Authors Note and Disclaimer: Hello all you happy people. I'm at it again! The Devil May Cry fic I was writing with my friend Danielle is on temporary hiatus until she gets her portion up. No worries, we WILL finish it! (Or so I hope..writers block can be a bitch)

ANYWAY recently I've picked up and beaten the wonderful game known as Resident Evil 4. Sure it's like a year later but right now I could care less. I loved it, and I love the Resident Evil series even more now. The plot was WELL done and the characters were amazing as well. I love nearly every character in that game. (few exceptions including Ashley and well…I didn't care much for Mendez and Hunnigan either…) However one of them appeared to have brought my attention to him the most, and hold your bricks/stones please.

I believed one of the more intriguing characters of this game was that short, annoying, pompous prick known as Ramon Salazar. I instantly fell in love with his character the second I saw the first scene with him. Sure, he is annoying and not the most attractive character of the game but I believed there was just something about him that made me enjoy every minute in the castle. I also saw opportunity to develop his character a little more, what he was like BEFORE Las Plagas and how he changed under Saddler's influence. Hence this fiction.

For once, this is strictly canon, the only people who aren't exactly canon would be the multitude of various servants. Some of which even have names and personalities for the sake of plot or even lack thereof. But in being canon, this will revolve around Ramon the most and his change into the sadistically cruel castellan that we encounter in RE4.

I do not own ANY of these characters or this fandom. I am only writing this out of both mutual boredom and my ponderings upon this character. I hope you enjoy it.


Dawn came upon the quiet countryside deep within the mountains of Spain. The sun's rays shone through the trees stripped bare of their foliage and a cold chill quickly made its way through the air. The autumn winds were sweeping gently across the region. Even in the waking hours of the morning, despite the chill, the people in the village below had already begun to stir in order to begin their work for the day.

It didn't take very long for both the bitter wind and the gentle warmth of the sun to slip through parted curtains of the highest window located upon a castle that rested upon the hill above. The wind caused a small form to shiver and wrap the heavy blankets tightly around him. The following warmth from the rising sun felt most welcome compared to the winds and he relaxed. The quiet sounds of his breath were now all that could be heard in the stillness of the morning.

The room itself was well furnished; a large bed with a canopy draped above it was placed against the west wall. A fireplace directly across from it where upon the mantle rested various treasures and antiques. The beams from the sun stretched across the many portraits of previous occupants of the great castle, some of which faded already due to such instances.

The occupant of the bed smiled softly to himself, mind caught up in the wiles of the fantasies only dreams could bring. That was until there came a rapping at his bedroom door followed by a voice laced with gentleness as well as age.

"Master Ramon? Are you awake yet?"

A faint groan was the only response, the door handle was pulled down from the other side and it opened slowly. A man dressed in servants clothes beneath a brown overcoat stepped through.

"Come now young master it is time to get up." Again no response save for the uncomfortable shifting beneath the covers. The elder man was known as Bernardo Luista, the personal servant of the current castellan. Immediately he threw open the wardrobe beside the fire place.

"I know you don't like to wake in the early morning hours." He said softly while gently laying out the master's clothes for the day. "But the cooks have informed me that your breakfast is waiting in the dining room. And you had better hurry if you wish to eat it while it's warm."

Another groan in protest before the castellan sat up, sheets moving down to his waist as he yawned widely. A hand went up to his head, scratching it through his dark brown hair. The middle aged butler gave him a warm hearted smile.

"I will be right outside if you need anything Sr. Ramon." With a bow he left the young master alone to get dressed.

Ramon Salazar, the eighth castellan stepped down from the bed, feet having to stretch out to reach the floor. He was surprisingly short for his age, coming only at about four and a half feet. Slowly he staggered toward the vanity table and sat down to look at himself in the mirror. Although being a boy of only fifteen years he looked elder than any one else his age. He began to take notice of the deep pockets that started to form beneath his eyes over the past couple of years. Old, yet childlike at the same time, never really mature but never really that young.

His frail hand reached for the brush that rested on the table and he began to run it through his hair. After all it was important for people of his class to maintain their appearances.

Even if no one ever came to see him…

Despite the absence of guests it was still important that he retained the look and poise of a nobleman in front of the many servants occupying the castle with him. When he finished he set the brush down, both hands pulling his hair back and securing it in place with a blue ribbon. After which the young castellan proceeded to get dressed.

Gold vest, brown leather pants and his blue overcoat with gold embroideries. To top it all off, a fancy hat which he placed upon his head. It was a little superfluous really but it seemed to give off the impression that he appeared slightly taller than he really was. In being satisfied with his appearance he gave a slight smile to the image in the mirror and made his way out to eat.


By his side, faithfully as always, Bernardo stood and waited upon his master as he ate. His hands were folded behind his back, his ears attentive to pick up any request or order he may receive. Yet Ramon proved to be unusually quiet this morning. He looked contemplative yet troubled at the same time. Needless to say it had the butler somewhat worried. Taking a deep breath he broke the silence.

"Sir Ramon? I do not mean to intrude but, is there something that may be troubling you this morn?"

Immediately the castellan was snapped out of his daze, swallowing the last bit of thick porridge that remained in his mouth.

"I am merely tired, nothing more." He said assuringly as he turned to his personal servant. It was a lie, Bernardo could tell. After all he had known him since his birth fifteen years past.

Something was bothering Ramon, so many years of isolation tends to get to people after a while. The prison in which he remained, this castle, was rich in it's magnificent beauty. Yet it was also so in it's hollowness and emptiness. There was only him and his servants, no friends or family. Yet Bernardo was different, the elder one seemed to treat the master as if he were his own son. But he was a servant, different from a friend. It was his job to wait upon him, hand and foot, day and night, whether he liked it or not.

The air of silence returned, it seemed almost deafening to the both of them. Dabbing at his mouth with his napkin the castellan managed to break it.

"Bernardo…" He asked turning to the butler who leaned forward attentively.

"Yes young master?"

"Why is it that we never have any contact from the outside?" Bernardo had to think about the question at first, normally he could provide a straight answer right away. But this time it was different, something reasonable, yet not too complex. Leaning forward again he spoke.

"Begging your pardon sir, but what exactly do you mean by this?" Ramon was quick to answer, a sort of sharpness in his voice.

"Visitors Bernardo, why is it that we never have visitors?" Again the butler had to think about it briefly before coming up with a solid answer.

"Well… the reason being for this…uh, reason being is, that… well. You are different from other people, and your ancestors were just as much. You see, you are of noble blood, considered to be 'above' those who dwell in the village below." Ramon nodded slightly and spoke again.

"That still doesn't answer my question."

Bernardo scratched his head nervously and took a deep breath.

"Y-Yes of course not. Forgive me sir. The reason why no one comes to visit this, they do not feel obligated to. They would feel intrusive and perhaps even think of themselves as unfit to be in the presence of your company." He looked over at the castellan, who was hopefully satisfied with that response.

"I see." Ramon answered quietly.

"Is that what you were looking for sir?"

"Yes, thank you Bernardo." Satisfied yet disappointed at the same time.

"Will that be all sir?" The butler asked softly.

"Yes." The eighth castellan stood up from his chair pushing it out some while he set his napkin on the table. "I believe I shall take a walk through the gardens…" He said turning back to his servant who gave a bow out of respect.

"Very well, if you need anything I will be more than happy to oblige Sir. Salazar." Ramon gave a final nod before departing, shutting the door quietly behind him.


Castellan's Diary – Entry 01-

For many years I have wondered to myself why I feel this unrelenting pain in my heart. I have everything one could ask for, priceless treasures, riches, this enormous castle, things surpassing that of people's greatest desires. And yet, I am still not satisfied. For my heart does not long for inanimate splendor. No… my heart desires the presence of human company. My servants, they are always willing to listen to me, to obey my every whim no matter how ridiculous it may be. But that is only because it is what they are paid to do.

For as long as I can remember I have always been alone. I do not even remember the presence of my birth parents. It has been the company of my personal attendant Bernardo that has remained with me over the years. I know that even his company shall not last, he is getting on in years and may depart from me sooner than I may think. Out of the plethora of servants that are under my employment he is the one whom I trust the most.

Despite this I still wish I could have the joy of being in another's presence. Someone who knows of the world, who is willing to share with me their stories, their ideals and their friendship. Someone who actually has the courage to challenge what I say and to not agree with me no matter how wrong I may sound. I do not know how much longer my heart can bear this burden of loneliness, I only pray that such an opportunity may come upon me soon.

Ramon Salazar