Written on September 19th 2003

Title : Winter Love Wings

Author : Leeloo Copeland

Rating : R (for mention of incest, violence, suicide . None of the actions are described they are just mentioned except for the suicide one)

Distribution : Ask first.

Disclaimer : I only own Leylya, the rest of the characters own themselves.

Author's Note : This was my first ever fiction in English.

Prologue Leylya POV

My name is Leylya Lexis and I'm 18 years old. My mom and I decided to move out of Montreal to go to Cameron, NC. We decided to leave before to become completely insane, The moving was a few weeks after my father's death. I'm not sad or anything that he's dead. I was there, well to be honest I killed him ! I was at home and once again he tried to abuse me. Till that day he always succeeded in hurting me but after so many years my hatred was so bit that it took over the fear, it had to end that day. It was the last time he would try to hurt me again. It had to stop…FOREVER !

After that we decided to move away from Montreal. My mom got another job in Cameron so we moved there to start a new life. My best friend, Vanessa or dudette, like I like to call her, moved with us. Her parents let her come with us. We've known each other since we are little and we didn't want to be separated, so her parents let her come with us to finish high school and go to college. It's good to be with dudette . we are really connected and nothing nor anybody could separate us. She knows everything about me, that my father abused me for many years and the fact that my mom never saw a thing of what was happening. Well now he's dead and everything is better like that. My mom and I are like best friends, we can talk about everything : clothes, music, guys, sex,…well all the different thins you usually talk about with your friends. I just wish that our relation ship was like that since the beginning but it's not. I had to deal with it but now things are better in my life.

In our old high school, everybody was thinking that Vanessa and I were crazy, insane, came from another planet because we both are gothic, so we never were like those preppy girls and boys. It's our style and we aren't going to leave this being us for out new town, school and maybe our future friends. I have no idea of how things will go in our new town but we will make it and we aren't going to change our style for anybody.