Title: Three AM
Xiaolin Showdown
Rai, Kim, Omi, Clay, bartender
100: Writer's Choice
Word Count:
Love can really be stupid sometimes.
Author's Note:
I am sooooooooooooo sorry that this is late. Things kept on coming up and my imagination wouldn't take a rest... Anyways, this is it. The last one. All I have to really say is thank you so much for taking your time and reading all of this and staying with me since the beginning (Too be honest, I didn't think it would get this huge...) All of your reviews have truly encouraged me as well as being helpful. A true learning experience. You are all just too wonderful and I cannot begin to thank each and everyone of you. And that includes people here and in DeviantART (I'd list but the number is too great.) So this one is dedicated to each and everyone of you. ^_^

As for the story, I promised I save the best for last so, with that said, I hope you enjoy the last chapter of 100 Moments.

"You are so going down," he challenged and she merely smirked at him.

"We'll see who's going down, Pedrosa," she said right and hit the flat plastic with great force and it went towards him but he was prepared for it. He hit right back with his own plastic stick and watched as the puck zoomed towards her only for her to hit it right back. They had been at this for awhile now and the score was tied.

A very heated game of air hockey between two best friends.

True that they are complete opposites. Her coming from a home with a single parent and him from a rather large family. With wealth under her name while he barely rubbed two dimes together. Him being the wise alack prankster and her having a short fuse. It seemed impossible for these two to stay in the same room together let alone talk to one another, but they didn't let that matter. She stated along time ago that having a life mattered more than spoils and that to her, friendship mattered. He wished he could say the same thing but after spending time with her made him think differently than he normally did. She always seemed to have that kind of affect on him and after awhile he started thinking the same way as her. And soon, he couldn't see himself without her beside him.

And that was his biggest secret.

Just after he sent the puck flying towards her, a light seemed to bounce off her hair at the right time. Making her hair shinier than usual and bringing out her alarmingly cute determined face. He seemed all but consumed by it as he stared at her with a sort of dazed look. The sounds of the surrounding arcade games and music roaring through the speakers drowned away and all motion seemed to have slowed down. He watched her as her arm flung at the puck and sent it flying towards and at that very second, he didn't seem to care.

Sirens went off and lights were flashing and he blinked several times to take in the scenery and what just happened. He saw her jumping up and down and he looked over at the score board. Seven to six. She won. He let out a groan at the prospect of her gloating in front of him and just merely sighed in defeat. What had happened to him?

"Ha ha! Oh yeah, I just kicked your sorry little butt!" she exclaimed as she ran up to him with that bragging joyful face and he just looked on with annoyance. "Let's see, what was the bet?" she stroked her chin and appeared to be searching her mind until her face brightened. "Oh yes, loser buys cokes." She poked his chest playfully and he can only roll his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. Don't get greedy just because you won," he responded as he made his way to the pizza bar but was stopped by a pair of hands resting on his shoulders and a pair of lips slightly brushing against his ear.

"Meet you on the roof," she whispered as she pulled away and melted into the crowd. He had to fight a very heavy blush and every primal instinct that seemed to cloud his mind for a moment. He quickly shook his head and continued on his way to the bar and ordered the cokes.

"Clay, is Raimundo as you say, 'whopped?'" His head shot at the sound of the young guy who's head clearly the size of the Sun and their Texas sized friend that stood beside him and currently scrutinizing Rai.

"Tha's 'whipped,' Omi. And yeah, I really think he is," the blond boy smirked and Raimundo only glared at them.

"Ha ha, you guys are so hilarious," he said as he casually looked down and smirked. "Then again, I'm not the one standing in some kid's puke."

The two boys eyes widen as they looked to only see Omi was the misfortunate one standing in said vomit. He let out a yelp and raced to the bathroom in a heartbeat.

"At least you still have yer sense of humor," Clay noted after Omi ran off and then placed a hand on Rai's shoulder. "You had us worried."

"What's to worry about? I lost a game to Kimiko and look, the world is still in one place."

"Tha's not what I mean. I saw th' look you gave her. Y'know, the one tha' made you lose." Raimundo stared stunned at him as he removed his hand.

"Here's your drinks, kid," the bartender said as he placed the cokes before Rai.

"Hey, can I have them on a tray?" The bartender gave him a smug look as he took out the tray and placed the drinks on them. "Anyway, I have no idea what you're talking about. Kimiko and I are just friends," he responded defensively as he grabbed the drinks and turned back to Clay.

"Isn' tha' what they always say in th' movies until one or th' other confess their undying love fer one another?" he smirked and Rai could only glare.

"You've been watching too many chic flicks, dude." He then left very disgruntled that soon elevated as he made his way through the crowd and eventually came to a door that had a sign saying 'Staff Only' on it and just pushed it and started climbing the fleet of steps until he reached another door marked 'Roof' and proceed through it. There he found her sitting on one of two lawn chairs that put up a few months back.

Just after their friendship started and when she felt she was close enough to him, she took him up to the roof of the arcade and told him that it was her 'secret place.' In other words, a place where she can be by herself and away from any high social events. A place where she can be herself. It was only around Raimundo that she can feel at peace and on the secret place just made it better. Sure the view from the roof wasn't really that spectacular, but who cares as long as you have company.

"Took you long enough," she smirked as he walked over to her and handed her her coke.

"Enjoy your spoils, princess," he smirked back and she playfully stuck out her tongue at him. He then sat down in the chair beside her and stared out in the distance.

"You're just lucky that my dad owns this arcade."

"And the one down the street, and the one across town, and the one right-"

"OK! You made your point. You didn't have to rub it in my face."

"Yeah, but it's more fun that way." He felt a sharp pain on his arm as he turned to see her pull her arm back from the blow. "Do you have any idea how hard you hit?"

"Well, do you know how much of a baby you can be?" she smirked and he stuck his tongue out at her as well. Then they sat in silence. Enjoying each other's company as they stared off in the distance. Taking an occasional sip from their drinks as their minds wandered.

"So, any girls in mind?" He turned to her with a sort of surprised look. Mostly on how casual she sounded when she asked.

"Sure," he answered truthfully but not going into detail and that, Kimiko lightened up and turned to him.

"Really? Anyone I know?" That enlightened look made his chest tighten and turn his face a shade of red. He quickly turned away to hide his blush and focused on a building not too far away.

"...You could say that..." he trailed as she couldn't help to raise an eyebrow.

"All right. You don't have to tell me." She sipped her drink with a shrug of her shoulders and looked the other way.

"So what about you? How are things with what's-his-name?" he asked with a tad bit of bitterness and luckily she didn't noticed. But she smiled her warm smile as a blush crept on her cheeks.

"His name is Jason (I told you, remember?) and actually, he asked me out and we're going out tonight." He sucked the last of his drink and he clenched on the cup with a vice grip.

"Is that so?" he asked, keeping his voice leveled.

"Yeah. He's really cool, Rai. You'd like him."

"Like that guy from last year?" he smirked, smiling from the fond memory while she had a look of disdain.

"Ugh, don't remind me. He was such an ass. You were right not to like him." He closed his eyes as he listened to her and was filled with an arrogant satisfaction.

"So, what is it? Movie and dinner?" he asked further and she nodded.

"Nothing wrong with a classic date."

"Eh, I suppose," he shrugged and then thought: If it were me, I would just make it so we would always be alone.

She then looked down at her watched and quickly finished her coke.

"Sorry, but I gotta go home and get ready," she said as she got up and walked towards the door.

"See you tomorrow then?"

"Like I have a choice?" she teased him and closed the door behind her. As she did, he let out a heavy sigh.

He got back home with heavy steps. Letting out a sigh every now and then as he mentally cursed himself. Basically kicking himself in the head for not doing a damn thing. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?! He has been asking himself that on the way home and as he got inside. Why didn't he tell her? Why did he let her go? Why was he so taken with her? Why is he such an idiot? Why was he asking these questions?

Overall, he just couldn't stand the thought of her being with another guy. It drove him insane. So much so that he slammed his fist into the wall and only slightly winced at the pain. God he needed a drink.

He walked over to the fridge and opened it to get a beer and as soon as he closed the door, his eyes went over to a couple photographs of him and her with big smiles on their faces. Most notably the one where she had arms around his neck and he smiled like an idiot. That was definitely a good day.

But now he was sulking and he hated that he was this way. He suppose that with an amazing woman like Kimiko, it's easy to get hung over. Now he'll just have to nurse a headache after downing a couple beers and finally going to an uneasy sleep.




His eyes shot open and they glanced at a few red glowing numbers. As soon as his eyes became focused, he read that it was just around three in the morning. He groaned as he got his cell and flipped it open to see it was a text message.

Who the hell would text me at three AM? He thought bitterly as he read the message.

From: Kimiko

Meet me on the roof.

He stared at the screen for a little while until the message got through his head. Why does she want to meet him on the roof? He already figured out that it wasn't the roof of his apartment building but their special place. Which brings him back to the question.

It must be something if she's dragging me out of bed, he thought as he groggily got up and put on a shirt and a pair of pants.

He got out the key that she gave him and got into the arcade and thought how eerie this place looked at night as he made his way to the door marked "Staff Only" and made his way to the roof. As soon as he opened the door, he saw her silhouette and she was looking down on the ground and didn't even look up as he made his to her. He started getting worried about her as he got a good look at her face which exhibited confusion and something totally foreign that he thought didn't suit her.

"So, is there any reason why you would text me at three AM?" he asked somewhat agitated. Mostly because he got himself a headache from one to many beers but that soon faded as she didn't even look up at him and his concern deepened. "Kim? What's up?" he asked but she still hadn't met his eyes. "What's wrong?"

"I went out with him, Jason I mean," she finally answered and his eyebrows quickly lowered. "We had a great time. He even kissed me. But..." she trailed and didn't finish which lead to Raimundo thinking the worst but didn't want end with that conclusion.

"But what?" he pressed.

"But... when he kissed me, you came to mind." His eyebrows then lifted and put all of his attention on her as her cheeks reddened. "And it's not the first time either," she quickly added which surprised him even more. "Last year, when I was going out with that guy, I found myself comparing him to you. I don't know why I did, but all I knew was that I was scared. I mean, I consider you as my best friend and yet I have these feelings for you. But you still treated me like you always do so it was easy for me to try to get over you. But tonight... when you suddenly came in to my head, everything that I felt for you came back. So much so that I had to end the date and try to sleep it off. But when that didn't work, I thought I should try talking to you. I... I guess I was hoping that by talking to you, things would go back to normal. But... right now... it just... I dunno... doesn't feel good enough. Just being your friend I mean. And I know that you like someone else and I'm willing to step aside and let you have her. I won't like it and it makes me sick just thinking about it, but I do know that I just want you to be happy." She finally got up and managed to not look at him in the eye. "So, sorry for waking you up and wasting your time," she added and then walked towards the door but was stopped when his arm shot up and blocked her way. When she finally looked up at him, she met a totally foreign look as well as a very red face. Like he had something to say but had a look of fear that was ready to burst.

"Raimundo?" her voice shook as his stare became intense.

"God, you are so stupid." He grabbed her by her arms and forced his lips onto hers. Her eyes were completely wide and although she was disgusted with the smell of his breath, she found herself enjoying the kiss. So she closed her eyes and stepped closer to him. Allowing him to wrap his arms around her as she placed her hands on his chest. Hearts skipping beats as the kiss rapidly deepened. He bit her lower lip which made her gasp and he took the chance to probe her mouth. Pouring in the intensity of how he felt and the hell that he had to go through.

Then she gently pulled away to allow air into her lungs and quickly found herself pressed against a wall with her legs wrapped around his waist and she blushed at the position but let on a smile none the less. And hearing the sound of him taking in heavy breathes sent chills running up her spine.

"Do you..." he started as he took in another breath. "Do you have any idea how crazy I am about you?" he asked with a cracked voice and she just continued to smile.

"Well... considering you called me stupid and just kissed me, I have a pretty good idea," she responded as she placed on of her hands on the side of his face. "Why didn't you tell me?"

He then closed his eyes and leaned into her oh so soft hand and in a near whisper responded, "I was afraid."

"Afraid of what?" she pressed rather lazily while she thoroughly enjoyed the look on his face as he nuzzled into her skin.

"You had so much going for you, I didn't want ruin it by telling you how much you really mean to me." He kissed her palm which sent a shiver through her system.

"So you thought you weren't good enough for me?" He let out a small laugh.

"You have no idea how much you affect people, Kimiko." He looked at her again with the very same love in his eyes and in return, she used her other hand to toy around with his hair. They stood there in silence as they drank in the moment. Overwhelming happiness knowing that he was her as she was his. Then a mischievous thought entered his mind.

"So," he started, breaking the silence and eased the rest in. "Seeing as my apartment is closer to here than yours..."

Her eyes widened and a small blush highlighted her cheeks. She sent him a smirk as she steadily unwrapped her legs from his waist.

"Easy there, cowboy. We've only just started," she responded before giving him a light punch to the shoulder.

"What? I'm not saying we should do anything, just spend the night. I'll even take the couch," he humbly said and she had to smile up at him and think how he sweet he was being.

"Y'know, that sounds kinda good." She stretched her arms up as a yawn escaped her. "But I think it would be much better if you got in with me." She poked playfully at his and now it was his turn to widen his eyes and she couldn't help but giggle. "And just sleep."

She pulled from his arms and started walking towards the door. Leaving him stunned for a second before coming after her and wrapping his arms around her petite waist. Resulting a laugh from the two of them as they made their descent.

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