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The Unofficial Guide to being an OC Halfa Chapter 1: Invisibility and Intangibility

"Narrated by Danny"

Hi my name is Danny Fenton or Danny Phantom and you might know me from the television show Danny Phantom. Now, many of you here write fan fictions and draw fan art of me and my friends but I've noticed you like to make your own character's or OCs. I'm going to talk about Halfa OCs. You see, the powers that Halfa's get are cool trust me on this but I've decided to make an unofficial guide so you can create the best OC's you can. Just don't let them fall in love with me, I'm Sam's. (Danny then pulls up his sleeve to show written in marker "property of S. Manson" on his arm) Now let's talk about ghost powers and what you should never do with them.

Invisibility: This power is great for hiding from bully's and eavesdropping on bad guys but never listen to your hormones when they tell what to use this power for…


In Sam's room, Danny runs out of Sam's bathroom followed by Sam in nothing but a towel, you can here the shower running.


(Back to normal)

I learned my lesson that day, and I used my manly charm to keep Sam from beating me up too bad.

(Flashback again)

Danny is cowering in fear against the wall.

Danny: O Sam please don't kill me I'll do anything! Just don't hurt me! (goes on like this for hours until Sam passes out from boredom.)

(back to normal)

So I hope you use this lesson fan fiction writers: Never make your OC use invisibility to spy on their girlfriend (or boyfriend) while she's (he's) showering.

Intangibility: This power can come in handy when in tight situations but don't let your guard down or else… (shows scenes from parental bonding where his pants fell down.)

Well I think it's pretty obvious what the lesson is there. So see you next chapter with tips on using ecto blasts and the ghostly wail.


So is this story good, have any suggestions for powers and ways to not use them, or some constructive criticism tell me in your reviews. Also I don't think I'll ever repost Know Your Stars, it was starting to bore me anyway