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Chapter Six

"The person that shot you was Akito, apparently he wasn't to pleased with you being back in Japan, so he tried to kill you. Tohru gasped she couldn't comprehend why he wanted her dead other that the fact she knew their secret.

"Tohru, what he did was wrong, and it was all because- I- I-." he stammered, he had never been good with words. Then Cattelya and Dementia burst through the door,

"Ru! Ms. Gruene (Green) is looking for you! She sounds mad too!"

"Crud, why?" she asked, not sincerely sure why their loud obnoxious teacher was looking for them.

"I'll be going," Hatori stood, and left.

"MISS HONDA!!!" Ms. Gruene yelled frivolously through the door. "YOU'VE TO EXPLAIN TO ME EXACTLY WHY YOU WERE SHOT!!!"

"But, Ms. Gruene, I am not exactly sure why I was myself."

"Surely you must know!"

"No, I don't, but I do know who did it."

"I am quite aware of that! That man, I mean that Doctor Sohma told me. But I am unaware as to why,"

"I told you I don't know!" Ms. Gruene raised her hand to slap Tohru, but was caught by none other than Hatori.

"Miss Honda, please come home I won't stand for you to live under these conditions." Tohru nodded, and started to grab her things and proceed to put them in her suitcase. Once they were all together, she nodded to Hatori, and waved to her friends. Hatori let go of Ms. Gruenes' hand and grabbed her suitcase, and led her down the stairs to the lobby.

"Come on Tohru, you can call your friends later. I just cant stand for you to have a teacher that hits you." She nodded and walked on. 'Tohru has grown a lot more mature since she's been gone, I think I will miss the clumsy Tohru though.' Hatori thought as she climbed out of the car when they reached Shigure's home.

"Well your home now Tohru," Hatori said as Shigure came outside with Ayame right behind him.

"Why if it isn't my precious flower!" Shigure said as he welcomed her back into her old home. "Your room hasn't been touched, literally, Ayame went in to clean, and the boys nearly broke his neck!" Shigure laughed. Tohru giggled, and Hatori shook his head. He started up the stairs to Tohru's room with her suitcase in tow. 'Its going to be a long night,' Tohru thought as Shigure and Ayame started asking her if she needed anything, 'oh for the almost quiet of Tybalt's apartment.'

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