AN: This little number deals with Orochimaru's obsession with power and immortality. I like to think that this is something that he would have written in his youth before straying. After all, no one is born evil, no matter how inconcievable it is to believe, once upon a time, Orochimaru was simply a boy with an ambition to be Hokage, much like many before and after him. Sadly, his ambition was twisted into something far less admirable and understandable. What drives a relatively good person to do horrible things, all in the name of power or immortality? Perhaps this can give us a bit of insight.


When warm sunlight has fled us,

Leaving but shadow in its wake

Will we embrace the darkness

With every breath we take?


When the clearing by the wood is gone,

The victim of some nameless hate,

Who then will remember us

Who will recall our fate?


When the mirror shows no reflection,

Nor Truth, nor Lies, nor Fate

Who then will trace our faces

With chalk and empty slate?


When the path through the field is gone,

Reclaimed by mother's hand

Who then will recall our triumphs

A list which is short yet long?


When the city is still and silent,

A testament to death and rage

What eye, then, shall see us

As no more than a dusty page?


When that which is Hidden

Is lost in spirit yet found

What ear, then, shall hear it

That low and mournful Sound?


When all that is left is stillness

On white shores of crimson lakes

All that is left is nothing,

There shall be no more to take.