Title : Reborn

Author : Leeloo Copeland

Rating : G For now

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Part 1

August 29th 2010

Dear Diary,

I feel so great today and I'm so grateful for what I have in my life now. My own family; a lovingly husband, a 2 years old little princess named Christha, our second child on its way. What could I ask for more? I'm so happy with my life right now, but it hasn't been always that way. But somehow if nothing of this would have happened, I probably would have never met my hubby and wouldn't be that happy.

It all started 5 years from now, day for day, on august 29th 2005, when the hurricane Katrina made landfall and devastated the area I was living in in Louisiana. The hurricane forced me to leave my place with all my belongings, I only had time to save some clothes and personal stuff that I needed with me. Unfortunately I couldn't bring everything with me. I also lost my job at that time and had to move to a very small town with my parents, which was pretty hard for two reasons. First reason it's been a few years I'm living on my own so I'm pretty independent and like to live on my own and second they always took more care of my brother and sister than me, I'm the oldest so they think I don't need them but in times like these the support of your family, even if they are in the same situation, is always good. They were always picking on me, they weren't making things go any better but they always been that way so somehow I'm used to that.

After about 2 weeks, before the hurricane Rita made landfall, I wanted to go back to Louisiana to go save all I could before it's totally destroyed and lost and it brought another fight, my parents said I am too materialistic, I don't think I am, I just want to go there to get back my stuff even if I can't bring everything back at least a part would be great. They finally accepted and we all went to where we used to live and I was able to still get some wrestling goodies I have and some other important stuff but I couldn't bring back all I wanted…