Title : I Love You
Author : Leeloo Copeland
Distribution : ask first
Disclaimer : I don't own anyone.
Rating : R for sex lol

Chapter 1

I've been around the world a thousand times
Seen the same places and faces and traces
I never forget, reject, expect
Quenching my thirst
Complacence is curse

I climb from mountain to mountain
Bird on a wing
Like the wind
The song that I sing

Never satisfied to stand in line
Wasting my mind
It's my time to shine

I just can't get away from yesterday
But I keep on living the wanderer's way
And over and over I start anew
But I can't escape the thoughts of you

I tried to play your game a thousand times
And I let it infect and detect and affect
My clarity, my charity, my destiny
Sold out who I was
And what I could be

I drift from moment to moment
Looking for serenity
A place to stand
A home for me
In a world that's fueling insanity

Never satisfied to stand in line
Wasting my mind
It's my time to shine

"Thank you! You guys rock! This was our last song, we can't wait to come back again. Goodnight!" I said as we waved the crowd and went backstage.

"Wow! This show was awesome !" Rich said entering our backstage room.

"Yeah man that was great!" I said a bit sad.

"What's wrong Chris? You seem to be down. Hell you've been down all day." Rich said trying to understand why I was like that.

"I wish she could be here…I wish Martha could be here with me! It's our two years anniversary and we aren't together!" I said on a bitter tone.

"Damn already two years" Rich replied with a funny tone.

"Yeah two years and we aren't together to celebrate it" I said leaving to take a shower quickly before to go to our hotel room to just call my baby and get some good sleep since I can't be with her on this day.

I couldn't help but think about Martha, the love of my life. I was standing there in that crappy shower trying to picture my baby, what my baby would do or what she is doing right now or even what we would be doing if we were together now. I wish we were…I could just hold her in my arms and tell her how much I love her and just spend the night watching her sleep. We are going back to Florida in a week but I want to be with her now, but no I'm stuck on tour, in Spain on our anniversary. Life is so unfair sometimes…

After spending what seemed forever in the shower, I finally got out, got dressed and joined the guys who were waiting for me to leave for the hotel. We went to the tour bus and the guys were all laughing and joking watching I don't know some porn or some shits like that on tv I was just sitting on my own in the beds we have at the back of the bus writing a letter for my baby…