It was about a quarter till six, so Viola decided to get ready for her date with Duke. She was so excited for it, that she could barely stand still. After she took her shower, she walked into her room and opened her closet doors. I think I should wear soemthing casual, but not too casual for him to think I didn't want to put to much effort into it, she thought to herself. She finally decided on a pair of jeans, mostly because she figured that they would be taking his motorcycle. She grabbed a cute baby blue t-shirt, she then went over by her bed and grabbed a pair or bark blue converse. Viola decided to keep her hair down then she curled it. She looked in the mirror, she thought to herself with a slight laugh, "Damn I look good," Her hair turned out wavy, which she liked. By the time she looked at her clock it was already five till seven, Viola walked out of her room and right as she was about to walk down stairs the doorbell rang. Oh god, it's him she said to herself. She ran down the rest of the stairs, but stopped before the door and walked casually the rest of the way. She knew that she didn't have to rush him away once she opened the door since her mother wasn't home. Viola opened the door, and saw Duke standing in front of the door.


It was six fifteen when Duke finally got off his bed and headed for the showers. When he got back to his room he got dressed and then looked at his watch and it was six thirty-five. Once he grabbed his coat Sebastian walked in the door.

"Hey," Sebastian said.

"Hey," Duke replied while heading for the door.

"Where you goi..." He started to say the stopped, "Oh... Going to pick up Viola huh?"

"What do you think?" Duke said sarcastically.

"Well I think that you shouldn't be more that at least five minutes early." Sebastian said. "It makes you seem to eager."

"I'm not. Besides, from prier experience it takes about fifteen minutes to get to your house anyway." Duke said back to him.

Sebastian rolled his eyes, "Well don't take it personally, but I can't wait to see the look on Justine's face." He said sarcastically.

"When?" Duke asked as he stood next to the door.

Sebastian looked up. "Oh, C'mon. When Draten sees that you two are together..." He paused and slightly laughed. "Now that look, will be priceless."

"It's one date," Duke said, also imagining the look on Justin's face.

"Ya, now. But what about later?" Sebastian asked.

"Later like when? Like a second date?" Duke asked.

"Ya, maybe." Sebastian replied.

"Why are you already planning our second date when we haven't even talked about having one?" Duke said.

"C'mon, this is perfect! You and my sister, could change everything." Sebastian said sitting up.

"What do you mean?" Duke said.

"Can you name one couple that has ever lasted from Cornwall and Illyria?" Sebastian asked.

"Um... None that come to mind." Duke said still not getting what Sebastian was talking about.

"Exactly." Sebastian said back quickly. "You guys can break this whole rivalry thing between the two schools... Well at least for the students themselves."

Duke rolled. "Whatever dude. At least I know that that will only happens when hell freezes over." He said as he walked over to the door and turned the door knob, and right befor ehe walked out he said. "Twice."

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