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This story starts during the episode "Safe House," when Nikki reveals to Ava that Cam's dad is an alcoholic after he is arrested for a DUI. This occurs the night Cameron shows up at Nikki's house in the middle of the night, upset that she told Ava.

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You Are My Refuge: Chapter One

Nikki once again shifted in her aunt's bed, finding it difficult to settle down enough in order to fall asleep. A million questions ran through her mind. Was Cameron mad at her for telling Ava? Should she have kept quiet? What was his dad going to do when he realized Cameron was gone? She could hear Ava and Johnny's voices on the patio but couldn't make out what they were saying. They spoke in grave tones, that much she could tell. It was safe to say that they'd be talking for awhile. She climbed out of bed slowly, tiptoed out of her Aunt's room, and made her way upstairs to her own attic room slowly. She took a long look at her closed white door, looming ominously in front of her. She finally took a deep breath and knocked on the door quietly.

"Cam, it's me."

Silence. She waited a moment before easing the door open slowly. She stood in the doorway to access the situation. The lamp was on. Cameron was lying on top of the covers, still awake, staring out the window. He didn't even so much as glance at her. She went up the final two steps and was finally only a few feet from her bed.

"Hey." She said softly. He didn't reply, his eyes glued to the window.

Nikki timidly went forward perched on the edge of the bed. He continued to stay silent, refusing to look at her. They sat there in a tense silence. Nikki's eyes searching his expression, and Cameron's eyes unfocused on something out the window. Nikki finally gathered up enough courage to reach out and take his hand in hers, squeezing it tightly. She traced circles on the smooth skin covering the back of his hand with her index finger as the silence continued, silently begging him to speak.

Finally he did.

"I-" Cam started, he paused then, at last, looked at Nikki in the eyes. "I just wish none of this had happened."

His usually bright blue orbs were cloudy with emotion, bloodshot. His voice was raspy from crying-something he had not done until that night, when he finally let it all out. Everything he'd kept hidden for so long.

"Everything has happened this year-the divorce, the drinking. Him-." he looked away, they both knew what he was about to say. "All of it."

"I know, Cam." She didn't know what else to say to him. "I know."

"It wasn't supposed to happen like this, you know?" Cameron said in a desperate voice. "It wasn't supposed to get so messed up."

She dropped his hand and wrapped her arms around her knees.

"I know how that is, Cam. I've felt like that every day." Nikki said in a faraway voice. She rested her head on her knees. "Since they died."

Another silence ensued. There was nothing more for her to say. There was nothing she could do for him. She didn't know how to handle this, she couldn't handle this. Nikki made a move to get up from the bed and leave. What else was there to do for him?

As she started to leave, Cameron suddenly grabbed her arm and pulled her toward him. She gave in and let him pull her into a hug. He hugged her tightly, his arms securely around her waist. Her head resting on his neck and her arms winding around his back. She could do this part. She was secure in her knowledge, now, even though she had only just realized it herself-that she loved him. She loved him, and was in love with him. And she was willing to be his stronghold. She tightened her grip on his shoulder. He flinched, and she pulled away from him. His face was contorted into a grimace. Then it dawned on her.

Tenderly, she rolled up his left sleeve. Revealing the bruise he had showed her the week before. He shifted uncomfortably.

"It's okay." she whispered, staring at it intently before looking up and searching his face. His expression unfathomable. She brushed her fingers along the dark bruise gently.

He stared down at her with uncertainty etched onto his face. She was uncertain about a lot of things, too, but she was certain about her feelings for him. Maybe a year ago, something like this would've scared her away from a relationship. But not now.

"I hate it, too." She told him. He looked down. She kissed his bruised shoulder softly. A tear rolled down her cheek that she quickly swatted away, determined not to cry.

When she looked back up, though, he had tears in his eyes too. Suddenly, Nikki was overcome with the powerful urge to either hug and kiss him and never stop, or to hurt his father in the same way he had hurt his son. There was no excuse for the bruise on his shoulder or the tears in his eyes or the fact that he was sleeping in her bed and was afraid of his own home. She wanted to wrap her arms around him forever and never let Kyle near him ever again.

She wrapped her arms around him again. The night had been a roller coaster, but both teenagers were calming down, tears no longer falling, only taking refuge in the feel of one another's firm grasp. Maybe she could do this. There was no backing out now, she was in too deep and had too much at stake.

Reluctantly, Nikki pulled away.

"I better go. Before Aunt Ava sees that I'm gone." She said quietly.

He nodded. "Okay." he tenderly brushed a lock of hair of her face.

She blushed before smiling shyly at him and raising off the bed.

"Night, Cam."

"You too, Nik."

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