Title: First Encounter
Fandom: Xiaolin Showdown
Characters: Rai, Kim
Prompt: 001:Beginnings
Word Count: 478
Rating: G
Summary: In Rai's eyes, Kimiko is just another fake girl, but is there more than what's going through Rai's mind?
Author's Notes: Rai's P.O.V. and it takes place during 'Journey of a Thousand Miles' before the gang is introduced to Omi.

Just who does she think she is? Talking away on her cell phone with that fake blond dye job on her head. Not really paying mind to her surroundings. I bet you anything that she doesn't even care about what's going on. I don't care either but that doesn't mean she can't show respect for once. That's what it's all about. Respect. Mind you, I didn't show respect either but to be shown from someone else is another thing. It's annoying.

She's probably another one of those fake people. Absolutely nothing about them is naturally. The way they walk, the way they talk, the way they eat, etc. The only thing I could find that was natural was her beautiful sapphire eyes. Wait, did I just say beautiful? I barely know her and yet I said beautiful. What's up with that? Wait a second, why can't I stop staring at her? Am I suppose to despise her? I really don't know. But why can't I stop staring at her? I'll admit that she's kind of cute. What am I saying! What's wrong with me? I went from dissing her to complimenting her. It's probably hormones. Yeah. That's it. There's no way that I could like this fake, obnoxious, disrespectful, pretty, nice-wait! I did it again! Why do I keep doing that? Do I like her? How can I? She's a phony and yet I can't take my eyes off her.

"Raimundo?" I hear that sweet voice say to my direction.

"Huh?" I said getting out of my trance.

"Why are you staring at me?" I felt my cheeks burning. I was blushing! Me, Raimundo, blushing!

"U-Uh... because... there's not much to look at?" What did I just say? I am an idiot.

"...OK..." She went back to talking to her friend on her cell phone. It looks like she didn't catch what I said. I let a breathe of air that I didn't know I was holding. Why am like this all of a sudden? I'm all nervous and fidgety. I patted my pockets as a result.

Then I saw the old guy that brought us here come in with a little bald dude. He introduced us to the baldy and told us his name is Omi. I looked over at Kimiko and she was still talking away on her cell phone. Why do I have this feeling whenever I look at her?