Thank you so much for checking out this story! Now, you can skip the following very long reason's why I'm writing this and further explanation of exactly what it is, you can go ahead and read Episode One titled "Here We Go Again", but I'd appreciate if you give what I have to say a chance because I think it will give you a better idea of where the story is coming from. Oh and each chapter is an episode, just so you know and episodes are written in story form not script form.

Please bear with me even if I momentarily say something you don't like. And the things that are my opinions are just my opinions, it doesn't make it right, it just makes it what I think.

Oh and the Mr. Schneider I refer to would be the actual owner of the show, as I am obviously not otherwise I wouldn't be on here. (Yes, this was my disclaimer.)

So, the writers of Zoey 101 kind of annoy me a bit. Some episodes I only see one writer, other's I see multiple, so I'm not actually sure what's going on there, but whatever it is, it's not working. Well, one of the problems is that all four writers that have ever been credited have been male. This is a show centralizing around a girl and that has a mainly female viewer-ship. Hmm, maybe that's why viewers don't really relate; guys have never been able to figure out what women want so just a hint, hire a writer with ovaries, the show might just turn out better (in a girls opinion at least).

It seems like they keep making bad decision after bad decision. And sometimes it almost seems like they're insulting their loyal viewers since they're expecting them to roll over and take the sub-par episodes. Like "Robot Wars", that was a pointless episode. Who could seriously relate to that episode? Majority of their viewers, I think not. And they expect the viewers to be okay with the fact that they got lazy. Well, I'm not.

I'm tired of the direction this show is heading. I think it has a lot of untapped potential and it's time someone uses it. I'm going to use it, and hopefully, better than they can.

Now, I'm still going to make it Nick appropriate, but it's going to be Teen Nick appropriate. Right now, they keep it G rated when technically it can go higher since the entire idea of putting "Teen" before "Nick" is to target it at 13 to 19 year olds. I like to give a little leeway either way, allowing for readers slightly younger and slightly older to be able to enjoy this, because in TV world the more people you rope in the better, right? That is how ratings go up.

So, some things are going to stay the same, they have to. The show is technically, even if it doesn't seem so at times, a sitcom. This is not a drama and I cannot turn it into such, but the fact that drama exists can't be ignored as the creators of Zoey 101 continuously like to do. I'll admit, it is challenging to give the show realistic drama while still maintaining the traditional light tone of a sitcom, but unlike the real owners of Zoey 101, I'm not afraid of a challenge. It may be difficult, but I see that as no reason not to try.

Now, not everything is going to stay the same. If you've read any of my work at all you've probably already guessed I like the character of Dana. Mr. Schneider made a huge mistake when he let her go because he thought Kristin Herrera looked a tad bit older than the other actors. Ever heard of such classics as Dawson's Creek, The OC, or One Tree Hill Mr. Schneider? Those shows' actors are much older than their characters and no one really cares. They really need to start taking their cues from more successful shows. You can actually learn something by watching TV. So, in my story, my season three, Dana will be there.

Another thing I'm changing is the premise. TV shows rarely change their premise, but I think this one could do with a change. The premise for the first two seasons has been: the protagonist (Zoey) has a problem (or someone she knows has one, but it becomes her problem), a plan is devised, it works or doesn't and somehow someone learns something. I'm not against the characters learning and growing, but I'm against them doing it in such a cheesy and unrealistic way. Did anyone really believe Logan learned something in "Robot Wars" or the completely stereotype nerds? How unbelievable was that? That's not a problem normal teenagers have. Of course this is TV so the lives of the characters have to be eventful and interesting, but shouldn't a viewer be able to say "Oh my God I relate to this character!" Am I asking too much in thinking that the characters should be realistic and have more than half a handful of personality traits? I think not. So, the premise is changing, first not everything is going to be Zoey centered. I have nothing against her at all, but centralizing everything around one character is too limiting and they've already established a great cast of characters to use so I'm utilizing them. Everyone is going to have an A-story line episode at some point in my season three. Other changes will be made as well; they may or may not be noticeable. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say I'm utilizing various television techniques and all of the show's potential.

Oh and our darling Zoey 101 owner Mr. Schneider also likes to overlook fantastic marketing opportunities. Which age group purchases the most music? That's right, the one this show is targeting, teenagers. Now, Zoey 101 did actually put out a music mix, but the problem with it was that it wasn't really a soundtrack (it was a mix, big difference). There weren't songs on it that were highly significant to those beloved moments of popular episodes. There isn't even much music in the show at all. For example, "School Dance" (which only included about fifteen seconds of appropriate music) was a prime episode to have lots of meaningful music, music that could have completely enhanced the story lines, but instead of having real, normal music they mostly used non-descript music that almost goes completely unnoticed. So, instead of only occasionally including non-descript music like the show usually does (with the specific exception of the episode Spring Fling back in their occasionally better days of season one), I'll be including a lot of music. TV shows play music in the background a lot and then compile it on a cd and market a soundtrack earning the show an extra nice little profit. I put in back track music. The lyrics of the part of the songs that should be heard during the particular scene are put in italics in the scene. It's a bit weird because I have to work the lyrics around paragraphs, but you get the general idea. At the beginning of every chapter I'll be detailing all music used that way if you do have it you can get it set up to play when it comes up or if you feel like buying, I always encourage the buying of more music (but don't feel obligated, I just happen to be addicted to music).

At the bottom of every chapter I'll probably have director notes, because I think like that, as well as further marketing ideas and such. My notes at the bottom will also include a teaser of things to come in the following episode. I already have the entire season planned (that's planned, not written). It's going to consist of 24 episodes, that's about twice as many as their actual seasons do, because I simply don't feel that 12 or 13 episodes is a complete season. I'd also like to spread it out over the year like actual shows do. That means beginning in the fall and ending in the spring. This is an extensive project and I have a life, so I actually do need that much time. It's not fall yet, but I'm getting a head start because life happens and sometimes plans in the future may get interrupted so I'm trying to give myself some extra time. Now, 24 episodes spread out from fall to spring actually means that I'd be updating every few weeks, so it'd be more regular than new Zoey 101 episodes. Actually according to afairly reliable sourceZoey 101 won't be having new episodes until January 2007 (in the U.S. at least), so I'll be pretty far ahead of the game, so to speak.

Now, the way I'm thinking of this is that the readers are the viewers and I'm going to have viewer involvement. I'll be asking you to make certain decisions, they won't really be big decisions since the direction of this is already planned out, but I do consider them to be important.

For example; the appearance of the characters. Now, I recently saw a picture of Kristin Herrera, who plays Dana (in the first season and my season at least), where she has short hair and I liked it (it was on her fan site, link on my profile for now)and in my mind this is how she's going to look for the season. If you guys would prefer something else, I'm okay with that. I'd also appreciate your suggestions for all other characters. Personally, I'd like to see Lola with a solid hair color, maybe an auburn, and probably short and similar to Drew Barrymore's in The Wedding Singer, but that's just because I think Victoria Justice (Lola) is a little thin and shorter hair would give her face a nice fullness. I'd like to see Zoey blond again as well, but other than that, I don't really have much else (especially for all the other characters). I'd love to know what you guys would like to see and I'll do my best to work in something that more people want.

Okay I also want to add that if I could choose more genres for this story I would. It's going to be light, fun, comical, serious, dramatic, romantic, and angsty. I'm going to do everything I possibly can to make my season three fantastic. I want you to fall in love with it. The first two episodes are good, they lay some much needed ground work, and hint toward the future, but after episode three I hope to have you falling. Who knows, if you love it enough, I do have quite a few thoughts for a season four…

I hope you enjoy my season three, or more accurately our season three because from here on out a viewer is in control.