Don't Ever Forget


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A/N: A short, little one-shot I wrote because I was bored. Please go easy on me!

On the train once again with no leads to help us on our search. I look to Al and give a weak smile and then continue to stare out the window.

How will I be able to fix him? How will I repair what is broken? How do I find something that is lost?

I sigh and close my eyes for a brief moment until Al's voice wakes me.

"Brother? Are you alright?"

I open my eyes and say, "Yeah Al. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know you just seem down," Al replies.

I turn my attention back to the world outside my window. Oh, how it goes by so fast.

Oh, how life goes by so fast.

The sun feels warm as it shines through the window and onto my face.

I take my right hand and put it up to the window. Nothing. Can't feel a thing.

I gently bring my arm back down and take out my pocket watch and reread what I engraved on the inside.

Don't Forget 3.Oct.10

The words that remind me of my sin. The past that still haunts me even though I look toward the future. It's the rope that ties me down even though I'm free. It's the guilt and drive that keeps me going.

I look back to the suit of armor sitting across from me and sigh.

I don't think I can ever forget what I did to him. Nor will I try.

The End

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