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"This wasn't supposed to happen!" Sakura thought as she dodged an onslaughter of shuriken and kunai. "Tsunade-shishou said that this was going to be a simple retrival mission."


"Sakura, I have a mission for you." The Godaime Hokage said to her prized apprentice, "An A rank mission to the Northeastern bored of the Fire Country." she said as she held out a mission file to Sakrua.

The said kunoichi reached over and quickly scanned through the contents of the folder.

"A retrieval mission for a scroll? But shishou, how could a retrieval mission for a scroll be considered an A rank mission?" she said as she looked up at her mentor, "This should be something for a chunnin or a genin team to do. Not a jounin."

At the age of 18, Sakura Haruno was widely known across the great ninja countries. An accomplished jounin and medic nin, Sakura was known to be just as great as her teacher; Tsunade The Slug Hime. With her vast knowledge of medical justus and her monstrous strength, the pink haired kunoichi was a force to be reckoned with.

Another thing that Sakura was known for was her shockingly close resemblance to Konoha's 5th. Although she had chose to keep her hair short, Sakura had curves to match Tsunades, not to mention the humongous breasts that adorned her chest.

Over the years, Sakura had changed her style of clothing too. She now wore a white long sleeved shirt underneath a fishnet top, and over that she wore a red sip-up vest that had the white Haruno Clan symbol on her back. She lost the biker shorts for a pair of lose fitting black pants that came short of her ankles, along with her same medic skirt over that. She also replace her shin guards but kept her high heeled boots along with purple painted toenails. And to top it all off she wore the same black gloves on her hands and her medical pouch hanging from her waist behind her. Her forehead protector hung loosely around her neck.

"It's the contents of the scroll which make this an A rank mission." Tsunade explained.

"What's the story behind it?" Sakura asked.

"From what our sources tell us, the family that harbored the scroll are down to their last limbs. It would seem that the old man who holds the scroll wanted to pass it down to his son, but the son disappeared while out on a fishing trip. So, the old man contacted us, and said that the scroll should be put into our custodity." Tsunade said as she folded her hands under her chin.

"Hmmm, a scroll so special has got to have something hidden in it. Especially since it's a family heirloom." Sakura said as she shifted one foot to the other.

"My thoughts exactly." Tsunade said, "And that my apprentice, is where you come in. Not too many people know about this scroll so it should be just be a simple retrieval mission, but be prepared. You leave at daybreak tomorrow. You're dismissed."

End Flashback

"So much for nobody knowing about it." Sakura thought sarcastically.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are!" a masculine voice taunted.

Sakura peeked out from behind the tree that she was hiding behind to see a man appear where she avoided all the shuriken and kunai from. She had to admit, he was handsome. All that Sakura could see of him was his face while the rest of his body was covered by a torn and tattered cloak. But like she said, he was handsome.

He had a messy top of light brown hair that covered his head. Two long bangs came down in front of his face that were red at the tips. And behind those two bangs was a beautiful set of blue eyes that were also followed by sharp features that would make any woman swoon over him.

Too bad for her he was a missing nin.

Sakura kept her eyes locked on him as he reached down and pulled a kunai out from the ground. What she didn't see was the feeling of warm breath on her ear. Sakura's eyes widened in surprise as she saw the man in front of her vanish in a poof of smoke.

"A shadow clone!"

"You should keep a closer eye on you enemies... beautiful." a voice breathed in her ear.

In a quick flash, Sakura suddenly found herself pinned against the tree as her offender held both of her wrists above her head with only one hand.

"What do you want?" she asked through gritted teeth as she glared at the man in front of her.

The said person looked straight into her eyes and smirked. He suddenly moved in close as he let his lips hover above hers.

"I think you know what I want."

Sakura's eyes were clentched shut, and it would seem like she didn't hear him. But her eyes snapped open when she felt a hand on her backside.

"Cha! This guy is totally feeling us up! Come on Sakura! Show this guy our crazy strength!" Inner Sakura ranted on.

"But wait, it doesn't feel like he's trying to do that." she thought, "It feels like he's going through my..." a gasped escaper her lips when she realized what he was after.

"You're after the scroll, aren't you?" she growled out.

Just as the words left her mouth, the nin found the scroll and backed away from Sakura, but still kept his grip on her wrists.

"Tell me beautiful, do you know what this scroll contains?" he asked her.

"It's just a harmless family heirloom." Sakura said.

"That's were you're wrong beautiful."

Before Sakura could even blink, the man had let go of her wrists. But another set of hands quickly grabbed hers again and held them above her once more.

"Now why would he do that..." Sakura thought dropped off once she saw another version of the man step out from behind the one that was in front of her.

"This guy is fast! I didn't even see him make the shadow clone!"

"You see beautiful," the real one said as he opened the scroll, "this particular scroll lets the user jump through whatever generation they feel like."

"You mean time travel!" Sakura said disbelieving.

"My, my, you are a clever one aren't you beautiful." the nin said as he walked closer to her.

"You stay away from me!" Sakura yelled as she began to struggle.

"I think," the man said as he brought a hand up to caress her cheek, "that I'm gonna try it out on you."

Sakura could only watch as the man backed away from her and bit his thumb, and swiped it across the scroll. With a flick of his wrist, the scroll rolled back up and sealed with a loud snapping noise. She watched as the man simply tossed the scroll a few feet away from him, but instead of falling to the gound like she thought it would, it stopped and hovered slightly in a horizontal way.

For a moment, Sakura thought that nothing was going to happen as she stared at the scoll suspiciously. The shadow clone that was still holding her wrists above her head, snook a quick glance at the medic.

"Don't worry beautiful, something will happen soon enough." he cooed into her ear.

Just as soon as the words left his mouth, the scoll suddenly slammed down to the ground as if pulled by an invisible force. Seconds later, the gound began to shake. What suprised Sakura the most was the sudden splitting of the gound right behind the scroll and the sudden uprising of a gigantic door.

"This beautiful," the real one said as he walked towards the door, "is where we say goodbye."

With these words said, the clone let Sakura's arms fall to her side, but to only wrap his arms around her from behind and began to drag her to the door.

"But before you go beautiful," the man said as he walked towards her and grabbed her chin, "I think you deserve a little kiss for bringing this scroll to me.

Before Sakrua could protest in any way, the man suddenly crashed his lips onto hers. Sakura whimpered at the brutal kiss as the man harshly moved his lips against her. The nin began to move his tongue against her bottom lip for compliance to let him in, but Sakrua hastily declined. But she had to gasp in suprise when a hand reached down and grabbed her ass, which in affect caused her to open her mouth, which the nissing nin quickly took advantage of. Against her better judgement, a small moan escaped her and it seemed to only encourage him more as his tongue explored every inch of her mouth. With the need for air coming to rise, the man moved his head back to see his handi-work. What he saw in his sight, was Sakura with her eyes clentched shut, and her lips slightly burised and puffy.

"It's too bad that I'm going to have to dispose of her. I would have loved to keep her to myself." he thought as he eyed Sakura up and down.

Sakura craned her neck to see the door behind her that suddenly began to open up.

"Tell you what beautiful," the man said again, "since you brought me this scroll and gave me such a wonderful kiss, I'll give you my name in return." he said with a smirk.

"And that would be?" Sakura asked sarcastically.

Sakura clenched her eyes shut again when she saw the man move in towards her face again. But she slightly opened them when she felt his warm breath on her ear.

"Shinn Yamamoto. Remember it beautiful."

And with that the clone began to drag her away to the door again.

"Come on!" Inner Sakura yelled, "Fight back!"

Agreeing with her inner self, Sakura gathered a minimal amount of chakra in her right elbow and slammed it into the clone's stomach making it vanish in a poof of smoke. Just as this happened, several sets of ghostly hands shot out of the door and chased after Sakura's form. Knowing that the inevitable was going to happen Sakura ran over to Shinn, and grabbed his tattered cloak.

The hand finally caught up with Sakura, and grabbed her body. The pink haired kunoichi smirked when she also saw the hands reach out and grab Shinn too.

"If I'm going back, you're coming with me." she snarled.

With on powerful yank, the hands pulled the two back through the door, and shut it swiftly once the two were through.

Sakura felt like all the air was forced out of her as she was dragged deeper into the time wave. The hands that had Shinn dragged him further down with Sakura, and it appeared that he was knocked unconscious.

Sakura gasped as the hands gripped tighter onto her small frame and dragged her into a horizontal time warp, Shinn following close behind. Sakura got sucked into the hole while Shinn fell into a different one on the same line.

Sakura gasped weakly, feeling all her strength leave her body while falling down from the hole and onto the leaf covered ground. She cracked her eyes open a tiny bit to see herself surrounded by colored leaves and many trees. She assumed it was fall and that she was in the woods.

Sakura winced feeling her head slowly take her into unconsciousness from the massive fall. "Where am...I?" Sakura whispered to herself before falling into deep unconsciousness.

A handsome young man with short spikey yellow hair, a white hokage coat, a jounin vest under it, and a warm smile plastered on his face was currently walking through the woods near Konoha village while enjoying the fall weather and the beautiful leaves.

Suddenly while walking passed a bunch of trees he sensed a weakened chakra. "What's that...?" Yondaime whispered to himself. His eyes widened as he quietly took a few steps towards the chakra and peeked his head passed the tree to see a girl about his age lying on the ground and she appeared to be knocked out. His expression immediately changed from curious to worried.

He walked up to the small limp form and knelt down to get a closer look. He moved his hand to lift her pink hair out of her face. "Wow..." Yondaime whispered, amazed by the beauty of the girl, feeling a little blush form on his cheeks. He went to feel a pulse on her neck and sighed with relief once he felt her pulse, even though it was slower than it should be.

Yondaime then gently shook her, trying to get her to wake up. "Hey...wake up..." Yondaime murmured in a louder voice, trying to wake up Sakura while shaking her a little harder.

Sakura groaned weakly in her unconsciousness making the young hokage start to worry more so he scooped her small form up into his strong arms and disappeared in a yellow flash out of the woods.

Once Yondaime reappeared in his office he quickly laid the weakened kunoichi down on his couch and went to get a wet washcloth from his bathroom. He put the washcloth over her forehead and then grabbed the comforter that was by the couch and put it over her, to keep her warm from the slight chill in the room.

"She's so beautiful..." Yondaime whispered to himself as he knelt down and tenderly brushed a few pink strands of hair out of her eyes. Sakura moved a little under the heavy blanket and moaned weakly in her sleep making the young hokage blush a little once again. He reached over to stroke her gorgeous pink hair to comfort her pained state but was interrupted by a loud bang on the door.

Just then his old sensei Jiraiya burst through the door with a huge grin on his face. Yondaime jumped up from his position by Sakura and turned around with a huge blush on his cheeks. Jiraiya blinked happily, not noticing Sakura because Yondaime was blocking her from his view.

"Hey there Arashi, haven't seen my prized student in over a month!" the perverted sanin exclaimed while taking his embarrassed and flushed ex student into a bone crushing hug.

Arashi winced at the power in the hug, but managed to hug back with some strength. After a minute Jiraiya broke from the hug and finally noticed Sakura on the couch under the blanket. Jiraiya's perverted smile came onto his face, Arashi noticed and glared. "Don't even think about it pervert" the young hokage exclaimed eyeing Jiraiya wearily while blocking Sakura from his view. Jiraiya pouted and sighed, noticing the protective aura surrounding his ex student. "Fine, fine...you're no fun now that you're the Fourth" the perverted sanin exclaimed sadly while he sat down in a chair next to the Yondaime's desk.

Arashi scoffed and was about to protest until he heard a moan coming from the kunoichi. His eyes widened and he turned around, immediately forgetting that he was arguing with his ex sensei. Sakura groaned and cracked her eyes open slightly to see a Arashi kneeling down and staring at her with concerned eyes.

'He looks just like Naruto...except a lot cuter and sexier...' Sakura thought amazed. 'You mean fucking hot!' Inner Sakura squealed out. The young hokage blushed slighty under the beautiful girls gaze and groaned inwardly hearing Jiraiya chuckle in the background. 'He better not make fun of me...' Arashi thought angrily until a soft, delicate voice broke through his thoughts.

"Um...excuse me, but who are you?" Sakura murmured tiredly, wanting to know what was going on. Arashi blinked and tried to push back the blush that wanted to come back again, but it was no use.

A light red stain colored his cheeks but he kept a warm, tender smile on his face. 'Calm yourself...you're the hokage remember...' Arashi thought, trying to keep his cool.

"My name is Uzumaki Arashi...I'm the Yondaime hokage of Konoha, what's your name?" Arashi stated with a warm smile on his face, trying to keep his blush to a minimum while starring into Sakura's green eyes, almost getting lost in their depths. Sakura's eyes widened.

'Uzumaki...oh my god...is that the Fourth, have I been sent that far back in time?' Sakura thought amazed while looking into his blue eyes. 'Can't say I am disappointed though...he's so adorable...' Sakura thought with a smile on her face.

"My name is Haruno Sakura..." the weakened kunoichi stated, trying to lift herself up. Arashi noticed her struggle so he put his hands around her little waist and lifted her up tenderly into a sitting position, with her back onto the edge of the couch. Jiraiya looked on with a smirk.

'Oh ho, he so took after me...that little blush on his cheeks and the melting look in those eyes of his...' the perverted senin laughed inwardly at the site of his ex student who was still holding onto the beautiful kunoichi.

"Sakura...what a pretty name...it kinda matches your pink hair" Arashi stated quietly with a warm smile, finally letting go of her waist. Sakura grinned a little. "Thank you Hokage-sama..." Sakura murmured, wanting to feel Arashi's warm hands on her waist again but at least he was kneeling down next to her.

Jiraiya laughed a little in the background. 'Wow...Jiraiya looks a lot younger...Naruto would probably flip his cap if he saw Jiraiya like that' Sakura thought with a smile.

Sakura then turned her attention back to Arashi and blinked in confusion while watching the Yondaime's face turn a little pink. "Um, people in my village don't call me hokage, they call me Arashi..." the young hokage murmured with a small smile. Sakura blinked again.

"Alright, thank you Arashi..." Sakura stated with a grin. The young hokage blushed hearing his name come from her beautiful lips so he turned his head away slightly so she wouldn't see it.

Just then a thought came to Arashi. "Hey, I never have seen you in Konoha before Sakura, and I think I would have noticed someone as beautiful as you walking the streets at least once" Arashi stated with a happy grin, noticing Sakura blush a little pink at his beautiful statement.

'Oh wow...I need to come up with something...' Sakura thought in somewhat of a panic, not wanting to tell them about the time scroll and what happened.

Sakura frowned. "Actually...I came from the hidden mist village...I had to leave there because my only relative passed away...I have no one anymore...so I just left...and then while I was traveling away from my village an assassin shinobi attacked me..." Sakura murmured sadly, praying that the two believed her.

Arashi's eyes saddened severely, feeling major pity for Sakura. "Do you remember what he looked like?" Arashi asked while taking Sakura's small hands within his larger ones. Sakura felt heat rise to her face again but loved the warm feeling of his nice warm hands holding hers.

Jiraiya kept a knowing grin on his face while he watched the two. "Not really, he was wearing a cape that was covering almost his whole face..." Sakura murmured with tiredness evident in her voice. Arashi smiled sadly down at the weakened kunoichi while he subconsciously stroked her hands with his thumbs tenderly to comfort her.

"It'll be alright..." the young hokage stated with another warm smile. "Mhmm..." Sakura muttered to herself, her eyes down cast. Arashi pouted as her continued to stroke her soft hands with his thumbs.

"So...where are you staying while you're here, a hotel?" Arashi asked with a warm smile, trying to get Sakura to stop thinking about no longer having a family. Sakura looked back into the young hokage's blue eyes again with sadness and a pout.

"I don't have any money to stay anywhere and I don't have any clothes or supplies..." Sakura stated quietly while resting her back against the couch arm rest, her hands still being held by Arashi's.

'She has no one in her family anymore...and no money or anything...maybe she can stay with me...' Arashi thought with a happy grin coming to his face once again. "Hey, since you have no money to stay anywhere you could live with me for awhile" Arashi stated feeling his face heat up, but kept holding onto Sakura's hands with a nervous smile on his face, waiting for her answer.

Jiraiya was trying to contain his laughter from the embarrassment on the young hokage's face. 'I have never seen Arashi react to a girl like this before...he's usually so stiff around them' Jiraiya thought with a smirk.

Sakura felt her face heat up as well. 'Oh my god...did Arashi just ask me to live with him...' Sakura thought in melt mode. 'Live with that sexy hottie, accept his offer now!' Inner Sakura exlaimed waving her hands frantically.

Arashi felt his blush increase noticing Sakura just starring at him with confused eyes but then his eyes widened when her eyes lit up a little in happiness and her frown turned into a small smile. "Are you sure Arashi...I won't be a burden to you will I?" Sakura asked with a shy smile and her famous puppy dog eyes.

The young hokage felt like his face was gonna burn from the cuteness of Sakura's innocent eyes. "N-no, of course not, I am always willing to help someone in need...especially someone as beautiful as yourself..." Arashi stated, with a nervous grin and a dark blush on his face.

Sakura's smile widened and the happiness in her eyes twinkled. "Aw, thanks so much Arashi...but someone is going to have to carry me there because I still can't walk very well..." Sakura stated giving the young hokage her puppy dog eyes again making him melt severely.

"You know, I could carry you there Sakura" Jiraiya exclaimed while standing up from his seat and already getting ready to grap her around the waist until Arashi stepped in front of Sakura protectively giving his former teacher a weary glare. Jiraiya sweat dropped and laughed nervously, stepping away from his former student slowly.

Arashi smiled tenderly down at Sakura while scooping her up into his strong arms bridal style with the blanket still wrapped around her. Sakura blushed and enjoyed the warmth Arashi emitted from his strong body. "I'll see you tomorrow pervert" Arashi stated with a grin, vanishing in a yellow flash out of his office and towards his apartment with the small bundle secured in his arms.

Jiraiya blinked and then smirked. 'Sigh, my former student sure is smitten now...' the perverted senin thought.

'Tonight is so beautiful...I am actually kind of happy I got sent back...' Sakura thought sleepily. 'Arashi is so adorable and now I am going to be living with him...mmmmm' Sakura thought while closing her eyes and falling asleep. Subconsciously the small kunoichi snuggled deeper into Arashi's chest for warmth.

The young hokage blushed a deep shade of red feeling Sakura snuggle into his chest, thanking god it was night time so no one could see it. He made it to his house and brought the sleeping kunoichi into his spare bedroom. He smiled warmly as he laid Sakura down onto the soft bed with the comforter still on her.

He brought an extra blanket out and put it over her just incase she got cold. He knelt down and stroked her hair tenderly to soothe her so she could sleep better.

'I think I'll take her out tomorrow to buy some clothes and stuff...and maybe to eat...' Arashi said grinning happily and he stood up and walked out of the bedroom and into his own.

Once Arashi got into his bedroom, he took off his hokage coat and threw it onto the chair by his bed and then took off his jounin vest. He then took off his ninja shoes and laid down onto his bed, too tired to change out of his pants and shirt.

The tired hokage pulled the covers over himself and snuggled his face into the soft pillow, closing his eyes. "Sakura..." Arashi murmured happily before falling fast asleep.

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