Title : Reborn

Author : Leeloo Copeland

Rating : G For now

Disclaimer : I don't own anyone
Distribution : ask first

Part 4

We started to talk about our lives and what we liked and don't like, what we've been through, our passions, hobbies and all till dinner was served. I was used to have very little something for the previous flights, but here it was nice meal made, you could choose between meat or fish, I took the steak with the barbecue sauce, Chris took the same it was served with rice and carrots, and pudding for dessert. They gave me a vanilla one and Chris had the chocolate one, we both looked at each other when we were done for the meal and about to eat dessert when he said laughing "Let's switch !"

During all the flight, they served drinks. And Chris and I kept talking till we had to get out of the plane to go get our luggage. We just had reach the luggage take off area and there was a crowd around us, he told me to stay next to him while he was signing the autographs to the fans and posing for pictures with them. After a good 20 min of signing, we could finally get our luggage.

"Sorry for that, sometimes it's the bad part of the job, it's nice to meet the fans but sometimes you just wish you were someone normal with a normal life and just do regular stuff without being stopped by a crowd." He said with puppy dog eyes.

"No problem, I understand, if I had saw you at the airport I'd have came to get one too so I guess I'm as worse as them" I said laughing.

"I was at the airport and I saw you, you were looking at the crowd around me weirdly and kept walking your way to the gate area." He said with a so sweet face on.

"Wha? You saw me at the airport in Tennessee?" I asked him surprised that with a so huge crowd around him he could notice me.

"Yes I did…even with all the person I saw you, you had such a sweet face looking at the crowd with a little smile, like the one you have on just now" he said brushing some hair off of my face and caressing my cheek. I was blushing so hard he took me in his arms and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you, you are so sweet" I said blushing.

"You are very welcome." He replied looking at me right in the eyes. "As much as I hate to do that I'm gonna have to leave you here, I have to go to the arena." He said taking a piece of paper off of the paper he was reading in the place and wrote something on it. Chris Irvine gave me his phone number ! OMG I was hallucinating. "Feel free to call whenever you want to or feel alone."

"I will." I said blushing and putting the number in my purse.

We hugged and part ways, it was hard on both ends to leave each other even if we had just met a few hours ago. I watched him leave, and went to get a taxi to drive me to an hotel near where I have to go tomorrow to go see for the apartment. I was waiting for a cab when I felt arms grabbing me from behind and a soft voice whispering in my hear. "Care to share a taxi sweetie?" I turned around and saw Chris standing behind me hugging me and resting his head on my shoulder. "Sure." I replied biting my lower lip.

"Where are you going?" he asked me with his head still on my shoulder.

"I'm gonna try to find an hotel near where I have to go tomorrow so I will have less troubles to find tomorrow." I replied taking his hands in mine.

"What about you come to my hotel, we go get a little something to eat, I'm still hungry, we go back to the hotel watch a movie, talk or anything else like playing doctor or give each other's massage" he said sticking his tongue at me for the last part, "how does that sounds?"

"Sounds like a good plan." I replied smiling.

He called a cab we both got in it and went to his hotel. After the business class in the plane, now I'm gonna spend the night in a Hilton. I must be dreaming or for once in my life very lucky…