Yu-Gi-Oh/Sailor Moon

"Together Over Time"

"Assassin! Assassin-get in here! Assassin!"

Bakura tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for his desired follower. After about 5 minutes, he stormed out of his tent to where his band of men were gathered around 3 or 4 campfires.

"Have any of you seen my Assassin?" He demanded of his band. Many simply shook their heads. "Blast it! Where is-"

He turned around and nearly crashed into a beauty in black linen. She had a tilt to her pelvis that told him she wasn't too happy with him. Her arms were crossed across her chest and her dangerous amethyst eyes had an icy glare to them.

"What did you call me?" Her question radiated her unhappiness as much as her perfect body did. Something bad had happened. Usually she had no problem answering to his bellows of "Assassin!" He clenched his fists and turned back to his men.

"Which one of you went into her tent without her permission!" He half shrieked in rage. "Be honest or you all die!"

Several men scooted away from the man who was cowering between them. Bakura waved her forward as she pulled a knife from the sheath on her thigh. With a flick of her wrist, the blade embedded itself in the man's neck, spilling scarlet on to the sand.

"Retrieve her belongings and bring them to me." The Thief King ordered. "If you sneak one bangle. You pay with more than your lives."

He turned with his assassin, his hand on her bare back, and took her into his tent. He closed the flap and put his arms around her slender waist.

"We have a few moments alone." Bakura murmured to her. She reached up and gently tugged on his bangs.

"And you have a job for me, My Thief King." She told him as he sighed, resting his chin in her shoulder.

"You know me too well for you to ever get you to share my bed with me." Bakura sighed, releasing her and flopping on the pillows that made up half of his bed. "It's just not that fair. You wear that little number and expect me to behave."

"What I expect, Bakura, is for you to keep seeing me as Osiris the Assassin, your second." She replied, putting her hands on her hips. "It keeps things simple and clean amongst the ranks."

"There will be a time where I won't need you to be a killer, Osiris." Bakura told her, as seriously evil as his wicked smile suggested. "It'll be then I'll need you to be a queen-my queen. When I take over Egypt, I'll marry you on the grave of our 'beloved' Pharaoh Atem and bed you in his former chambers."

"The Pharaoh would need to die first, Bakura." Osiris coldly pointed out, crossing her arms. "And then we'd have to take over the palace. Both you an I know that's a 2 day job-even for you."

Bakura smiled broader. "But not for you. You are my 2nd-in-command and my most deadliest fighter. The Pharaoh wouldn't even be able to stand against you."

Osiris had to let a half smile curve her lips. "That's true."

Bakura got to his feet and put his hands on her shoulders. "Especially when he's asleep. He can't fight back at night. You'll sneak in as silent as ever and take his life. Come back at dawn and we'll attack the palace, killing anyone who stands in our way. Then I'll be Pharaoh and you'll be on my lap as my queen."

Osiris put her hand on her head. "You're as bad as ever-you and your one track mind. Fine, I'll kill the Pharaoh but I won't need until dawn. I'll bring something back as proof. What do you want? His head? His arms? Or the entire corpse being dragged behind my horse?"

Bakura kissed the side of her neck as he slid his arms around her waist yet again. He kissed her neck and shoulders. A hand slid up her front to her neck, which he tenderly curled his fingers around.

"Bring me the Millennium Puzzle. I desire the bloodstained Item as proof his death." The King of Thieves told her in a whisper. "And bring me the other 6 Items as well, drenched in their Keepers' blood. You may have the Necklace as my queen."

"If you want me to kill the Pharaoh tonight, you're going to have to let me go, Bakura." Osiris told him simply. The King of Thieves sighed, reluctantly releasing her. "I'll be back soon. I swear I will."

She left Bakura's tent and went to her own tent, just next door like always. Her things were picked up and everything was in its proper place. What had been stolen from her was in a neat pile on her bed with her cleaned knife on top.

Osiris sheathed her knife and put gold bangles on her wrists and ankles and put a gold circlet around her head. She put rings on her fingers and earrings on her ears. She put rouge on her lips and outlined her eyes with charcoal. The last thing she did was take out her kartoosh from her jewelry box and put it around her neck.

Osiris grabbed her cloak and draped it over her shoulders as she drew the hood over the head. She exited her tent and went to where the horses were reigned. As she mounted up, she looked back at Bakura and gave him a rouge lipped half smile. With a good spur, Osiris and her horse shot off into the night's desert.