Chapter Fifteen: "Time."

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Warning: Heated Moments, Cursing, Violence, and MAYBE a couple lemons…

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(Sequel to Confessions of a Brigadier General)

"I want to name her Isabella Irene Mustang. Bella for short." Riza said, holding a small pink bundle in her arms. Roy smiled down at his second daughter, kissing his wife's forehead. "Now we have two daughters and two sons." He said happily, his eyes glazed over with love. Elicia was now traveling abroad the country with her friends to learn more than what they could in a classroom, and Joy was remembered whenever it was necessary.

Out in the waiting room, Caitlyn and her two brothers waited with all of Roy and Riza's close friends, wondering what was happening. They didn't have to wait long though, for Roy came out beaming.

"Her name is Isabella Irene Mustang and she weighs 8 pounds exactly, and she's absolutely gorgeous." He boasted. "Daddy, daddy! Can we see mommy and the baby?" Caitlyn asked, tugging on her father's pant leg and hopping up and down. "In the morning sweetheart, Mommy's very tired right now and the baby is too. You and your brothers need to go home with Uncle Ed and Aunt Maya to get some sleep. They'll bring you back in the morning, okay sweetie?" Roy said, picking his oldest daughter up and hugging her.

"Daddy, can we get Mommy and the baby presents tomorrow too?" Jonathan asked cutely, looking excited as he hopped up and down. "Of course we can! We'll buy your new baby sister a great big teddy bear and we'll get Mommy a bunch of roses, how about that?" he asked, hugging all three of his children and chuckling as they clapped their hands and squealed.

A Few Years Later: (actually I'm too lazy to calculate ages and everything…):

"I feel old…" Riza laughed as she pinned her hair back. "YOU feel OLD? I'm the one who has gray streaks in my perfect black hair…" Roy said from across the room, pinning his rank and ropes on his uniform.

"Haha, you're an old man now." Riza teased lightly, coming over to help him. "Man…Caitlyn and Jonathan are only graduating from the 5th grade, and we still have Will and Bella." He murmured, wrapping his arms around his still beautiful wife. She smiled up at him. "Well you don't look a day over 30 to me, Roy Mustang, or as everyone still adores to call you, Mr. Fuhrer." She said, kissing him gently.

"And you don't look a day over 18." He whispered with a smirk. "Oh, you fool." She chuckled, smacking his shoulder and turning to go downstairs. "I'm going to go make sure all the kids are ready. Did you call everyone to make sure they'll be there?" she asked, stopping at the doorway and looking back at him. "Yeah. Falman will need some help though…Breda and Fuery said they'd do it. Poor Vato is getting up there in his years…" he replied, putting his gloves on.

"Ha! Look at you Mustang! Only forty something and you got a gray streak in that perfect black hair of yours!" Ed laughed as Amaya waved them over. They had a couple more kids now and were quite happy. "Shut up Fullmetal." Roy muttered, taking a seat by his long time friends and colleagues. (You know…the whole gang basically, everyone that's been mentioned as Roy and Riza's friend that's in the military.)

"Oh Riza, you must be so proud!" Eve gushed, her dazzling green eyes shining with excitement. Al laughed at how youthful his wife still was at times. "I am proud. I always knew my children would be as smart as me." She said, her head held high with a fierce pride in her children.

"Hey!" Roy said, poking her playfully. "And as dashing and as graceful as my sweet darling husband." Riza laughed, kissing him chastely. "Oh look, they're starting, everyone quiet down now." Amaya said, quieting all the children that sat in the row in front of them (the respective couple's children of course).

"I'm so proud of you Caitlyn, and you too my sweet little Jonathan. You should both be proud of yourselves too." Riza said with pride, kissing both her daughter and her son on the cheek. "Thank you Momma." Caitlyn said, holding her head high just like her mother and acting like the perfect young lady. Her brother looked quite regal with his hair slicked back and he looked the picture of his father.

"They grow up entirely too fast…" Roy murmured as they drove toward the house with everyone behind them for the gradation party. Riza smiled at her husband, looking out the passenger window. "They do…" she agreed in a whisper.

And she thought about her children, all four of them, how they were growing up so fast. Her twins were going to be in Junior High this coming school year, little William would be in the fourth grade, and Isabella would be in the third. And you could tell whose children they were. Even though the twins had the mixed features of their parents, Will looked exactly like Roy, and Bella looked exactly like her mother.

She set the brush down on her vanity, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was aging gracefully, and that didn't bug her much…but it was the fact that she WAS aging that did bug her. But she was still married, and she still loved her husband just as deeply as she had all those years ago, and even deeper.

"I have a lot to be thankful for…" she whispered, her amber eyes welling up with tears as she looked at all the family pictures sitting up on her dressers along with her jewelry boxes, and other things. She heard Roy coming into the room, and quickly wiped away her tears, looking over at him with a smile.

"Already in your nightdress darling?" he asked, running a hand through his hair. "It's ten o'clock, I always go to bed at ten." She said, moving towards the bed. "Not when I do this." He chuckled, gathering her in his arms and kissing her. She giggled, wrapping her arms around him. "yes, I go to bed very late when you do this." She agreed, looking into his eyes.

"You've been thinking about it again, haven't you?" he asked softly, setting her down on the bed, and clasping her hands in his.

"I can't help it…I hate getting old, I admit it."

"You're still beautiful and gorgeous to me."

"I know Roy."

"You haven't lost your fitness either, you can still tire me out in bed."

She smacked his shoulder as he chuckled. "That's because you still like doing that certain exercise on a daily basis my husband." She said, pursing her lips. "Are you complaining?" he questioned, one eyebrow raised.

"No…I guess its all just catching up to me now. I'm just…thankful for everything, especially thankful that you're still very well liked by the people and still Fuhrer." She replied quietly, lying back on the bed as he kicked off his shoes and took off his tie.

"I do my job the right way and don't try to mass murder people, of course they still love me." Roy said smugly, kissing her cheek.

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