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Hinata Hyuuga age 6.

Hinata had always liked holding hands. It was a habbit that she always had. Her earliest memory was of her small hand being cradled by her fathers strong hand as they walked down the street. She remembered feeling protected and loved and treassured. It was a feeling that Hinata often missed about their current relationship. Hinata knew her father loved her, but she missed the open displays of affection he gave her before her mother died. Now Hiashi displayed his love through training and encouraging her to become stronger.

Hinata still liked holding hands. It was how she expressed herself the best. It was how she showed her friends and family that she cared about them. But there was always something missing. Holding hand didn't make her feel tressured anymore. Eventually she stopped holding other people's hands, and just clasped her hands togehter, giving to her self the one thing that others were unable to give her.

Hinata Hyuuga age 13.

After Sasuke had left the village to be with Orochimaru, Hinata had started holding people's hands again. She needed to show those she loved that they were important to her before she never got the chance to do so again. When she first started holding hands again, people...talked. They thought, Oh that poor dear. Naruto leaves and she starts going out with everyone to try and fill the void. Everyone knew that Hinata had a crush on Naruto, just like they all knew that Naruto only had eyes for Sakura.

The first time anyone saw Hinata holding hands, was with her cousin Neji. Everyone was quite certain that they were just acting like cousins, so they didn't think much of it. The next day however, they saw Kiba walking Hinata home hand in hand. And then the next day it was Shino she was holding hands with. What really caught people's attention was when Hinata was spotted holding hands with both Shino and Kiba, as they went to get their weekly dinner together.

Rumors continued to insue about Hinata as she was seen holding hands with each member of the "Rookie Nine," with the exception of Naruto and Sasuke, the other members of her cousin's team, and even the jounin team leaders of those teams. Finally the rumors reached Hinata, it took them longer then other runors because everyone she held hands with wanted to shield her from the nasty thoughts of the village. She blushed and stammered, but didn't stop holding her loved ones hands. Everyone who was concerned knew the truth, and that was all that mattered.

One day, however, they found out that not everyone who was involved knew what was going on. Temari, the sand ninja, had arrived in Konoha on official business, only to hear about a very recent sighting of Hinata and Shikamaru holding hands as they walked down the street togehter. Temari only saw red as she bounded after the couple. She found them laying in a field, cloud gazing. But they weren't alone. Chouji lay on the other side of Hinata, holding her other hand.

"What they hell's going on?" Temari demanded, gaining a lazy glance from Shikamaru, and two startled ones from Hinata and Chouji.

"Hey Temari-chan," Shikamaru yawned, letting go of Hinata's hand as he rose to embrace the sandnin. Temari stepped back and glared at the three ninjas.

"Don't hey me," she growled," I want to know what's going on."

"We're cloud gazing," Hinata answered innocently," Care to join us?"

"I'm not talking to you, Skank," Temari spit. This caused Hinata's eyes to widen in concern.

"Don't call Hinata-chan names," Chouji said, sitting up.

Temari ignored Chouji and Hinata and turned her anger fully onto Shikamaru. "I asked you a question." she hissed.

Shikamaru looked puzzled for a moment, "We're cloud gazing, like Hinata said," he answered causiously.

"And you're holding hands because..." she replied still glaring at the lazy ninja. She didn't like the look of comprehension that flooded his face just then. She also didn't like the self satisfied smirk that followed. Instead of answering her question, he did the stupidest thing the genius could have done.

He laughed.