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Coping With Love

Chapter 1: Oh no! I killed Tidus

By FlyPinAyS

It was a hot night, showing the beginning of the summer in Zanarkand. A restless Yuna turned in her sleep as the humidity of the air hung heavily in her room. She woke up thinking that she wouldn't sleep again. It was barely four in the morning, two more hours till her alarm clock would go off.

Today was the day.

She would be flying to Besaid to live with her Dad's friend Jecht, and his two sons. They used to be her neighbors when she and her dad lived in Besaid. She didn't remember them but the last time she saw and talked to the two sons of Jecht, was when she was well… five. She propped her pillows against her bed's headboard and sat up. Life wasn't fair. Right now it was burning hot, she was moving to a new place today, and she lost the most important person in the world to her in a stupid car crash. Her worst nightmares ALL started a month ago, when her most trusted companion died, her Dad.

"Oh my gosh it's so humid!" she yelled as she wiped the tiny beads of sweat that were rolling down the side of her face.

Ever since her Dad died, she had to sell her house because he asked her one last favor when she rushed to his bedside in the hospital. She was going to spend her senior year in high school, in a totally new environment. She had to make new friends, but the most troubled thing on her mind was that she wouldn't have her Dad to talk to anymore. When Yuna was three, her Mom died of heart failure. Her dad, Braska, took care of her all by himself. They were so close. He even helped Yuna undergo her girl "problems".

Yuna smiled remembering the day when she got her first period.


Eleven-year-old Yuna ran out of the bathroom with tears forming in her eyes. She ran to the kitchen and hugged her Dad from behind.

"Dad, I have bad, awful, terrible, and most horrendous news." Yuna yelled.

Braska turned around and raised his left eyebrow in curiosity, "What's your horrendous news Yuna?" He asked kindly.

"Dad, I'm dying. It's really bad I don't know what's happening to me."

Braska chuckled, "What ever gave you that idea?"

"I'm bleeding and I won't stop."

Braska looked at his daughter with a confused expression in his face. He began to laugh, not understanding a thing she was talking about.

"Dad! This isn't a laughing matter when your daughter is dying! You have to bring me to the hospital! NOW!" She yelled, "You can see the blood soaking the back of my pants. Yuna turned around to show the back of her pants.

"SEE!" she yelled frantically, as she waved her hands in the air and pointed angrily at her butt.

Braska's eyes widened with realization with what was going on.

"Yuna I'm a man. I don't know how to explain this to you…"

"Then find someone that can help me daddy!"

Braska shook his head with embarrassment. "You know what why don't we go to the family doctor. Maybe she can help me explain everything."

Braska brought Yuna to the car and they headed to the hospital. It took Braska a few minutes to explain to the doctor that he needed her help in explaining what Yuna was going through. The doctor just laughed and brought Yuna into an examination room to explain the fact that she was simply growing up.


Yuna smiled at the thought of her Dad, and a teardrop rolled down her cheek.

"I miss you Daddy," She whispered.

Yuna stayed up in her bed with her eyes wide open. She was going to wait till her alarm clock's loud beeping to go off. Then she would prepare herself for her plane ride to Besaid. Her closet was empty, for her clothes were all packed in two huge suitcases. Her furniture and household supplies were all sold in the yard sale that she had three weeks ago. Her house was completely empty, except for her alarm clock that was situated on the floor and the queen sized bed that would stay in the house for the couple that bought Yuna's home.

It was barely 4:20 am. She tried to keep her drowsy eyes open but they slowly closed themselves.

Yuna ran frantically, as she searched for the right flight gate.

"Gate 23, gate 23 where are you?" She said as she looked around.

She woke up at seven when she should have woken up at six. Realizing that her flight was in two hours and the ride to the airport took one hour, Yuna ran to the bathroom and got a taxi to the airport. When she arrived, she stopped dead in her tracks when she entered through the airport doors. The line to check in your bags was HUGE! She pouted and stamped her feet like a little kid as she took her place in line. She waited for forty-five freaking minutes! That meant she had fifteen minutes to get through security then find her flight gate. When she got to the security area, she forgot to take the bangles off of her wrist so the alarm went off. She had to go through extra security. That took ten minutes. So now she was running around the place trying to look for the doggone flight gate!

Yuna looked around one more time, and saw the sign 'Gate 23'.

"Thank goodness!" she said with relief as she lifted her hands to the air. She walked to the gate with her backpack that contained food, a book, her wallet, and who knows what else. Yuna had anything and everything in her purse, so just ask her for something and she just might have it. Yuna gave her ticket and walked into the plane. When she finally found her seat she frowned again. She was sitting next to a complete stranger that was already sleeping. It was a man around his fifties, and while he was sleeping a trickle of drool ran down his open mouth.

"Eew." Yuna said as she squeezed towards the middle seat, hoping that she wouldn't wake her strange seatmate.

Yuna sat in her seat quietly near the window, and put her seat belt on. She moved to a comfortable position, and then she placed her head on the window and closed her eyes. She looked back to the day when she found out that her Dad was dying.


Yuna sat in her seat. It was her last class period of the day in Zanarkand High School. Her teacher had already finished with their lesson, so Yuna's teacher was allowing her students to do their homework.

Well as Yuna silently sat down doing her math homework, her name was called out through the PA system.

"Yuna Aeon, please head to the principals office ASAP." The principal said through the PA.

Yuna stood up from her seat with a curious expression on her face. She headed down the hall and opened the door to the principal's office slowly. Inside was a policeman in a blue uniform.

"What's going on Mr. Simmons?" She asked the principal.

"I don't know how to explain it Ms. Aeon, but just please go with this policeman. He will be driving you to the hospital right now." Mr. Simmons answered.

Yuna didn't protest with the fact that she wasn't getting information, but she followed the officer without any complaints.

The ride to the Zanarkand general hospital was silent. When they entered the hospital, the officer went up to the secretary at the front desk and asked for Braska Aeon's room number.

Yuna's eyes widened. "What. My Dad's room number!" She yelled.

"Your Dad was involved in a bad car accident. A drunk driver was driving and it hit him really bad. His injuries are severe. His car's completely wrecked." The officer said quietly. Yuna just shook her head, then followed him to her Dad's room and entered while holding her breath.

There on the bed was her Dad with his arms and legs in casts. His face was purple from all the bruises, and his head was wrapped up in a bandage. She could see the blood soaking through the bandage.

"Oh Dad!" She yelled as she ran to his side, "What happened to you?"

Yuna turned her head around as she heard the door close shut. Standing in front of the door, was her Dad's doctor.

"Your Dad has suffered severe injuries from the car accident it's not likely that he'll make it. He has brain damage because he hit his head on the window. His skull was fractured, and the broken bones flew into his brain. To top if off, his right leg and his arm are broken. We're lucky that he's still alive." The doctor told Yuna with sympathy.

Yuna placed her hand over her mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"No you're wrong you're lying. He'll live he's strong." She said angrily.

"I'm sorry to tell you, but your Dad, he might now even wake up. He's dying." The doctor replied.

Yuna shook her head angrily in disbelief.


Yuna opened her eyes, and her mind was taken off of the past, when her seatmate began snoring really loud.

The plane had already taken off so they were already in the air. It would take three hours to get to Besaid. She was really thirsty, so she was relieved when one of the stewardesses came with the beverage cart. Yuna asked for a cup of sprite, so the stewardess gave it to her. She drank it silently, but her sleeping seatmate disturbed her silence.

"Oh my gosh man put a freaking cork in it!" She yelled. The snoring man just snored louder as his mouth opened even wider. Yuna rolled her eyes angrily and opened her purse and began digging through it. "I may not have a cork that can cover you gigantic mouth, but I do have… aha! Duck tape!"

Yuna cut off a long piece of the gray tape and gently stuck it over the man's mouth. She was lucky that he didn't wake up. His heavy snoring ceased, and was replaced by heavy breathing. Hey, at least that was better than loud deafening snoring.

Yuna shook her head and put her forehead on the window again. She was really tired, and she was so worried that the three guys she was staying with would be disgusting and rude. She was so sleepy that through her worries, her drowsy eyes slowly began to close.


Yuna's Dad was still asleep in his bed. It had been a week after his accident, and he still didn't wake up. Every single day (except for weekends of course), Yuna would head over to the hospital after school and just stay there just in case her Dad would wake up.

One lucky day, as Yuna was sitting down reading her English homework, her Dad stirred and he slowly opened his eyes.

"Yuna?" He whispered with a hoarse voice.

Yuna looked up from her book surprised, but a relieved smile came to her face.

"Dad you're awake!" She yelled as she gave him a hug.

"Yuna I want you to do me one last favor." Braska told his happy daughter.

"What Dad?"

"I want you to call our friend from Besaid. His name's Jecht, and his number is in my address book." Braska said. It took all his effort to talk as much as he could. He could feel his life and strength leaving him.

"Why? Isn't that the guy that was our neighbor and your best friend in Besaid. We haven't talked to him in twelve years."

"When I'm gone, I want him to take my place as your Dad. He has sons and I know they'll take care of you. They love you as their own. They'll take my place."

"Now Dad, don't talk like that. Soon you'll be walking out of this hospital as good as new. We'll visit Jecht together." Yuna whispered through tears.

"No. As a last favor I want you to move in with them in Besaid."

"Dad I'm going to be eighteen I can manage myself."

"I want you to be loved, and to be around a family. I don't want you to struggle with having to support yourself when you're just a kid." Braska said as sternly as he possibly could.

"Dad, I'm not a kid anymore I'm seventeen, and I'll be turning eighteen soon enough."

"Just promise me Yuna that you'll move to Besaid with them, so that I don't have to worry about you. Just promise me please." Braska said as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Yuna didn't protest anymore and answered, "I promise I'll move to Besaid. I promise. Now get some rest Dad, you need all the strength you can get in order to get better."

Yuna took hold of her Dad's hand, which had an ivy needle at the top of his hand. Yuna lifted his hand and held it to her cheek. As her Dad closed his eyes he whispered, "I love you Yuna. I'm so sorry."

Her Dad took one deep breath, and his hand fell from hers and hit the bedside. The machine that took his heart rate constantly began beeping as his heart rate fell to zero.

The doctors and the nurses all came rushing in to try and save her Dad's life, but Yuna knew that it was too late. She walked back to a corner of the room and fell to her knees and wept.


Yuna woke up to the sound of the stewardess's voice.

"Miss, please wakeup. Miss… miss." The woman called, "The plane has already landed and all the other passengers have left the plane."

Yuna woke up and thanked the woman for waking her up. She grabbed her purse and headed towards the carousel that would contain her luggage and the luggage of every other passenger that was on the plane.

After chasing her two heavy suitcases around the carousel she finally got them after many painful attempts to grab them.

She sat on a bench outside of the airport as she waited for one of Jecht's sons to pick her up. Right after she promised her Dad to move to Besaid, she called Jecht and told about her Dad's death. Right away, Jecht asked her to come live with them in Besaid. So, Yuna didn't have to worry about asking them herself. Well anyways, one of his sons were supposed to pick her up and she had no idea what his name was or what he looked like so things were turning out to be a disaster.

Yuna stayed on that bench for an hour. She was so tired of waiting that she ended up laying on the bench. She just stayed there with her knees bent upwards. When all of a sudden a young man approached her and smiled down at her. He was pretty handsome. He had dark blonde hair that was messy, and his dark blue eyes were sparkling with happiness.

Yuna sat up uncomfortably and asked with annoyance, "Umm… hi I'm Yuna Aeon, do you need anything?"

That young man just grinned his stupid looking grin. Yuna stood up and her eyes widened with nerves. He just kept staring at her.

"Ok you're getting annoying. Who the heck are you!"

"Oh Yuna we've all come a long way since we were five and seven. You're beautiful!" The young man yelled as he wrapped his arms around. He picked her up and practically swung her around.

'Eew what a psycho.' She thought.

"Oh my God, you're one of those psychos aren't you?" She asked with a scared tone, "Look I'll give you money. Well actually I'm quiet broke, but just please stop bugging me!"

The man put her down and scratched his head. He began to laugh.

"You've got it totally wrong. I'm Shuyin. I'm Jecht's eldest son; I'm probably two years older than you. I'm here to pick you up. I'm sorry I scared you. You, my younger brother, and I were best friends when we were kids. Then you moved. Do you remember me at all?"

"Oh I see. Umm… well it's been twelve years so I don't really remember things from when we were five." She said as she blushed with embarrassment.

"Oh ok. Well you're here now might as well get to know each other! I'm just so glad you're here it's been too long." Shuyin exclaimed.

Yuna just nodded her head as she followed him to his car. It was a one-hour scenic ride to the house. There were so many trees surrounding the land, and when she looked out the window to her left she could see the ocean shimmering in the sunlight. She hardly saw the ocean in Zanarkand. What you mostly saw was tall skyscrapers, and when she did go to the beach it was polluted ocean water. So, the water was dark and grimy looking.

When they reached the house, Shuyin took Yuna's bags out of the back of his black car, and brought it inside.

When they entered Yuna loved the house at once. It was simple with beige walls and it was well furnished.

What made the house very comforting were all the family pictures that were framed on the wall. What surprised Yuna the most, were pictures of her and two boys when she was five.

"So what do you think Yuna?" Shuyin asked.

"It's beautiful. I feel right at home." She answered.

"Well maybe you feel right at home because there are so many pictures of you in here even though you haven't been here in twelve years." Shuyin chuckled.

Shuyin led her to her room and opened the door. Yuna's suitcases were already in the corner. Yuna looked around the room, and her face turned into a frown.

"What you don't like it?" Shuyin somberly replied.

"No it's not that its just, it looks like a guy used to live in here." She frowned. When she looked around, the room was white. There were pictures of motorcycles and blitzball teams. Blitzball trophies stood proudly on the top of dressers and shelves. There was a blitzball in the corner.

"Well it was my brother's room. You'll meet him later ok." Shuyin smirked as he looked around. Yuna walked around the room and saw a picture on the desk in the corner. It was a picture of a little girl and a little boy standing in the rain, on the pier in the Besaid beach. The little boy was holding the girls hand, and he was kissing her on the cheek.

"Who are these two?" Yuna asked.

"Oh well," Shuyin said as he rubbed the back of his head, "That's you and Tidus when you were around five."

"Who's Tidus?" she asked again.

"My brother. You guys were really good friends before. But of course you guys were only five, who would expect you two to keep in touch for twelve years. You were five, you guys didn't know how to use the phone, or write letters."

"Oh," Yuna whispered sadly, without remembering a thing about when she was five.

Yuna looked out of the window and saw the ocean sparkling in the sun. She was able to smile as she watched the palm trees swaying in the wind as if dancing to a song that only they could hear.

Shuyin who was standing at the doorway, was observing Yuna and saw her smile. He grinned, after he realized that it was the first time she had smiled since he picked her up at the airport.

"You want to walk to the beach. It's not far from here? Maybe a ten-minute walk, maybe less. I'll can stay here and prepare dinner so that you can have some time alone. After all you are in a new town." He said softly.

"Yah I'd love to go there." She said happily."I'll know the way since it's so easy to see."

Shuyin nodded his head and lead her out the door. Yuna walked silently and enjoyed the view around here. There were trees growing everywhere. The sky was a clear blue, with white clouds that looked like splotched milk. When she reached the beach she gazed out towards the horizon. The sea was beautiful. It was around four or five in the afternoon, so she walked along the sand and saw a pier that wasn't tall or very long. At its end, was a young man taking pictures of the view. Yuna watched him contentedly. She was close enough to see his face.

Yuna sighed. He was very handsome. He had light blond hair that stood up in all directions. And his icy blue eyes stared off into space. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed that he was well built.

Yuna watched him snap shots, but little did she know he was watching her as well. The young man who was around eighteen would turn around, and take pictures of Yuna. 'She looks like a girl I used to know' He thought.

The sun was beginning to set and it was getting dark. So when she saw the photographer put his stuff away in a black bag, she too turned around and walked home.

The sun was almost down, and the sky had turned a light shade of pink and purple. As she walked down the path towards the house, she heard the sound of twigs snapping behind her. She looked down on the floor, even though she was stepping on twigs, she knew she wasn't making the noise. Her heart began pounding with fright, and at first she was too scared to turn around. She walked faster, but then the sound of snapping twigs got faster as well. She held her breath and turned around. She squealed and covered her mouth. The handsome photographer was walking right behind her.

'Oh no what if he wasn't taking pictures of the ocean view but was taking pictures of me. Does that mean he's stalking me! CRAP!' She thought in her head. Shuyin's house was in view. 'Ok it's all or nothing' she thought 'RUNNNN!'

Yuna took the chance and bolted. She ran screaming with desperation, telling herself to run faster. Her short, slender legs were in pain as she ran as fast as she could. Her hair blew behind her as the cold wind blew in her direction. Yuna was scared period.

"AHHHHH!" She yelled all the way to the house. The young photographer was running after her yelling words, but Yuna was too concentrated on getting to the house so she didn't understand a single word he said.

Yuna made it into the house, she ran inside to the kitchen where Shuyin was cutting tomatoes.

"Shuyin quick give me a pan." She yelled breathlessly. Shuyin's left eyebrow lifted with curiosity as he handed her the pan that he was going to use to cook the vegetables.

"Yuna what the hell is going on?" He asked. Yuna ran through the front door.

Shuyin looked out of the kitchen window, which overlooked the front yard. He saw Yuna swinging the pan at someone, a young man with blond hair.

"Oh no! Yuna! Wait!" Shuyin yelled as he dropped the knife on top of his half sliced, tomato.

Yuna was already outside. "You perverted stalker. Stay away from here! It's my new home, so don't come near me!" She yelled, "You come one step closer and I swear I'll knock you down with this metal pan!"

"Calm down lady! You're psycho. This is my home!" He yelled angrily as he walked closer to her with his hands in the air. His black bag had fallen to the ground.

"Wrong choice mister!" She yelled. When she said she would knock him down if he came close, she meant it. When he walked closer, she swung the pan with all her strength and whacked him in the head.

BONG… that was the sound of the metal pan hitting the young man's head. Shuyin was standing in the doorway with his palm on his forehead.

"Yuna what have you done?" He yelled with shock, "Man he's going to feel that when he wakes up." Shuyin ran over to the young man's body and felt his head.

"What are you doing Shuyin? He followed me home and everything." Yuna said as she breathed heavily.

"Yuna," Shuyin laughed, "this is my brother. This is Tidus." Shuyin began grinning and began laughing really hard.

"Oh, oh no. Shuyin this isn't a laughing matter. We have to help him," Yuna said with embarrassment and worry. There was a huge red bump growing on Tidus' forehead.

"HAHA Yuna you hit him hard. Here help me bring him inside. He's still breathing. We'll just put a frozen steak on his head, it'll bring down the swelling." Shuyin smirked.

"Shuyin stop laughing!" Yuna screamed as she ran and knelt down beside the unconscious Tidus.

Shuyin finally stopped laughing after a couple of minutes and picked up Tidus. He carried him through the door and headed to the living room.

Yuna was still on her knees, filled with shock that she had just knocked out Tidus with a pan.

"I haven't even met him yet and I already hurt him. I can't belive I did that!" She whispered sadly with guilt, "Oh no..."

Yuna got off of her knees and walked to the door way as she ran her fingers through her short brown hair.

"Oh no! I killed Tidus!"

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