Charmed I'm Sure

Authors Note: This story is co-written with TypoKween, we'll be alternating writing chapters and hopefully getting at least a chapter a week out to all of you! And we're honored to write with each other, so we're really excited about this story. This chapter was written by TypoKween, review! This story originally came with a basis from Pride and Prejudice. It still does, but we've changed it for OTH and we've changed it for our own fun. It'll be totally UC - very clearly Brathan and Jaley - but there are more to come!

Chapter One: First Impressions

All I know
Is everything is not as it's sold
but the more I grow, the less I know
And I have lived so many lives
Though I'm not old
And the more I see, the less I grow
The fewer the seeds, the more I sow

—"Try" by Nelly Furtado


Brooke Davis brushed away dark strands of hair from her face and wiggled her sparkly pink toes further into the sand beneath her. Her eldest sister Haley sat to her right, giggling into her hands and talking of 'ships and shoes and sealing wax' and things that made Brooke smile so wide her dimples peeked out. She felt her heart beat with each crash of waves against the shore and knew a rare moment of peace, here and now, while simply sitting beside her sister on the beach. The water kissed their sand-buried feet, whispering nothing but the sweet promises of tomorrow.

Her eyes closing, Brooke leaned back onto her elbows and sighed as she listened to the soft hum of a tune Haley was quietly singing. It's sweet melody relaxed her tense shoulders, hypnotizing her into slight, sleepy slumber. Heavy-lidded, Brooke marveled as the sounds of the ocean became backup singers for Haley's gentle tone. Her sister grew loud and confident, causing one of Brooke's eyes to pop open curiously. She loved to hear Haley sing-- it was the only time she looked positively alive and self-assured-- only time Brooke felt that Haley was being her complete self, holding back nothing.

Upon seeing Brooke's attention focused solely on her, Haley's voice faltered and lost it's tempo, quickly dying out until it was nothing more than a slight whisper. She gave Brooke a small, embarrassed smile and looked out at the large vast sea. Her hands were clasped firmly in her lap, but she turned and laughed.

"What?" Brooke nudged her sister with a shoulder bump. "Speak Hales."

She watched Haley's shoulders shrug carelessly in an easy, graceful motion. "Nothing," she sighed, "Just… thinking." She bit her bottom lip and grinned. "So I hear Julian has finally asked Marie to marry him."

Brooke rolled her hazel eyes and laughed derisively. "Ugh. Not another wedding to attend," she groaned, leaning down to rest her cheek on Haley's thigh. "Honestly, do you see them lasting longer than three months?" She snorted, "Five months tops."

"I don't know," Haley pursed her lips in thoughts as she combed her fingers through Brooke's dark raven tresses, "I think they can last longer. I mean, anything is possible when you're in love and—"

"Hales, please," Brooke scowled and pulled free from her hands, "You can't be serious." She shook her head incredulously, "Tell me you are not that naïve."

Haley twisted her long blonde locks up into a loose bun and stuck a chopstick through it, thin wisps of hair blowing across her face in the breeze. "I'm just saying." She sighed, "Forget it," she said and stood up. "Come on, we haven't frolicked in the water yet."

"Frolicked?" Brooke laughed but stood too, "I can go for some splashing but frolicking is utterly and completely out of the question." She grinned and pulled her sister along by the hand. "Come on tutorgirl, last one there—"

"—has to explain to Aunt Jules why we missed supper this evening," Haley finished and raced past Brooke into the water.

"Hey!" Brooke gasped, "So not fair!" She scoffed and ran for the waves, diving in and coming up beside Haley soon after. "Cheater." She splashed at the petite blonde.

"Are not. I graduated top of my class thank you very much," Haley stuck her chin up into the air in a show of false arrogance, "And don't you forget it." She then burst out laughing and darted a hand out to dunk Brooke underwater.

Coughing and sputtering Brooke struggled to over power her sister, "Stop squiggling so I can drown you!" she teased. "Ugh! Hales I think you just kicked my spleen!" She grunted and sank under the water.

"Sorry!" Haley laughed as she pulled Brooke's face back to the surface, "But you know that was fu—" Her mouth suddenly dropped open.

"Hales?" Brooke blinked and removed her hands from her face to turn around, "What are you looking at?" She wondered aloud. Her question being answered before fully leaving her lips. "Oh," she muttered. "Oh!" She shook her head clear and grabbed Haley, "Hales, we have to make a run for it!" She shrieked paddling for the shore.

Large moving trucks pulled up to the beach house that stood a few miles down the shore. People crowded the entrance and followed the movers inside the residence. Brookes stomach twisted in a panic.

"Huh?" Haley said struggling to keep afloat, "Brooke I can't swim with you dragging me like this!" She cried out, "It's not that big a deal—"

"Not that big a deal? Hales! We're on private property! Do feel like being locked up and becoming someone's bitch? Cuz I don't!" Brooke ran for her things as soon as she reached land.

"Hurry up!" she screamed and tossed all of Haley's possessions into her arms, hastily trying to gather own things as well.

"Brooke, so help me, if you push me one more time--!" Haley growled and snatched her shoes out of Brooke's hands.

"You'll what?" Brooke challenged, "Tutor me to death?" She snorted, "Just hush up and snap to it," she said, shoving her feet into her sandals. "If we get caught, we are DEAD Haley. And I don't mean by the authorities. I'm talking about Aunt Jules. Can you imagine the torture she'll put us through if we get into trouble one more time?"

"Uh, don't you mean if you get into trouble one more time?" Haley said, one hand on her hip. "Because correct me if I'm wrong but I do believe it was you who was caught sneaking in after curfew. And was it not you who was caught drinking the last of father's Scotch? Oh, and it was you who—"

"Okay, okay. Point made, but just so you know? If you were a good sister you would treat each situation as if it were your own," Brooke growled and stomped out of eyesight from the new owners of the large beach house. "Great, now where are we going to swim? The public beach?"

"God forbid you do that."

Brooke nodded, "Exactly."

"Well, at least let me help you run from the scene of the crime."

"That's what I'm talking about, now would you please explain that to my sis—" Brooke choked on the last of her words, turning to stare in horror at the speaker.

"Oh my god," she gasped up at the tall figure with the great smirk upon his face. "It's not what it looks like," she said, eyes darting to her sister who stood paralyzed a few feet away from them.

"Isn't it?" He laughed, "Well, don't let me stop you. In fact, allow me to help you run. It would be a shame for my friend to come out looking for me and run into two trespassers. He really frowns upon such things," he nodded almost to himself.

Brookes mouth opened and shut several times.

"What was that? I'm sorry dear, you'll have to speak louder next time," he teased, "And—" he paused in his taunting behavior after seeing the other woman. "I… I apologize with the utmost sincerity my lady," he bowed, grandly sweeping his arms.

Brooke had to cover her mouth to suppress a laugh. The boy just bowed! To Haley?

Well. Now she had seen everything.

"No, I'm the one who is sorry," Haley blushed, her eyes cast down to her shuffling feet. "Please, Mr…?" She dared to look up at the handsome gentleman once before instantly looking back down at her toes.

"Jagielski. Jake Jagielski," He held a hand out for her to take, "And… you are?" he gulped out in nervousness. The confidence was draining out of him and turning to putty at his feet.

Haley blushed a darker red and looked at her sister Brooke, "Well, I'm… I'm…"

"Haley." Brooke rolled her eyes, "Remember now?"

Haley nodded, "Yeah. That's me. Haley Davis," she laughed with embarrassment and shook his hand. "I really am sorry for being here, I do realize it is most disrespectful of my sister and I to be trespassing like this. It's just that, well, your land is so beautiful," she shrugged, her hand still clasped lightly in Mr. Jagielski's hand.

"Please, if beautiful women such as yourself wish to frolic on my beach I would be much honored… Haley." He blushed.

And did he just say the word frolic! Oh Brooke was ready to have an aneurism. She wasn't sure what made her more embarrassed. Her sisters giggles, or Jake's goo-goo eyes. One thing was for sure, the two obviously held a fondness for one another.

Brooke cleared her throat loudly, "Yes, well. We really must be going now. You know, before that friend you speak of comes out and calls the cops on us?"

She moved to pull her sisters hand from Jake's, "We'll be leaving now… right Hales?"

"Oh, yes." Haley blushed—again—and cradled the hand Jake had held to her chest.

"It was nice meeting you, Jake," she smiled shyly.

"Please, the pleasure was all mine," he smiled back. He backed away, sloppily running a nervous hand through his brown wavy hair.

"Oh—wait!" he called out suddenly, halting both Haley and Brooke in their spots, "My sister… She's throwing a party later this week. Please say you will come?" His eyes bore down into Haley's in an almost pleading manner. "Oh, and your sister too of course," he said, his eyes only sparing the brunette a small glance before coming to rest on Haley again.

Haley bit her bottom lip in thought and squeezed Brooke's hand in hers, "Well—"

"We'd love to. You can see her there. Promise," Brooke answered, knowing that this conversation between the two could last for days and get no further than 'Well…' Pulling her sister along she waved Jake off and smiled politely, knowing his attention was anywhere but on Haley. "Well that was a close one," Brooke giggled as she started her car.

"Huh?" Haley said staring outside her passenger side window.

Brooke's gaze followed Haley's and paused. "Hales, at least play a little hard to get!" Brooke explaimed, sighing and pulling away from the curb. "Honey, we are going to have to work on your game."

"Jake Jagielski," Haley whispered, the words sliding off her lips in a daze.

Brooke chuckled and shook her head, and drove the rest of the way home in silence.


Immediately after entering the house, both Haley and Brooke stopped in their tracks. The remaining Davis sisters scrambled around the house yelling and screaming out in excitement. Brooke exchanged a curious look with Haley and stepped forward to clear her throat loudly.

"Where have you two been!" their father's sister, Aunt Jules, scolded them the instant her dark brown eyes saw them. Hurrying over in a very expensive and sophisticated looking black and white outfit, Jules pointed a finger at the two eldest Davis sisters. "Do you have any idea how worried I was? Do you?" she snapped.

Haley wrung her hands nervously behind her back and Brooke merely rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"Aunt Jules, please calm down. We were out at the beach—"

"The beach," she sneered distastefully, "What did I tell you about going there Brooklyn?" Jules growled, setting her hands on her hips.

Brooke gritted her teeth at the sound of her full first name.

She hated it. It made her sound like an uptight snob.

"Well?" Jules urged Brooke to answer.

Haley placed a gentle hand on her sisters shoulder for comfort and leaned her cheek against Brooke's skin. "Relax," she whispered so only Brooke could hear.

"So, what's all the excitement about?" Haley stepped forward to help change the subject, expertly moving Brooke out of firing range.

Jules' face instantly lit up, "Well, I've just gotten word on some new blood." She began to catwalk over towards her darling nieces, "It seems we've some new guests in Tree Hill. Some very wealthy guests. They are to stay here for the remainder of the summer in that beach house down by the pier," she said, examining her freshly done manicure.

Brooke exchanged a look with Haley and smirked, "Oh, you mean Jake Jagielski?"

Her grin grew as her aunts eyes grew wide with shock.

"How—" Jules began but was soon interrupted by Brooke.

"Well, you see we were down at the forbidden beach and—" Brooke's words halted in her mouth as Haley tugged firmly on her sisters belt loops.

"We've been invited to attend the welcoming party. It is apparently being thrown by his sister, I did her name… Did you Brooke?" Haley asked, curiously tapping her chin in thought.

"No," Brooke sighed, "I did not. I was too busy trying to get the hell out of there." She ran a tired hand through her hair and proceeded into the next room, "Bevin! Taylor! Quinn!" she called out to the remaining Davis sisters of the house.

Taylor shoved past her sisters Bevin and Quinn to get into the kitchen where Brooke stood eyeing the vase in the center of the dinner table.

"One of Aunt Jules many admirers," she rolled her eyes in explanation, "Do tell me about your meeting with Jagielski," Taylor grinned. "Wait, was he cute or was he hot?" she asked, wiggled her brows suggestively.

"Ask Hales, she was practically drooling," Brooke snorted as Haley was hustled into the kitchen alongside Bevin and Quinn. "But then again, so was Jake." She teased and bumped her hip against the blushing blonde.

"He was not," Haley flushed further in embarrassment. "But he is very handsome." She nodded, "So, so very handsome," she sighed dreamily to herself.

"I want details," Taylor demanded as she pulled out a chair at the table to sit in, "Start from the beginning and don't you dare leave anything out!"

"Please, leave everything out," Keith Davis said as he strolled into the room, a look of apprehension on his face. "That's it, none of you are allowed to leave the house, ever." He grimaced. "I don't know how I feel about my babies dating… "

Brooke giggled and ran to her father, "Oh, Papa! You knew the day would come eventually." She wrapped her arms around her fathers neck and squeezed him tightly, "Don't worry Papa, I'll always be your girl," she winked charmingly.

Keith smiled back at his second eldest daughter with a tightness in his heart. She resembled her mother so much it was almost hard to look at her. Karen Davis had died very shortly after Quinn's birth from Leukemia. Keith could see a little of Karen in every one of his daughters, but the likeness was striking whenever he laid his eyes upon his Brooke. Gently squeezing her back he released her from his arms and turned to the door hearing his sister's shouts.

Jules rushed into the room soon after, the phone clutched in her hands so tightly her knuckles had begun to turn white. All five Davis sisters plus one father, stared back at her in wait, "That was Jake's sister, Rachel," she paused to take a deep breath, "She wishes for us to attend tomorrow night for dinner."

As Bevin, Taylor and Quinn began to cheer happily, Keith sighed regrettably. He was not looking forward to wearing a tie. Haley's stomach knotted nervously. She had no idea how to behave around a man as proper and wealthy as Jake. She contemplated playing sick but thought better of it, if anything it was at least a chance to see that beautiful face of his once again.

"Oh! Do you think Jake has a younger brother?" Taylor squealed completely delighted at the notion of having dinner in a rich man's beach house.

"Perhaps there'll be a brother for each of us?" Bevin bit her bottom lip hopeful for a miracle. "Oh please!" she pleaded to the ceiling, "I'm so sick staying home every Saturday night!" she whined.

"Well," Quinn rolled her deep brown eyes then, "I hope you all have a wonderful time," she said with mock sweetness, faking a smile and backed out of the room only to be pulled back inside.

"Nice try, but if I have to go… so do you," Brooke gave her sister Quinn a smug look. Her attention soon was back on Haley, who was looking a little green around the edges.

"Relax sweets," Brooke said, wrapping an arm around Haley's shoulders. "I'm gonna make you look so hot even Rachel will be eyeing you," she teased low so as not to alarm her fathers poor heart.

Haley gulped.


"Hales, have you seen my book?" Brooke called out as she searched high and low throughout her room. It was nearly 11 at night and Brooke always read before she went to bed. It had become somewhat of a small ritual, she couldn't stop now! It could spin the world out of whack!

"Hales!" she screamed out, frustrated when she received no answer from her roommate.

From the from the front of the cozy guest house they shared out back from the Davis family household, Brooke could hear Haley humming softly to herself. Any other time she would have left Haley alone in her daydream but at that particular moment, Brooke was on the verge of a major meltdown.

"Haley Amanda Davis!" Brooke called out in warning, "I asked you a question," she huffed, throwing her beach bag down to the carpet. "Ha—"

"I heard you dear loving sister with the sweetest temper ever known to man," she fluttered her lashes sarcastically. "And no… I do not know where your book is," she replied and twirled past Brooke into her own room.

"Then that can only mean one possible outcome," Brooke sighed to herself in annoyance as she picked at her fingernails.

"And that is?" Haley peeked her head out her room and frowned.

Brooke groaned, "I left it at the beach."


Flashlight in hand Brooke followed the bouncing beam of light as she made her way across the coast of Jake's private property. Thankful he had no watch dogs or high standard security—she hoped—Brooke continued down the shore in silent search of her lost possession. Her light darting every which way, she paused as it finally lit up upon Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice." Sighing with relief, she quickly bent down to retrieve it.

"You make it a habit of stealing things off private property?" a scolding deep voice caused her pause.

She straightened her posture and smoothed her hands down the front of her shirt modestly before turning to the voice. "Yes, every chance I get in fact," she replied in a clipped tone.

She flashed her light into his face to get a good look at him, and briefly found herself lost in his eyes before gathering her wits back to her.

Yes, this man was attractive, and yes-- he was tall, dark and extremely handsome.

But judging by the giant scowl plastered across his face, she guessed he felt anything but the same towards her. He took one condescending step closer, "I'm feelings quite generous tonight, seeing as how I haven't contacted the police as of yet," he said, frowning deeply as he raised a hand to shield his eyes from her light. "So, I shall give you a two minute head start before I call for security. Most generous, I'd say," he smirked, having the gall to pull out his cell phone and flip it open.

"And I'm betting you have them on speed dial, don't you?" Her hazel eyes rolled, "Let me guess, you must be the friend who 'frowns upon such things'." Brooke said remembering Jake's earlier warning. "Figure's you'd be good looking." She grumbled under her breath.

His eyed widened for a moment in surprise before narrowing once again, "Please, tell me you are not the precious Haley he's been babbling about non-stop all day," his brow wrinkled in distaste.

She took one defiant step towards him, smirking when he backed up two.

"No sweet cheeks, I ain't Haley," she scoffed when his face visibly relaxed in relief, "Ugh, unbelievable," she said in exasperation, shaking her head and looked up at the sky.

"Why oh why lord do you send me such jerks?" she asked, then looked back at the dark haired male her.

His gaze studied her for a moment, drinking her in like a fine wine. But soon his curiosity got the better of him. "Then how do you know Jake," he asked curtly, a scowl firmly back in place.

The hairs on her arms rose as her temper began to flare, "That doesn't matter," she snipped, lowering her light to glow at her feet.

"I asked you a question, the least you can do is answer it woman," he snapped at her again. "After all, I do believe it is you who is at my mercy. As it is, two minutes have passed and I have yet to dial a single digit." He waved his phone in the air, taunting her.

"Then by all means, dial. Please," she challenged, her fingers tightening around her flashlight with anticipation. The urge to swing the object up and across the side of this mans face was growing greater by the second.

He merely gave her a smug look in response, "You would be long gone before they even arrived and you know it," he snapped, his eyes traveling up her curvy form and quickly darting away.

Brooke shook her head, completely at odds with how she felt about him. He was rude, that was for sure. "Well, then allow me to make myself scarce. Seeing as how I am trespassing and all," she smirked, "I would say it has been a pleasure, but we both know that would be an complete and utter lie," she scowled and whirled around to leave.

Completely unknownst to her, the man at her back continued to watch her. His eyes never blinked or looked away, even when her form grew smaller in the dim moonlight. It was simply maddening how intrigued he was with such a common girl. She was supercilious, unkempt and extremely ill-mannered.

But that didn't stop Nathan Scott from standing there hypnotized for a full ten minutes after her vast departure. In fact, it only seemed to interest him more…


She crept into the house as silent as the most quietest mouse. Top toeing past Haley's room she sighed in relief as she stopped in front of her bedroom door. Hand reaching for the knob, she twisted and pushed it open, immediately being blindsided by the light that flipped on upon her entry.

"Where the hell have you been Brooke Penelope Davis!" Haley snapped, arms crossed over her fuzzy robe covered chest. "And if you say at the beach looking for that ridiculous book so help me—"

"Alright, you caught me. I went back for Jake," Brooke sighed, looking away in shame, "I'm sorry Hales, but you just can't stop true love." Her bottom lip quivered, "Please say we have your blessing." She clutched her chest, "Because, I'm pregnant and we're getting married before I start to show."

Haley's mouth dropped open in shock. Brooke fell to the floor laughing, her hand banging against the plush white carpet. "Oh my god, you're face! Priceless!" She snorted into her hands as she rolled to her knees, "Oh Haley, I love you." She reached out a hand for Haley to help her up.

"That was not funny," Haley growled, jerking Brooke to her feet violently. "I mean it," she hissed in annoyance.

Brooke was beside herself in a whole new fit of laughter, falling onto her bed after tripping over her feet. "I'm so sorry," she held a hand out between giggles, "Oh I am so sorry, I'm trying to stop! I'm trying! But you keep looking at me funny."

"Well how am I supposed to look then?" Haley huffed and set her hand son her hips. "Brooke, I mean it. I'm going to smack you!" She playfully whacked at her sisters legs, trying her hardest not to join in and chuckle. She covered her mouth to keep from smiling.

"Oh, alright," Brooke rolled her eyes as she struggled to control herself. "So guess what?" she sighed, her mood instantly changing at the memory of the rude man at the beach. "I met Jake's 'friend' and I must say he is just about the most horrible human being alive. "

Haley stepped closer, "What do you mean?"

Brooke reached out to pull Haley down to the bed, setting her head in her sisters lap for Haley to run her fingers through her hair. Proceeding to tell Haley the entire incident. "I don't know his name, and I don't want to know it. All I do know is that I hate him." She groaned, "He was so rude to me. All I was doing was looking for my book. Simple as that, who stands out at the beach at eleven o'clock at night anyhow?" Brooke snorted.

"Oh, I could think of a few people," she nudged her sister.

"Uh!" Brooke scoffed, "Whatever."

Haley giggled into a hand, "So Jake was talking about me all day huh?"


She wouldn't stop giggling. No matter how many times Brooke threatened her, she would not stop the constant ear piercing giggles. There was a point in her life where Brooke would have happily joined in on the laughter. But those days were over, life got in the way and Brooke was forced to grow up at a very young age. Taylor, however was free to live her life as she saw fit.


"Bev!" Brooke watched as Taylor whirled Bevin around by her hands, "Tell me Mr. Martin is not wearing biker shorts!" She snorted into her sister's shoulder, causing Bevin to burst out laughing.

"Oh my god I think I'm going to be sick." Bevin pretended to gag, "Oh god, Tay look at Mrs. Martin!" The two then fell out into more loud giggles.

"Kill me now." Brooke grumbled under her breath as she followed her sisters down the streets of Tree Hill. What started out as a simple trip to the fabric shop, was quickly turning into the worst day of Brooke's life.

"Hush," Haley shushed her, "They're just excited about the party this weekend." She smiled sweetly at the passing pedestrians, exchanging pleasantries. Brooke plastered on a plastic smirk of her own in comparison to Haley's genuine one.

"Or it could just be that they are airheads." Quinn snorted from behind Brooke.

"Now you see. Why can't they be a little more like Quinny?" Brooke turned to wrap an arm around her youngest sister's shoulders.

"Pessimistic?" Haley's brow quirked curious as to where Brooke was going with this.

"No," Brooke squeezed Quinn, "She's a realist." She grinned back at Haley then down at Quinn's scowling face, "Oh lighten up Quinny." She playfully shoved her away from her side.

"I hate when you call me that." Quinn muttered and moved to stand beside Haley.

"Brooke!" Taylor squealed stopping in front of the shop, "I want this as my fabric, look how beautiful it is!" She stared in awe, "Oh Cookie, promise you'll make my dress with this?" She pleaded, her face pressed up against the glass.

Quinn rolled her eyes and linked her arm through Haley's while Brooke made her way over to view the fuss. "I don't know Tay, it looks expensive." Brooke bit her bottom lip and looked at Haley. "What do you think?"

"I think that if she gets that then I better get something just like it. That's what I think." Bevin said crossing her arms across her chest.

Brooke sighed and opened the door to the shop, "Let's see what we can do then." She waited for everyone to enter before walking through the door herself. She regretted ever setting foot inside the store instantly. "You." She sneered up at the tall raven haired man in front of her.

He straightened his posture to stand taller, towering over Brooke in what he hoped was an intimidating manner. The act was entirely lost on the second eldest Davis sister. He resulted in clearing his throat and shooting his female ally in the corner a sparing glance.

She grinned back at him, a mischievous twinkle in her grey/hazel eyes. "Who do we have here Mr. Scott?" She said moving forward to join him at his side. Flipping her fiery red hair over a shoulder before she draped an arm through Nathan's.

Nathan cleared his throat again, "Um…" He blinked, "I'm sorry I never caught your name." He said to Brooke.

"That's because you were too busy being an ass." Brooke snapped back, "Come on girls lets go look at the material they have." She ushered her sisters away, shooting Nathan a glare over her shoulder.

Beside him the scarlet beauty snickered into his shoulder, "Well would you look at that Nathan Scott. I think you've finally found a woman with worse manners than your own."

"Shut it Rachel." Nathan growled and stormed past her to where he knew Brooke would be, "Excuse me," He reached out to grasp her wrist, wincing once he saw the disgusted look that passed along her face at his touch.

"You're excused." Brooke sneered and snatched her wrist back, giving him her back.

Nathan's jaw clenched in annoyance, "I am trying to be civil here."

"Great, can you go and be civil somewhere else?" Brooke shook her head and tried to walk away.

"You're impossible!" Nathan shouted, throwing his hands up into the air frustrated. The attention of the entire shop was now on him. Rachel smirked and played with a sheet of fabric, ignoring his pleading gaze.

"No, I just prefer to steer clear of assholes!" Brooke yelled back at him, his shocked face giving her all the satisfaction she needed. "Now if you will excuse me—"

"I most certainly will not." Nathan barked, blocking her path, "I demand that you—"

"How dare you demand anything of me!" Brooke shrieked, slapping away the hands of her many sisters. "Knock it off Bevin, I'm not going to hurt him for gods sake." She huffed and shrugged away from Haley and Quinn's hands as well.

"Brooke, please. Let's just leave." Haley said attempting to pull Brooke back.

"Yes, Brooke. Listen to your sister." Nathan replied smugly.

Haley sighed and dropped her hand from Brooke's shoulder, "Oh, you stupid, stupid, man." She shook her head sadly and backed off.

Nathan's shoulders tensed after seeing the remaining Davis sisters take a step back as well. Perhaps he had gone just a smidge too far in his last comment. However, Nathan was too proud to back down now. "I do hope you do not expect me to walk away now. You don't scare me." He gulped.

"Nor you I." Brooke pressed her lips together, "I'll tell you what Mr. Scott. Seeing as how in just three short days you and I will have to engage ourselves in somewhat civilized manners," Nathan snorted upon hearing this and Brooke struggled to bite her tongue, "I will allow you to just… walk away. Walk away now and I will forget you ever existed. When once we meet again it will be as if meeting for the first time. First impressions shall restart."

Nathan could not have been more stunned by her speech had she burst out into song. Yet just then, Rachel had decided to finally help an old friend. "Brooke, is it?" She smiled meekly, "Why must you torment my friend so? Do you not know who he is?" She grinned up at Nathan, circling her arms around his waist, "Why he is the richest man in Tree Hill."

"I'm sorry, but was there a point in your little attempt at intimidating me? Because as you can see from my earlier reaction to Mr. Scott here, I am not easily intimidated." Brooke crossed her arms over her chest.

"Brooke." Taylor hissed from close behind, "Knock it off before she disinvites us to her party!" She begged and turned back to Nathan and Rachel, "We apologize for our sister here," Taylor laughed, trying her best to pull the seething Davis sister out the door. "I must say, you have lovely hair." She waved at Rachel, "Do you use a special kind of shamp—"

"Taylor!" Brooke screamed from outside the door.

"Oops! Lovely meeting you Mr. Scott, Rachel." She wiggled her fingers and ran out the door to catch up to her family.

Rachel snorted at the closed door, "Dear god tell me the rest of Tree Hill is not like that." She turned to grab the silk material she had seen Taylor eyeing earlier. "Here," She threw it at Nathan, "I want it. Buy it."

"That's nice," He threw it back at her.

She smirked, "Oh don't be grumpy Mr. Moody." She pinched his cheek, "You should be glad she isn't into you." Rachel replied running her fingers through her hair, "Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to marry into that family?" She scoffed.

Nathan frowned at her, "Don't be such a bitch, Rachel."

"Don't be so whipped, Nathan." She rolled her eyes and walked to the cash register.