rock at high speed, aiming for his head. Before he had a chance to comprehend any kind of thought, the large rock bashed him right on the head, knocking the boy unconscious. Atem stopped when he heard the fragile sound of stone against bone … either that or he felt Yugi's pain, so he stopped.

"YUGI!" He ran towards the fallen boy, picked the body up, and ran as fast as he could to safety.

In the distance, the group was watching the tomb fall towards the ground. "So this is what it felt like to watch the fall of an empire." Joey randomly commented. Tea, Tristan and Kaiba all stared at him. Not too long after, Atem could be seen coming from the smoke with a bundle in his arms. The friends were all very relieved.

"They made it!" Tea said with joy. What she did not see at first was the boy in Atem's arms. Marik went over to try and help, but Atem refused it.

"What happened to him?" Asked the tomb keeper. Atem sat for a second, trying to catch his breath before he responded.

"He was hit on the head." He looked down and patted Yugi on the cheek. "Yugi, come on now, wake up!" Ishizu gasped.

"He's bleeding!" Atem lifted the boy's bangs to see that it was true. Yugi had a deep gash on his skull right above his left temple. It was gushing out blood at a fast pace.

"We have to get him to a hospital!" Kiaba flipped his cell phone open.

"Get me a jet as fast as you can! You should know my location!" As soon as the call was made, a jet zoomed in the air and landed in record time. "What took you so long!" Kaiba complained. The pilot saluted.

"Sir! What is the emergency, Sir!"

"We have to get that kid to the nearest hospital!"

"Sir! The nearest hospital is the one back home, Sir!" Kaiba slapped his face with his hand.

"Then you better have a doctor on board!" Atem hurried onto the jet, placing Yugi on a bed. There was still too much blood.

"Please be strong, Little One …" Ishizu moved him out of the way so she could get to the unconscious boy.

"I have training in medicine; after all, I was a healer in my past life." Atem looked at her with a 'how did you know that' look. The Egyptian woman winked. "I can keep him stable until we get to the hospital." It was a long shot, but it was the only option he had. He could hear Kiaba up front yelling at the pilot to go as fast as humanly possible. Tea was crying uncontrollably, while Solomon tried to calm her down. Atem looked down and could see that Yugi's wound was getting worse.

"Is he going to be alright?"

"I can not tell right now. He's still losing too much blood, and it looks as if he hit his head pretty hard."

"You should have hard what I did; it was sickening! I heard him get hit … it even sounded fatal." Atem cringed at hearing that sound over and over again in his head. He started to shed a few tears before Ishizu put a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

"Do not give up hope yet, my Pharaoh." Atem nodded. He would pray to all gods just to have Yugi live from this tragic incident as the jet made its way as fast as it could to the hospital.


End of Chapter