Osiris was absolutely unhappy. She tried to pull the chain attached to her ankle free of the throne's hind leg but her strength wasn't enough. The chain was a lot stronger than usually forged metal. It had to be forged especially for her.

"I am so going to get that Egyptian prick back for this." She growled flopping back down on the cushions Atem had set on the stair for her. "No one keeps me against my will for long."

She gave the chain one more fruitless tug, not getting up. A chuckle made her look back with a slight scowl. Atem leaned on his throne's back wearing a smirk before coming to stand on her step.

"I have a feeling that you'll be here for a while." He told her reaching down and unhooking the chain at her ankle. "Now, come with me. I want to go somewhere and you're not going to be left here on your own."

"And if I don't come?" She asked, her amethyst eyes narrowing.

Atem just gave her a wicked half smile. "I know you won't object if you don't want to feel that pain again. After all, I just have to touch my cuff and…"

Osiris stood as Atem's fingers were mere hairs from the mystical gold on his arm. He smirked and walked down the steps, knowing Osiris was following him. She would do just about anything to kill him but as long as he had that cuff, she could do nothing.

Atem walked out to the garden with a very moody assassin behind him. When he stopped, so did she but her arms were crossed and she biting back over a hundred different phrases and insults that were all directed at Atem.

"Sit, like a good little captive." The Pharaoh ordered, his hand above his cuff. Osiris plopped down at the base of a tree and crossed her arms. "Now, hold still. This isn't going to hurt if you don't make me hurt you."

"Excuse me?" Osiris asked, cluelessly. The Egyptian King laid down, his head in her lap like a pillow. "Hey! Get off! I don't even let Bakura use me as a human pillow! I said 'get off'!"

The Pharaoh looked up at her surprised. "Isn't he your 'precious childhood friend'?"

"Hey, I maybe his friend but I have my own personal space-now get off of me!" Osiris tried to push him off of her lap but when he smirked again, she looked at his upper arm. She backed down and crossed her arms, her mood not improving. Stupid royal Egyptian prick…when I find a way out of this cuff-your life is so mine!

Oh, he is pushing it.

Osiris: When do I get to kill him?

Kazuma: -Shrugs-

Atem: Why is everyone out to get me?

HOtaru: -peeks in- Hey, Kaz-when do I come in?

Kazuma: not yet, babe. Just hang on for a few more chaps, okay?

Hotaru: Sure, fine, whatever...uh, I'd run, if I were you. Sesshomaru's on his way.

Kazuma: -sigh- I'm not taking those beads off. I'm thinking about putting them on Itachi and Edward too.