The white-eyed prodigy stared at the piece of paper before him. "I have to escort a princess to her kingdom with Tenten? Tsunade-sama, I really don't see the point in her coming along with me. I am very capable on this type of mission alone." "Ah, yes, but there are highly advanced ninjas who are after the princess. Also, Tenten can protect your blind spot in battle, if it occurs." Neji grunted. He hated being reminded about his blind spot. "You will start tomorrow, at noon. You may go now."

When Neji left the hokage's office, Gai popped up from behind a large plant. "Oh, I can't wait until Tenten, our flower, melts the heart of the cold Neji and fall in love!" Gai exclaimed. "Yes, I can't wait too! I think that Tintin is great for Neji!" Hiashi said popping up from behind another plant. He giggled, which very much freaked out Tsunade and Gai. "It's Tenten, Hiashi." Tsunade told Hiashi. "Oh, okay. Tonton it is!" Tsunade sweatdropped. "Okay…so do we have it all covered?" "Hai Tsunade-sama!" Gai and Hiashi said. Hiashi giggled again. "You are going to have to get used to hearing him like that." Gai whispered to Tsunade.

Tenten was packing her things needed for the mission. 'I can't wait until tomorrow! It's just going to be me and Neji…and the princess. Do I still have feelings for Neji? No, that can't be, I already got over him a long time ago…didn't I?'

Tenten woke up the next morning. She looked at her alarm clock. It read 11:45. "…Oh SHIT! I have only fifteen minutes until I go on my mission!" What happened? She set her alarm clock for 11:00 yesterday. She looked at the alarm clock. It was on the floor. "Oh, I'm so stupid!"

The alarm clock rang at 11:00. "No, just one more minute…" It still rang, and Tenten soon became pissed off. She threw her alarm clock to the other side of the room…

"Thank goodness it didn't break like the other ones!"

Tenten ran to Konoha's gates. She saw Neji, almost ready to leave. "Matte! Neji wait!" Neji turned around and Tenten tripped on a rock and fell.…of…Neji… They stayed at that position for a few seconds. Then Tenten realized that she was on top of him and jumped off. "Gomen-nasai! Djoube ka ne?" Tenten was flushed to the max. "It takes more than that to hurt me." Neji was a bit pink as well. "Oh… right. So shall we go now?" Neji gave her an 'are you stupid look' and said sarcastically, "No, we're going to wait until tomorrow." "Geez, sorry. I wonder who woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning." She muttered the last part, but Neji still heard her. "When are Kakashi and Gai going to arrive with the princess?" "I don't know." Neji said. "Gee, for a genius, that was a retarded answer." Neji glared at her as Tenten giggled. 'I hope they come soon, or I'm going to kill Tenten.' Neji thought.

Gai and Kakashi were under the bush with the princess. "Ha! You see, Tenten was going to trip on that rock that I placed!" Gai said to Kakashi. Kakashi ignored Gai. The princess was staring at Neji and Tenten, wait, no, that was the wrong choice of words. She was gazing at him lovingly while glaring at Tenten was a better choice of words to describe her actions. "So, we should reveal ourselves right now, shouldn't we?" "Yep." "Curse you Kakashi, with your hip and cool slang!"

Kuso, we have been waiting for fifteen minutes already, and I am on the verge of killing Tenten! "Hey Neji, did you know that your hair makes you look like a girl? It's still sexy though!" The princess huffed. What a stupid girl, the princess thought. 'He would never go out with a girl like you. You're not his type. I, on the other hand, am the perfect example of a girl he might go out with.' "Old silvered-haired guy, shouldn't we reveal ourselves by now." 'And see as the hot white-eyed dude drool at my perfect, slim body'

"Neji, please calm down. I-I didn't mean all of the things that I said. Your hair doesn't make you look like a girl, or a gay! It looks, um… very traditional!" "I think that you should stop fighting now that our guest is here." Neji and Tenten turned around. There stood Kakashi, Gai, and an unfamiliar girl. "Neji, Tenten, do not let your youth be diminished by this unyouthful fighting!" "Shut up Gai, now where were we? Oh yeah, you guys have to escort her to her kingdom, which is in the Sand Country. Her name is…um, what was her name again?" Tenten and Neji sweatdropped. "My name, which some people(glare at Kakashi) can't remember is Princess Kaliya. (A/N: My creation!) I hope you two can remember, especially the white-eyed hottie…" Neji looked away in disgust, while Tenten looked furious. "By the way, what is your name?" "My name is Tenten," she growled. "No, I meant the other one." Tenten's scowl deepened more, if that was possible. "Neji," he replied calmly. There was tension in the air between Tenten and Kaliya. "Um…you guys can leave now…," Kakashi said, a little fearful of what might happen.

'I hope Tenten doesn't get in a fight with Kaliya, because Kaliya has a secret bloodline, and Tenten is, well, sort of weak...' "What, you think I'm weak!" Tenten exclaimed angered. 'Oh, shit, he said it in his mind and now that he knows that I read his mind, my secret might slip out. "Um…nothing," Tenten said. 'I better shut up or I'll be found out.' Kaliya was contemplating things.

'Hmm…maybe that annoying wench has a secret…a lot like me!'

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