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Theme # 1: Starlight

One thing Kairi noticed about Destiny Islands was that they hardly ever changed.

Well, they didn't, until about a year ago, when the storm came, and she got caught up in a whirlwind of adventure that, even now, didn't make much sense.

Coming home was nice, but even then, things were still too strange.

Which is why she loved nights like this. The salty sea winds were warm and inviting, the sea was particularly gentle, and the moon was full. It was one of those nights when one could just kick back, relax, and stare at the stars. On this particular night, there were millions of them.

The girl didn't know this for sure, of course, but there were far more than she could count. Laying atop the crooked Paopu tree, crimson hair splayed around her shoulders, she'd already counted at least ten times, and had lost it each time. Who knew how much time she'd lost that way?

A voice, soft but nagging, at the back of her head told her she was just wasting time to forget. Perhaps it was true, no matter how many times she brushed it off.

Sighing, Kairi sat up, brushing down her skirt. She hadn't bothered to change out of her school uniform before she came to the childhood island; too much had been on her mind.

So much had happened lately, and even now, she couldn't sift through all the memories. Well…not all of them.

One of them, no matter the state of her mind, still stuck out. One of a girl, with golden hair and a white dress. So pale was she, that the dress looked dark beside her skin. This girl often popped up in her dreams, unexpectedly, but after a time, not unpleasantly. The setting was always the same- in a room made of ivory. The only splashes of color were drawings that cluttered the walls, which brought character to an otherwise drab setting. Even five minutes in that room, despite the lack of reality on its part, had been maddening. Even so, the other girl didn't seem to mind; she sat at the table, a crayon in her little hand, scratching out something that Kairi could never see. She'd never seen the other girl's face; it was always hidden behind her blonde bangs.

Despite her warm surroundings, the very thought of this memory made Kairi's heart ache in a strange and beautiful way. It worried her- was she pining for a person she didn't even know? Another girl, at that? Even so, she couldn't get it out of her mind. More than anything, she longed to talk to this girl, even just to get her to look up for a moment, just to see her eyes. Everything else about her was so real; every detail engraved in her eyes…It was almost as though she was standing right in front of her, the more she thought about it…


Kairi's eyes opened. Her jaw dropped.

The golden-haired girl was standing in front of her!

Stunned, Kairi stood, and shakily stumbled to her. After all this, the girl of her dreams literally faced her. Kairi raised a slender hand and laid it on the other being's shoulder, to see if it was real.

It was.

At last, she found words. Not ones to describe accurately how she felt, but they were good enough.

"Who are you?"

The other girl raised her head, allowing the Princess to view her face for the very first time. She opened her eyes. Even in the darkness, it was easy to tell that her large doe-eyes were blue, and set in a face lovelier than any she could imagine.

"I'm Namine." Namine smiled, and Kairi's heart swelled. "Thank you…you'vejust set me free."

In the starlight, Namine seemed to glow with an ethereal light. Everything about her- her hair, her pale skin, the thin dress, her eyes- glowed silver and blue.

Without thinking, Kairi leaned forward and pressed her lips to Namine's, and closed her eyes. Before she realized what she'd done, Namine leaned forward, wrapping an arm around the other girl's neck. Their hands found each other, and in the starlight, they became one.

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