Magnus took Remy back to his compound. He set him up in the same room that he had been assigned when he first came to work for Magneto, before Magneto disappeared, before Remy and John moved in together. It wasn't anything special, just a bed and a dresser like the other two rooms that had been John and Piotr's.

Remy seemed unable to function. He had trouble trying to follow the thread of Magneto's conversation and Magneto had to force him to move. He couldn't seem to manage it on his own. He felt the numbness start to recede.

"I don't have any pain medications Remy. You're going to have to not take them anymore, they're hurting you. You can barely function right now." Magneto informed him when he asked. Remy went and lay down. He felt a headache building behind his eyes.

Magneto thought nothing of this. Remy had been abusing those pills and he didn't know for how long. He'd have to stop. He also knew that Remy had a drug history, as had John. Coupling that with his addictive personality, even taking a few pills over the course of a few days could affect him. Stopping cold turkey was the best way to do this. Or so he thought.

He made a few calls to have John's body picked up and an autopsy performed. Whoever did this was going to die. There was no question about that.

After a few hours he went to check on Remy. Once he saw him he knew something was wrong. He was curled up on his side, fingers clenched into the sheets. He was pale and sweaty. Magneto could see the tremors that shook his entire body.

He was not a doctor and he didn't know what to do. So he called someone that would.

Remy began seizing, trashing. Magneto moved him to the floor and held his head so he could not bang it against the floor. By the time the seizure subsided, his knuckles were bloody from colliding with the floor and wall.

Magneto had never been so happy to see Charles and the Beast on his doorstep. He quickly led them to Remy.

"Do you know what he was taking?" Hank asked immediately. Magneto handed him the bottle. He had lied to Remy; it was in his pocket the entire time. Hank looked at the prescription. "And he's been taking large doses for almost two days and you stopped him cold turkey?" Magnus nodded.

"Oh dear." He muttered, worried. "He could die from stopping cold turkey, and we have no idea how his mutant powers affect any drugs he may take." He took three of the pills out of the bottle. Magneto managed to pull Remy into an upright position amidst painful protests. Hank then put the pills in Remy's mouth, forcing him to swallow them. Remy looked at him with blank black eyes, not seeming to know who he was or how he had gotten into this position. Magneto helped him lay down as he seemed to be in too much pain to do much of anything for himself. Eventually after almost twenty minutes had passed, he began to quiet somewhat.

"Gambit, how are you feeling?" Remy just looked at him for a moment. The tremors had lessened somewhat but he was still in pain.

"Like I'd really love t' die. You?"

Hank nodded sympathetically. Drug withdrawals were hard on anyone. "You can take these and they'll help you sleep though some of this." He handed Remy two white sleeping pills which Remy took with shaking hands, almost dropping them before he finally managed to swallow them. He lay back down and turned his back to them. When they finally left the room he let the exhausted tears escape from his eyes. Only John knew how to make this better. And he would never be coming back. Not this time.

They stood in silence outside, Beast and Charles both absorbing this information, Magnus mulling it over once again. It was impossibly hard to wrap his mind around that one of his own acolytes was dead.

"I've heard rumors…mutants being targeted, but it's never happened to one of our own. Do you believe you're safe here?"

"Normally I'd say yes and not even have to think about it, but at the moment, Piotr's gone, John's…dead, and though I hate to say it, Remy's pretty useless right now. I could hold my own, but with Remy….I will have to stay here, at least until he can take care of himself and I can trust him with the sharp cutlery."

"Then I think the solution is pretty obvious," The Beast piped up. "You should come to the mansion for the time being. The closer we are with each other, the less we have to worry about being targeted."

Magnus and Charles looked at each other with weary expressions. "I suppose…" They both said.

Magnus glared at Charles. "You better not hog the covers this time."

Beast looked at them both confused.