Chapter One "It Was a Long Time Ago…"

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Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and MAYBE a couple lemons…

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(Sequel to 'Confessions of a Brigadier General')

"You won't even give me a chance to explain!" Roy yelled as Riza stomped up the stairs. "I don't need any of your damn explanations! It's spread out quite clearly MR. Mustang! You couldn't get anything out of me after the Ishbal war, so you went to some random woman, knocked her up, and left her alone!" Riza yelled down at him, slamming the door to their room and locking it.

"Goddamnit! Riza!" Roy yelled, trying to open the door. "Go away Roy! Just leave me the hell alone!" Riza yelled, sinking onto the bed, and crying. "I never knew about her getting pregnant! HOW THE FUCK COULD I! It was a damn one-night stand! And I was drunk! She probably didn't even know until a fucking week later! Damnit RIZA! Open the door!" Roy yelled, pounding on it. "GO TO HELL!" Riza yelled, throwing the alarm clock at the door, and reached for her gun.

"I've already been to hell sweet heart, and this isn't it!" Roy yelled, giving the door a good hard kick, and it didn't budge. He gave a frustrated growl and walked away. "You know what fine, if you're not going to listen to me, fuck it." Roy said, walking down the stairs, and out the front door, slamming it. She flinched and hugged his pillow, crying into it. "How else am I supposed to react to this!" She yelled, sobbing harder as she heard the car start up and pull out of the drive.

Flash back:

"No you asshole, I'm your daughter." Joy said coldly, crossing her arms and glaring her 'father'. "Haha, very funny. I don't have any children, well not until 5 months from now, my wife is pregnant." Roy said, grinning like mad, and gesturing to Riza. "You deserted my mother 12 years ago. You found out she was pregnant and left. It was after some war, or at least that's what the Nun said…" Joy snapped, looking angrier.

"Wow Roy, you really are a womanizer…" Havoc said, and everyone looked shocked. "Don't tell me you don't remember my mother, Mr. Mustang. Mary Cathryn Winters. I guess you wouldn't since she was a one night stand!" Joy said, tears in her eyes. Roy suddenly looked un- easy. "You mean to say…you're her kid? Why are you here telling me, instead of her, and why now?" Roy asked, looking at the young girl sharply. "My mother died during child birth, and it's taken me years to track your ass down myself. Then I find out you got married. As far as I'm concerned, this is mostly your wife's fault. It hadn't of been for her, you could have married my mother. If she had lived, that I blame you for." Joy said, her eyes flashing.

END of flash back.

"So he has a daughter…that he didn't know about…" Edward said carefully as they all sat in the park. "This is going to cause major marital issues…" Eve said, rocking her baby. "No! I don't them to get divorced…" Amaya said, looking heart broken. "It won't be THAT bad… I hope…" Eve said. "Come on you guys, Roy and Riza share a stronger bond than anyone of us could ever dream of." Fuery said with a roll of his eyes, cleaning his glasses. "Oh sure, let's hear it from the love master…" Edward said, hissing out a breath and rolling his eyes.

Roy didn't know where he was going, just as long as he went somewhere. It was his First anniversary, and some girl that "claimed" she was his daughter had ruined it. He growled and turned a street corner, muttering curses. "Why does everything have to happen to me? Riza and I were doing just fine raising Elicia, then we got the wonderful news that she was having twins, and now that load of Bull Shit." He said, stopping in front of a Tavern. "Well a nice good drink wouldn't hurt." He muttered, getting out and slamming the car door.

After Elicia came home from school, Riza pretended like everything was okay and told Elicia that her uncle was just back at the office getting some things done. And kept telling her that until the little girl finally went to bed. After that Riza stayed in the kitchen, baking. That's all she did was bake. She baked cakes, breads, muffins, biscuits, rolls, and anything else she could bake. Then she sat down around 3 a.m. and cried. 'He's left me forever…' was all she could think as she began to call up their friends.

Nobody had seen nor heard from him since they had left the ice cream parlor that day. Riza dried up her tears as she finally hung up the phone and gave up. "He's not coming back…oh god he's left me…" she whispered, a hand flying to her stomach and she let out a terrified sob as she sat down hard on the kitchen stool, and put her head in her hands. Then a few minutes later she heard the front door open and shut, and she stood up quickly, rushing to the entry hall.

"Roy, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it…" she said, throwing her arms around him. He chuckled and wrapped his arms tightly around her, kissing her head. "I know it…you were just more upset than I was about it all… we have to talk about this rationally, but not right now. We both have to go to sleep." Roy said easily, leading her up the stairs and into their room. "I was afraid that you had left me…" Riza confessed as he laid down with her. "Give me more credit than that, Riza. I love you more than the world, more than anything for that matter. I wouldn't leave you over something as trivial as this." Roy said, holding her as she calmed down.

"She hates both of us…what are we supposed to do?" Riza asked, looking into his eyes. "I'm not sure…but if she really is my daughter…I don't know…lets figure this out some other time, like when it's not 3 in the morning…" Roy said, kissing her lips softly. She smiled, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I baked a lot of stuff…I shouldn't have to cook that much over the next four weeks." She giggled, and he smiled, patting her stomach. "How are my babies doing?" he asked, looking at her adoringly. "They missed their daddy, just like their mommy did." Riza said, snuggling closer to him.

"I love you, Riza." Roy said as they closed their eyes. "I love you, Roy." Riza whispered, drifting off into an exhausted sleep.

"Where the hell is my father?" Joy yelled, and Amaya twitched in annoyance as she tried to get her paperwork done. "Hey, my kid is trying to sleep here!" Alphonse said, trying hard not to loose his temper. It was his boss's daughter after all. Roy and Riza were a little late getting to work, but it was to be expected. "You know, for his so called "loyal subordinates", you guys suck." Joy said, crossing her arms. "Yeah, and the only reason we're not strangling you right now is because your our boss's daughter." Breda seethed, working on his paperwork.

"Good morning everybody, me and my wife are having twins, and haha, your not." Roy said, breezing past his daughter, his wife following, rolling her eyes. "Thank god! Sir, will you please talk to your so-called, "daughter"? She hasn't left us alone since we came in!" Edward said angrily, looking up form his paperwork. Riza spared the girl a glance before settling down to her work, knowing her husband would handle it just as they had discussed.

"Ah, yes. My long lost daughter Joy Summer Winters." Roy said, sipping his coffee cheerfully and surveying his paperwork as he propped his elbow son his desk and looked at his daughter. "Now, I can't very well have my own flesh and blood living on the streets. So you're coming to live with me, your step-mother, and your sort of, in a twisted way, step-sister, and your soon to be step-brother and sister." Roy said, giving her a cheerful smile. "Fine with me, DAD. I just want to get one thing straight. I DO NOT like your wife. And I don't go to school. I'm an alchemist, and that's enough for me." Joy said, attitude clearly evident in her voice.

"Well, while you're under MY roof, you WILL LEARN to like my wife, and YOU WILL most certainly be going to school, alchemy learner or not." Roy said, smirking as her mouth dropped open. "Those are the rules, you don't like them, go live with another relative." Roy continued, getting to his paperwork. Joy's mouth snapped shut, and she glared at her father. "FINE. What am I supposed to do until then?" she snapped. "Sit down and read a book, theres a paper and pen on the coffee table, write a story, draw, go to sleep." Roy said, gesturing to them, not even looking up.

Joy gave him one last glare before snatching up a book from one of the shelves and going to the couch, plopping down on it, and flipped to the first page, reading. Riza gave her husband a glance and then got back to her report. 'We agreed last night that he would do the talking, and the raising of her. After all, I don't think she'd listen to me, she hates my guts for marrying her father…' Riza thought as she signed her name to the report neatly, and set it in her finished pile of paperwork.

Her phone rang, and she picked it up promptly, speaking coolly into it. " 1st Lieutenant Riza Mustang speaking, how may I help you?" she said smoothly. She listened to the voice on the other line, and cleared her throat. "No, keep her there until I come. Thank you 3rd Lieutenant Abraham." She said calmly, hanging up the phone. "Major Mits-Elric, would you kindly accompany me to the Court Marshal Investigations department? I'll need help calming 2nd Lieutenant Maria Ross down." Riza said, pushing herself up out of the chair. "Is there something wrong with her?" Roy promptly asked, looking up briefly.

"Nothing is serious, sir. She has simply gone into a fit of hysterics after coming back from the doctors. I shall go talk to her along with Mits-Elric and return shortly." Riza answered promptly, saluting him, and walking out of the room, with Amaya walking promptly behind her. "Jesus, are you sure those two are married? Why does she address you like you're not her husband?" Joy asked curiously, forgetting that she was supposed to be pissy for a minute. "Because, this is where we work, and even if these people in here, as a matter of fact most everyone in the military are our friends, but even still, we have to act professional. Its' just the way things are." Roy answered her question bluntly, and she snorted, going back to her reading.

"Alright Ross, what's going on here?" Riza said slowly, giving her friend a pill and a cup of water, and Maria immediately took them. "I-I'm pregnant! OH god, we're not ready at all for a baby, we don't even live together!" she spewed out, sobbing. Amaya and Riza exchanged looks, and sighed. "Look at us, we're both pregnant. There's nothing to it, really Ross, there isn't. If you want, you can just push the wedding date forward a little. All you have to do is talk to Sergeant Bloch, and I'm sure everything will be fine." Amaya said, patting her friend on the back. "But what if he freaks?" Ross asked, looking up at them through her puffy red eyes.

"Trust me, if he's anything like the rest of our guy friends, he'll be elated…" Riza said, smiling reassuringly. "Thank you, both…I think I should go talk to him…" Ross said, standing up and walking out of the room. Riza sighed, and shook her head with a small smile. "Seems like women are getting pregnant left and right." Amaya said as they walked back to the office. "I pray to god that Sheska and Havoc get married first. It's not that I really care, it's just…well bah." Riza said, resting her hands on her ever-growing stomach. "It feels weird, having another life growing inside you. Well in your case, you have two lives growing inside you…" Amaya said, glancing down at her stomach.

"Yeah…pretty soon here…I won't be able to get into my own uniforms… I'll have to start wearing pregnant civilian clothes…" Riza said, wrinkling her nose. "OH god I'll rue the day that I have to do that too." Amaya laughed. "I'm two months ahead of you…so that shouldn't be long. Pretty soon we'll be able to face it together…" Riza said, giving her a reassuring smile. "Edward was shocked when I told him…we weren't really ready for it…I wish…I wish we could have been like you and Roy…" Amaya confessed. Riza stopped, and turned to Amaya.

"Thank you…but you really don't. I'm scared to death about having these babies, then there's the fact that his first child that we just found out about, hates me, and we're already raising Elicia. All of it scares me…but he doesn't know that it scares me…I'm not about to tell him, or anyone else that either." Riza said, admitting something to Amaya as well. "Don't let her get to you. She just needs to learn some manners, and get some guidance from her father. She'll come around. I'm here for you Riza. You're like a mother to me, more than my own mother." Amaya said, and she meant it, she really did.

"Thank you, Amaya." Riza said, hugging her 'daughter'. "Not a problem, Ma'ma." Amaya chuckled hugging her superior officer back. They pulled away, and walked back to the office, talking happily. When they entered the office, they found it deadly quiet. The tension was like a knife cutting through butter. Riza sucked in a breath and they both tiptoed to their desks, when all they really wanted to do was run back out the door. "Did you manage to calm down, Lieutenant Ross?" Roy asked easily as Riza sat down. She let out the breath that she didn't know she had been holding and nodded, "Yes, sir." She said quickly. Nothing else was said until the lunch bell rang.

"Wow, Riza are you actually coming to eat lunch?" Eve asked as everyone jumped up like school kids. "Yeah…uh…I'm eating for three now." Riza said, smiling as she walked with Eve, Amaya, Edward, Al, and Baby Trisha down the hallway towards the mess hall. "That's good, because we're having steak fingers today, with mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn, and pudding! I love pudding!" Fuery said, looking back at them. "That geek has memorized the entire lunch menu…" Edward said, and everyone laughed, knowing it was all just good fun.

"I'm sure my kids will love steak fingers." Riza giggled, and they entered the mess hall, which went completely silent when everyone saw Riza, they all jumped up and saluted her, looking apprehensive. She raised an eyebrow coolly. "At ease, all of you. I'm here to eat not to be stared at." She said, and went forward, and everyone did as they were told, going back to normal. A soon as their group all had their food, Riza, Amaya, etc., all sat down in the far back, a table all to themselves.

"Now I think I know why you're eating with us, Roy is talking with his kid." Havoc said, dipping his steak finger in barbeque sauce. "It took you long enough." Riza snorted, sipping her sweet tea. "I knew all along." Amaya insisted, eating her mashed potatoes and gravy. "Sure you did." Eve said, breast-feeding her baby under a pink blanket. "I just hope she learns some respect for her superiors…" Breda said, eating like a racehorse.

"She will. Roy is already a father to Elicia, so he'll a be good dad to Joy and our twins." Riza said, having faith in her husband. "I sure as hell hope so, because she's like spit fire from hell." Falman said, eating some corn. "Like I've told Riza, she'll come around. Having a parental figure as tough as Roy is, it's new to her, and having an actual family will be new to her too." Amaya said smartly, inhaling her food. "That baby of yours must be hungry." Havoc said, his cigarette limp in his mouth. "I'd like to see you get pregnant." Eve said, eating a steak finger daintily.

"Ha! Havoc pregnant!" Riza said, laughing as she ate her potatoes (I'm really eating potatoes, too people…) At that moment, the Fuhrer himself and his "daughter" came through the doors and went through the lunch line. Everyone became silent, and stood up quickly, spilling some stuff as the hurried to salute him.

"Uh, dad…why is everyone saluting you?" Joy asked as they came out of the line, and made their way to where the group was. "Because I'm the most important man in this country and military, Joy. I'm the Fuhrer, the Flame Alchemist. Now all of you at ease. And no gawking." Roy said lazily, a small smirk on his face. Amaya and Edward scooted over quickly as Roy sat beside his wife, and his daughter sat next to him. Everyone else sat back down quickly and burst out talking, all glancing quickly at the back table.

"They're all so damn paranoid." Fuery said, shaking his head and sipping his soda. "Yeah well they didn't exactly know Riza gave birth to a 12 year old out of no where, did they?" Breda said, knocking the younger man in the back of the head. Joy's face went red with anger, and she remained silent. "Heymans, keep your trap shut." Edward sighed, eating his food. "Pudding, god I worship you for inventing pudding." Amaya said, crossing her heart as she daintily ate her pudding. "God didn't invent pudding. Some famous guy did." Joy corrected her. "Well someone created that man, not saying it's god, because there's no proof of god." Eve said, handing the baby to Alphonse as she tidied herself back up before eating her pudding and then taking the baby back quickly.

"Well, I'm through here, I have to get back to work. I have a doctor's appointment at 1:30, and it'll take me forever to get there by car, thanks to the lunch traffic." Riza said quickly, knowing what she said was a lie. "Riza, you never told me about a doctor's appointment." Roy said, suspiciously. "Uh…must have slipped my mind. I'll see you in a couple hours." Riza said quickly, wincing as she lied to her husband, and kept on walking, throwing her plastic tray away as she walked out the door.

"Did she mention anything to you guys?" Roy asked, looking at their friends. "No…" they all answered slowly. He frowned, and looked down at his cup, putting the pieces together. "I'm not really hungry all of the sudden." He said, getting up and waking out of the mess hall. "Throw my tray away, Ed, I have to go explain something to him before he does something stupid." Amaya said quickly, getting up and rushing after Roy.

"Sir, can I talk to you for a minute?" Amaya asked, catching up with him. "What is it, Mits-Elric?" Roy asked distractedly. "I know, that you know, that she lied. And there's a very good reasoning behind it." Amaya said, never having talked to him alone before. "Oh? And what would that be?" Roy said, his voice giving away that he was angry. "She's scared. She's scared of your marriage failing, she's scared of having twins, she's scared that she'll screw up helping you raise your daughter that up until yesterday you didn't know about. Having babies, and raising a teenager, and continuing to raise a little girl…it's all so new to her, and it scares her. And the fact that your daughter hates her only worsens the situation, sir." Amaya explained quickly.

Roy stopped, looking out the window. "Why can't she tell me this? We've always confided in one another…" he said, looking hurt. "Again, sir…she's scared. I'm guessing that she hasn't been this scared in a long time." Amaya said softly, looking down at the floor. "Thank you Elric…you're dismissed." Roy said, walking off. "Yes, sir." She whispered hurriedly, going the opposite direction.

Riza sat down in front of the two graves, sighing. "Well…I had no where else to turn…well I do…but I don't think they could help me as much as you two could." She said, her hands resting on her stomach. "Well, first off to tell, I'm 4 months pregnant…with twins. Roy's starting acting sort of like you, Maes. Then we all found out just the other day that Roy has a daughter…she's 12, almost 13, and she looks like him, only more feminine. She hates me, and she's got one hell of a temper. Roy and I discussed it, and we're going to take her in, since she has nowhere else to go, and he's going to raise her. She doesn't think much of our friends or me. She hasn't met Elicia or Black Hayate yet, so I'll tell you what she thinks of them next time…" she began.

"And all of this scares me. Having twins, attempting to help him raise his daughter, and it all just scares me. I'm scared our marriage is going to fail, I just…" she said, tears springing up in her eyes as she raise her hands and dropped them again. "I just…don't know anymore. And then we have that stupid summer Military Ball coming up next month…the month of your death Maes…I don't know…maybe my pregnancy hormones are doing all this. Maybe it's just a figment of my imagination, and I've lost my mind." Riza continued. The wind picked up slightly, blowing the loose strands of her hair around.

"Well…I guess I better go…I have some baked goods to deliver to the homeless shelter. We got into a big fight yesterday, and on our anniversary too. He gave me a music box, with two figures that looked like us, dancing to Eternity. He's such a wonderful husband. I was being silly and yelling at him for something that happened a long time ago…so he left angry, and I just baked my heart away. We fixed it though…we both agreed…It was a long time ago…" Riza finished, standing up and placing a rose on each grave before she left.

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