Meeting a Once Good Friend

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"Ru! Wait up! You actually know where your going, you can't leave us to find the way on our own!" The black clad male figure said running behind the other feminine figure, with four other people who had obvious femininity, in tow. The black, red, and purple haired girl stopped and sighed waiting for Tybalt, her boyfriend, Dementia and Cattelya, who were twin sisters, Warpath, a girl who didn't talk much, and the loud but lovable Grace. They all had on pairs of Converse shoes that were the same color as their hair, and matching black trench coats. It was as they caught up with her that a gun shot was heard. The girl identified as Ru fell to the ground, Tybalt saw this and ran full speed towards her. When he got to where she fell she was in a pool of blood, he knelt beside her and yelled for help. By then a black car had stopped and the driver had gotten out. He was an obvious doctor, with the stethoscope that hung around his neck and the manner of which he moved, checking her vitals and such.

"Are you a doctor?" Dementia said trying to get to the bottom of this hot mystery savior. The man didn't respond at her sarcastic comment and went back to bandaging the wound on her leg.

"Come with me, boy, you obviously know her better than the rest. The rest of you, go tell her parents." No one moved, he looked at them impatiently.

"Their dead" Cattelya said quietly. Ru screamed in pain as the shock had finally caught up with her.

"But we'll go tell the teacher," they glared at Grace who had just told them that, and she just shrugged and ran back towards the hotel. The doctor turned back towards the boy,

"What's your name, I'm Doctor Hatori Sohma. Get her into the car" He commanded, Tybalt decided that he could be trusted and put her in the car, and sat next to her on the ride to the hospital. Only then did the Doctor speak,

"You never answered my question. What's your name, and more importantly what is her name?"

"I'm Tybalt Montague (I know cheap Shakespearean reference but I love Shakespeare and the name Tybalt is a hot name) and the girl is Tohru Honda she goes by Ru," The doctor seemed to jump at the mention of her name. However kept driving just the same, well speeding now to the hospital. When they got there, they pulled up to the emergency room and Tybalt carried Ru into the hospital. Once they waited for about thirty minutes, they were finally called back, due to the fact Doctor Sohma had taken care of her enough to let her live for that. They all three walked into the room that Ru had been admitted to and the other emergency room doctor just let Doctor Sohma take care of the wounds, that was the only reason that they went to the hospital. He just didn't have the right equipment. While he was treating her wounds Tybalt and Hatori began to talk, well Tybalt asked questions and Hatori answered. When he finished, Tybalt stroked her hair worriedly. Then asked

"Mr. Sohma, how much do I owe you?" Tybalt asked reaching for his checkbook.

"It is like I told you, I treat the Sohma family for free. She might as well be my family. Miss Honda, used to live with my cousins, Shigure, Yuki, Kyo." Tybalt just looked at Doctor Sohma.

"Doctor Sohma, I didn't know that, all we knew was her parents died, and she came to America to start over as an exchange student. I didn't know anything about that," Tybalt explained

"If you don't mind me prying, what the hell did Miss Honda do to her hair?"

"Dementia, Cattelya and Warpath talked her into it. They thought if she wanted to change that much she should change her look too. After much consideration she went for it. We all also added her officially to our group. Hence the now ruined expensive trench coat and shoes that match her hair. It's our trademark." Hatori leaned back on the counter,

"So you all are a gang. Is that why she got shot? It was a gang fight?" Tybalt looked shocked at the accusation.

"No, No sir! We Aren't a gang, no we are like a family. We come from troubled backgrounds, so we lean on each other for support, like Dementia and Cattelya, their Step Father is a Baptist minister but he mentally abused them without being knowledgeable. Grace, she is physically abused by her father, Warpath, just doesn't speak and no one knows why. And we are and Alchemists, you know, early chemists who have a belief in a higher power,"

"I know what an Alchemist is. But the question is, why do you need this said family?" Hatori interrupted. Tybalt's voice lowered,

"My mother used to beat me, and my father used to do similar things before I was to move in with my mother. Now I live by myself." Tybalt, looked to see Hatori moving closer to him until he got right face to face with him.

"If I find out that you harm her in anyway, I will deny the Hippocratic oath, you will be dead, Got it?" His eyes grew big and he looked at he looked terrified of the look in Hatori's eyes, he stuttered a 'Yes Sir what ever you need.' Then they heard someone move behind them, Hatori turned around and Tybalt shot over to her side.

"Tybalt, where are we? What happened?" Tybalt ran his fingers through Ru's hair, and looked down on her compassionately. Hatori was fighting the urge to punch him square in that pretty boy face of his.

"Its okay, I will explain later, but there's someone here that says he knows you." She looked at Tybalt like he was crazy, then Hatori stepped over.

"Hello Miss Honda, its nice to see you again."

"Mr. Hatori? What are you doing here?"

"There was an accident and I was in the area, so I decided to help you. Now answer one question for me and you won't owe me a thing," A rare smile was playing on his lips. She knew instantly what he was talking about.

"Say what? That has to be a scam!" Tybalt said fuming, it reminded him of Kyo, mixed with Yuki. 'No wonder she began to date him.' Hatori mused.

"No its okay Tybalt, I know what question it is." He finally nodded reluctantly at Ru's sweet words. Hatori spoke next.

"What does the snow become when it melts?" Tybalt groaned,

"Water, duh, your supposed to be a doctor," Tybalt muttered. Tohru just smiled,

"It becomes Spring!" she answered. 'Just like Kana' He noticed, that was why he loved her her and Kana. They were always so positive.

"Miss Honda, there you are!" A voice that would scare a baby said frivolously outside the door. A woman that was dressed like a grandmother in western clothes.

"Oh Mr. Montague thank you for seeing her here. Ms. Honda you are in trouble! What did you do! You and your friends! I knew that you all were doomed to these, these shenanigans!" The teacher chorused.

"Oh Mrs. Grunge (pronounced Greene sorry, I just wanted to point that out) it is nice to see you are well." Tohru said, ever kind even if she is a little sarcastic at times.

"Dammit! You old bird! Will you lighten UP? We haven't done anything wrong! Will you just chill!" A black haired man with that had pale skin and a black silk shirt yelled as he walked in,

"Mr. Kraven McRayne! Watch the sass! Or I will back slap you right out of this god forsaken country! And as for you Miss Honda! I knew it was a bad idea for us to plan a trip to Tokyo! Have I no sense? I should have known that you would have little gang friends here!" Mrs. Grunge said as she looked at the room now loud and full of people two of which were women so Hatori found it best to stand, leaning on the wall in the back of the room.

"Oh you must be the doctor!" Mrs. Grunge said as she looked over at the doctor who was quietly chuckling at them. He nodded at them he said he would be taking his leave but he was stopped by Tohru.

"Oh Mr. Hatori! Can you tell Yuki and Kyo that I am back for a little while. Please? I wanted to visit them while we are here!" She said smiling.

"Of course Miss Honda, now stay off that leg for a while, you better have Mr. Montague here help you back to where you all are staying. And Mr. Montague, remember what I told you." Doctor Sohma said in his monotone, as Tybalt stuttered.

"Of- Of cour-Course si-sir!" Tybalt looked purely afraid. Though no one but Tohru noticed but she didn't say anything. He helped Tohru up and held on to her arm that she had draped around Tybalt's shoulders as she hobbled out the hospital. When they arrived at the hotel the rest of the 'family' was waiting anxiously for Ru to return. Kraven had only got to go because he was being punished for he had been doing. Which was nothing, which was normal. He was a lazy ass anyway. The next morning they were free to go about the city as long as they went in groups, and in the appropriate areas.

"So Ru where do you want to go today?" Cattelya said to Tohru, as she brushed out her black and purple hair. They both put on their trench coats and converses with black jeans and black tee shirts and jewelry. Tohru pulled her hair up in a half pony tail with the white ribbon that Yuki had given her for white day. And the now necessary crutches. Her, Cattelya, Dementia and Warpath were going out Tybalt had to do something for Blake, Grace's boyfriend. so he would be along later. All Ru had to hope for was that they wouldn't run into Hanajima nor Arisa because they would defiantly feel like they had been replaced. They walked until they got to a house in a little forest. She asked them to hang back a bit they complied knowingly. Ru walked up to the door and knocked at the door it quickly opened up. The man that had opened it up, looked at Tohru, having gotten a call from Hatori that told him Tohru was coming, but she looked different, or so he had been warned. Not that he heeded the warning. He quickly said

"Are you the flower that was plucked from this home ever so cruelly and whisked off to the United States?" Ayame said.

"Ayame? Its just me Tohru.." She said trying not to embarrass her self. If there was one thing the U.S. had taught her, it was that she was not just some happy little person who was naïve and innocent. Oh no she was far from that innocent smiley girl she was a year ago.

"Oh. Tohru's here?" A voice said behind Ayame. Kyo's soon came after with the same question.

"Arisa! What are you doing here? Hello Kyo! It is good to see you again."

"Yeah I am dating orange top here. What did you do to yourself?" Then Dementia, Cattelya, Warpath and Grace walked out of the woods.

"Hey what's wrong with the way my girl Ru looks?" Dementia said putting her arm around her shoulders while Arisa looked shocked.

"Whoa, Tohru, I knew what America stood for, but hey I didn't think you'd fall for it." Arisa said almost laughing.

"NO! WE AREN'T WE HAVE BOYFRIENDS!" They quickly as though they said it often. Arisa just laughed, so did Kyo. Ayame had since walked back into the house. It was obvious that the weather was affecting him.

"So is Yuki here?" Ru said. Kyo nodded slowly, he drew in a steady and slow breath and yelled up the stairs,

"Hey Rat boy! Someone's here to see you!" A figure emerged from the room that was Yuki's. He stopped as he saw Tohru, not sure who she was at first. Then Ayame had motioned to him from behind the wall where it was warmer.

"Wait, Miss Honda?" Yuki asked. As he looked at her, then he saw the end of a familiar white ribbon tied to her hair.

"Yes Yuki it is me."

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