Sailor moon and Animaniacs belong to who ever don't sue me I am a broke college student

okay this is a little out of date I wrote this years back but never got to post it

and this is not supposed to make sense I also used a few gags from others stories I have read over the years

Sailor Boo

It was a nice day at the Hikawa Shrine , all nine senshi were present since Luna had called them for a meeting, so they were doing what they usually do at the meetings.

"Usagi, Give me back my manga!" Rei yelled as her and Usagi fought over the book while the others did their own thing

"Will you guys get out of there!" Makoto yelled since she caught Haruka and Michiru making out in the closet

"How can you guys just sit there and be so quiet?" Ami asked as she noticed Hotaru and Setsuna sitting there just ignoring everything

"what?" both Hotaru and Setsuna asked as they pulled earplugs out

"that answers it." replied Minako as Luna came in with another 'person'

"Oh good you are all here, I like you to meet your new teammate, this is Charlene Boo." Said Luna as she introduced the 'person' that came with her

"Um excuse me, Luna but that's a giant chicken." Setsuna replied

"Yeah right." snickered Usagi "Did you get into the Kentucky moonshine again?"

"that's a chicken I tell you a giant chicken!"

(Beep beep)

"Youma down town everyone transform!"

"Moon eternal power"

"Mercury Crystal Power"

"Mars Crystal power "

"Jupiter Crystal power"

"Venus Crystal Power"

"Uranus Planet Power"

"Neptune Planet Power"

"Pluto planet Power"

"Saturn Planet Power"

"BAWWK BAWWK BAWWK" (Chicken planet power)

A few minutes later the senshi arrived and started attacking it

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"BAWK BAWK BAWK" (chicken egg bomb)

unfortunately the Youma redirected mars attack and sent it back towards sailor boo burning off it's uniform

"Hey you really are a giant chicken." said Saturn

"I told you that guy was a chicken!" Pluto yelled

"Get Him!" Yelled Neptune as the senshi went chasing after the chicken leaving the Youma to wonder what was going on.

"Sailor planet attack!" yelled all the senshi at once catapulting the chicken it no the air

"Bakkkkkaaaaaacc!" the chicken yelled as it flew off to who knows where

You wear a human disguise to look like other guys but you're not a man you're a chicken boo.

The End