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Sunlight poured into the dimly lit room. Upon reaching the occupant of the bed the pink-haired woman groaned and pulled the cover over her head. After a few minutes of trying to go back to sleep, she faced up and let herself bathe in the warm light.

"Last night's rest felt so good." Sakura thought as she stretched her stiff muscles. "Wait a minute, these don't feel like my bed covers..."

Sakura's eyes quickly snapped open as she sat up and took in her surroundings. She was in a small room, a guest room by the looks of things. But before Sakura could examine the room any more, memories of the previous day flooded back into her mind.

"Scroll... Mission... Shinn... Past... Arashi..." were the kind of thoughts that ran through her confused mind.

"I-I can't!" Sakura whimpered to herself as she clutched her head and clenched her eyes shut as tears of pain threatened to spill out.

"Rise and shine!" Arashi said as he burst into the room while holding a tray of breakfast food.

But he quickly silenced himself when he saw that Sakura was already up. He immediately noticed that she was clutching her head and looked like she was about to cry. The young Hokage quickly rushed to her side before setting the tray of food down on a nearby table.

"Sakura?" he questioned as he sat down on the bed.

"I-it's too m-much!" Sakura continued to whimper as her body began to slightly shake.

"Hey Sakura, come on. Calm down." Arashi said as he grabbed both of Sakura's hands and pried them away from her head.

Sakura looked up surprised to see Arashi sitting in front of her while holding her hands.

"A-Arashi?" she whispered as the tears finally spilled from her eyes.

"Hey come on now, don't cry..." before he could say any more, Sakura flung herself into his open arms.

Arashi was slightly surprised when Sakura jumped into his arms, but smiled and wrapped her in a warm embrace when he felt her begin to cry and clutch onto his shirt.

"There, there now, it's alright." he said as his hands moved in soothing circles on her back.

A few minutes passed before Sakura calmed down and her breathing returned to normal. Getting her wits together, she sat back up and out of the 4th's comforting embrace.

"I'm sorry." she whispered as she tried to wipe the tears out of her eyes.

"Hmm? For what?" Arashi asked.

"I hate it when I cry in front of other people. It makes me feel weak and like a burden. I'm sorry if I've been a burden to you." she confessed.

"A burden? Oh no, no, no, no, no! You're anything but a burden to me! In fact, it's nice to finally have someone else around here. It does get awfully lonely at times." he said as he gave a soft smile to her.

A small blush spread across her face as she looked at him. "Really?" she asked as she gave her own small smile.

"Really." he stated as both of his eyes creased shut in a happy way.

'He reminds me of Kakashi-senpai when he does that.' she thought.

"Now," Arashi said as he stood up and walked over to the table. "it's time for breakfast!"

He walked back over to the bed and softly set the tray on Sakura's lay. Sakrua in return, gazed in awe at the amazing display of food that sat in front of her.

"Oh Arashi... you didn't have to." Sakura said as she continued to gazed at the food.

A chuckle escaped his lips as Arashi looked at Sakura who was eyeing the food in a hungry way.

"What? Are you just gonna stare at it all morning? Eat up!" he said happily.

"Only if you help me eat some of it." she said with a small pout.

A low grumbling noise broke the silence in the room and Sakura instantly felt her cheeks warm up while Arashi burst out laughing.

"It looks like someone else would like to disagree." he said in between laughs.

He opened his eyes to see that Sakura was giving him a small glared so he held both of his hands up in front of him defensively.

"Alright, alright, I'll help you eat some of it." he said as he grabbed a slice of toast.

Sakura's glare instantly left her face, and she quickly jumped into the food.

'You sure are something else, Sakura.' Arashi thought as he watched the said girl gobble down the food.

"So, what's the agenda for today?" Sakura asked breaking him from his thoughts.

"Well, I wanted to take you shopping today." he said.

As soon as the words left his lips, Sakrua began to choke on a piece of bacon that she was eating. The young Hokage's eyes slightly widened as he reached over and patted Sakura on her back a few times. Sakrua motioned for the glass of orange juice that was sitting on the tray and , and Arashi quickly handed it to her and watched as she quickly downed the substance. After finishing half of the glass, Sakura put it back down and allowed herself to catch her breath.

"Beg your pardon?" she asked while looking up at him.

"What? I just said that I wanted to take you shopping today."

"But why?"

"Because I want to?"

"You don't have to do that." Sakura said. "You don't have to waste your money on me."

"Ahhh Sakura," he said as he stood up from the bed,"I think you're forgetting that I'm the Yondaime Hokage. That means that I have plenty of money to waste on you."

"But still..." Sakura protested.

"Don't even try it." he said as he picked up the now empty tray and set on the table. "You have not clothes, no supplies, no home, no nothing. I'm taking you shopping and that's final."

"Are you sure though..."


With that Arashi pulled the covers off of Sakura's body and then grasped both of her hands and pulled her out of the bed.

"Now as the Yondaime Hokage, it is my job to escort you around the village." he said as he put his hands on her shoulders and began to gently push her out of the room.

"But don't you have duties to do? Like you said, you ARE the Yondaime Hokage."

"Nonsense. Sarutobi can take care of things while I'm away." Arashi said as he continued to lead her down the stairs and to the front door. "Ah, wait one moment." he said as he left Sakura at the front door.

Sakura patiently waited at the front door and finally took the time to look around the room. Several pictures were hanging on the walls and Sakura moved closer to get a better look. She noticed that one was of Arashi and Jiraiya. The next was once again Arashi but he was with what looked like his genin team.

She instantly recognized who they all were. Obito Uchiha, having heard the story of how her senpai gained her Sharingan. Then there was Kakashi himself, looking like an arrogant young man. But what caught her eye the most was the young girl in the middle.

'I don't believe it...' she thought.

"Aunt Rin?" she whispered to herself as she brought a hand up and touched the picture. "She never told me that she was on the same genin team as Kakashi-senpai."

After she got over the utter surprise that she learned about her aunt, Sakura moved on to the last picture. From the looks of things, it was the day that Arashi was being promoted to the title of 4th Hokage. Sarutobi was there; shaking Arashi's hands, and Sakura noticed that both her Shishou and Jiraiya were standing in the background. She mentally noted that the Snake Sannin wasn't there, seeing as he had probably already betrayed the village.

"Sorry I took so long."

Sakura turned around and couldn't stop the blush from spreading across her face. Arashi now stood before her now fully adorned in the traditionally Hokage clothes. He was now wearing his Jounin vest, and the ceremonial Hokage tassels around his neck. On top of all of that, he wore the white Hokage jacket with the red flames at the bottom. And to top it all off, he wore his Leaf forehead protector.

"Wow" Inner Sakura said stunned, "who knew that Hokage's could look so hot!"

Sakura mentally agreed with her inner self.

"So, how do I look?" Arashi asked as he spun around for her.

"You look great!" Sakura practically strangled herself for almost saying hot.

"Heh, thanks." he said as he scratched the back of his head. "I kinda have to wear this stuff all the time now."

"Well, it suits you." Sakura said smiling.

A grin plastered itself onto Arashi's face as he grabbed Sakura's hand and dragged her out the door. "Now, I believe I said that I was going to take you shopping, so come on!"

And with that , Sakura was pulled off to the market district of Konoha by the handsome Hokage.


4 hours later, Sakura and Arashi sat down on a nearby bench to catch their breath. After going to the kunoichi shop, weapons smith, a medical ward, and many other clothing shops, the two had to sit down for a quick break.

"Phew... I didn't realized that I needed so many supplies." Sakura said as she looked at the numerous bags that sat in front of the two. "I hope it didn't cost you too much." she said as she looked at the young man by her side.

"Ahh don't worry about it." he said as he smiled at her.

The two shinobi took the moment of silence that started between them to enjoy themselves as they watched the villagers go about their daily lives. Children played and ran through the streets and every once in a while shinobi would walk by with a friendly wave and a special "Hokage-sama" to Arashi who politely returned the gesture.

But Arashi couldn't help but notice that most of his visitors were of the male popluation, and would look Sakura up and down after greeting him. And all the while Sakura seemed to be in her own world as she contined to watch the people. Arashi scooted over closer to the pink-haired kunoichi as the day went on.


Arashi looked over to Sakura to see a blush spread across her face as she laughed nervously. The young Hokage couldn't help but laugh too.

"It sounds like someone is hungry" Arashi said in between laughs. "Here" he said as she stood up and grabbed all the bags, "I'll take these back to the house and you just wait here. Then we'll get some lunch."

With a quick flash he was gone and Sakura was by herself.

When he came back, Arashi found that Sakura was standing up and talking to someone. But his eyes narrowed when he realized who she was talking to, and quickly walked over to the pair.

"Sakura! There you are! Oh, look at the time, it's time for lunch! So let's go!" he said as she grabbed Sakura's hand and began to drag her away.

"Hold on there!" the person that was talking to Sakura reached out and grabbed her other hand stopped the two of them. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend, Arashi?" he asked while eyeing Sakura.

"That's Hokage-sama to you Fuzuka." Arashi sneered.

"Yeah, yeah Hokage-sama. So, who's your friend? I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself. I'm Rei Fuzuka." he said to Sakura.

"It's nice to meet you Rei, I'm..."

"Sakura Haruno, and she's my girlfriend so back off Rei." Arashi said cutting her off.

"Oh? Is that so? Well I guess I'll just leave you two alone then. Until next time." Rei said as he winked at Sakura and walked off.

Sakura politely waved goodbye to Rei when she was suddenly yanked away by Arashi again. She mentally noted that he has take a sudden liking to this. Arashi meanwhile continued to stalk off, but was forced to stop when he felt Sakura yank her wrist out of his grip.

"What was that all about?" she asked as she scowled at Arashi.

"What was 'what all about'?" Arashi asked back.

"That back there, with that Rei guy. And snce when did I become you girlfriend?" she said as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Oh...that... I can explain." he said nervously.

"Well, I'm all ears."

"I grew up with Rei Fuzuka. And over the past few years he's take in the hobby of sleeping with random single woman and then dumping them the next day. So that's why I said that you're my girlfriend. I didn't want him to take advantage of you." he said as he scratched his cheek shyly.

"Oh, well why didn't you say that in the first place!" Sakura said happily while Arashi mentally sighed in relief. "Now," Sakura said as she came up and linked her right arm with his left, "you were saying something about lunch?"

"Ahhh! I know the perfect place!" Arashi said as he lead Sakura down the street.


'I don't believe it!' Sakura thought as she looked at the sign of the resturant that they were going to eat at.

"Ichiraku Ramen!" Arashi exclaimed.

"Cha! It's not like we don't eat enough of this crap with Naruto back home!" Inner Sakura yelled.

"Come on, this place is great!" Arashi said as he lead Sakura inside.

"Well if it isn't Hokage-sama! Oh, and who is this beautiful woman?"

Sakura instantly recognized the yound cook that greeted them as Ichirake, the owner and creator of the Ichiraku Ramen shop.

"I'll have the spicy chicken raman." Arashi said.

"Alright, and what will it be for the the lady?"

"I'll have the seafood special please." Sakura said.

"Alright, It'll be done in a few moments.

"So, Sakura, why don't you tell me where you're from." Arashi said.

"I don't know if I should tell you that." Sakura said.

"Hmmm? Why not?" he asked out of curiosity.

"Foods up!" Ichiraku said as he set the two bowls of ramen in front of them.

"Itatadekimasu." Sakura and Arashi said together.

"Now why don't you want to tell me where you're from again?" Arashi asked as he slurped his noodles.

"As Hokage, you're obliged to keep some secrets to yourself, right?" Sakura asked as she looked down at her ramen.


"Well," Sakura began as she saw Ichiraku go in the back for a moment, "I'm not from this time."

After those choice of words, Arashi almost spit out the ramen that he was eating.

"What?" he said.

"Tell me, before you found me, did you notice any strange chakra pulsations in the area?"

"Yeah, now that you mention it, I did feel this weird chakra. It kinda felt like deafening cold, like I would never be happy again." he explained.

"That's what I thought. That was the exact same thing I felt when I was pulled through along with..."

"With what?" Arashi asked.

"Shinn Yamamoto! He's the one that sent me back. But... he came back with me. I don't know what happened to him though."

"Let me ask you something Sakura. Did this Shinn character send you back by means of a scroll?"

"Yes actually, he did."

"That's what I thought." he said in a serious manner.

"What?" Sakura asked.

"Awww, it's nothing. So tell me, what was it like where you're from?" Arashi asked while trying to change the subject.

Sakura winced. 'Should I tell him about the Kyuubi that is gonna attack in a few years? No, maybe some other time...' Sakura thought sadly. "Well...I am from 23 years into the future..." Sakura began while picking at her ramen. Arashi's eyes widened.

"Wow...so what's it like?" The young hokage asked happily. "Well...I was being trained under Tsunade..." Sakura murmured while eating her ramen. "Oh wow, Tsunade huh, she sure packs a punch" Arashi stated with a wince. "She sure does" Sakura muttered with a grin. I'm still the hokage right?" Arashi asked with a happy grin. Sakura's face immediately saddened.

"Lie! Tell him he is, now is not the time to tell him about that damn Kyuubi!" Inner Sakura yelled with anger. "Yes you are, a lot older though" Sakura stated with a giggle making Arashi flush a light pink.

"That's great! I love taking care of Konoha, these people are all like family to me" the young hokage said with a happy smile while eating his ramen. The small kunoichi suddenly felt a light pang in her chest, got off her stool and grabbed Arashi into a desperate hug. Arashi was stunned for a moment before his expression softened severely and wrapped his arms protectively around Sakura.

The pink haired kunoichi snuggled her face into Arashi's strong chest with small tears coming out of her eyes. "Arashi...I need to know, there's no way I can get back is there...that was a one of a kind scroll wasn't it and it got destroyed?" Sakura muttered into his chest. The young hokage's expression saddened even more. "I am afraid not Sakura..." Arashi murmured sadly. "No..." Sakura muttered with despair.

"Shhh... it's ok, I will take care of you Sakura" Arashi cooed quietly while he tenderly stroked her hair with his free hand that wasn't wrapped around her. Sakura sighed tiredly, snuggling into Arashi's chest for body heat since it was getting chilly outside. "Thank you Arashi...can we go to your place for now...I'm kinda tired from this stress..." Sakura muttered quietly.

Arashi's frown was replaced with a warm smile. "Since your going to be living there from now on Sakura, I think it would be better if you called it your home too" Arashi murmured happily before picking Sakura up bridal style and vanishing in a yellow flash to their house.

"Sakura, there is a mission that I have tomorrow with my genin team and I was hoping that you would go with me...it's a mission for my team to guard someone" Arashi stated as he looked down at the bundle in his arms. The pink haired kunoichi smiled warmly up at the handsome hokage.

"Of course I will go with you, how long is this mission going to last?" Sakura asked with a grin. "Hm, about 2 to 3 weeks, maybe a little less" Arashi muttered as he flashed into his house. "Sounds like fun, watching out for your adorable genin team" Sakura cooed as the young hokage put her down onto the floor gently.

Arashi smiled as he took off his hokage coat and jounin vest, tossing them onto the couch, making his way towards the kitchen to get some hot chocolate for the both of them. Sakura walked into the living room and sat down onto the couch. "We are going on a mission tomorrow with the sexy Arashi! First we can live with him and now we are going on missions with him!" inner Sakura squealed as she did a little dance.

Just then Sakura heard footsteps coming from the kitchen. She smiled almost lovingly at Arashi as he walked next too her and handed her a cup of hot chocolate while sitting down next to her. "Thank you Arashi..." Sakura mumbled as she took a sip of her hot chocolate. "Your welcome beautiful..." Arashi mumbled and took a blanket from the chair next to the couch, putting it over Sakura because she looked cold.

Sakura cooed comfortably, welcoming the warmth from the blanket by snuggling into it. "So do we need to get up early tomorrow?" the kunoichi asked while drinking some of her hot cocoa. "Yeah, we do...we should be going to bed in a minute, so we are rested for traveling" Arashi stated with a warm smile.

Sakura smiled as she stood up. "Well, you're probably going to have to wake me up" Sakura said with a giggle. Arashi grinned playfully as a thought came into his mind on how to wake her up tomorrow. "I look forward to it" the young hokage said with a wink.

Sakura giggled again, wrapping her arms around Arashi's neck from behind while he was sitting down. He blushed a little bit but stroked her hands affectionately as Sakura cuddled him. "Thank you so much for letting me live with you and everything" Sakra murmured into his soft yellow hair.

Arashi blushed again and gulped. "It's no problem at all beautiful..." Arashi muttered while Sakura let go of him. "Well, I am going to bed, see you in the morning Arashi" Sakura said as she brought her cup of hot chocolate and blanket upstairs. Arashi waved good night to her as he drank his hot chocolate.

'I am going to have to protector her with my life from now on...she's so weak and vulnerable...' Arashi thought worriedly as he slowly drank his hot cocoa.

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