Coping with Love

Chapter 8: Jealousy

By FlyPinAyS

Ring…. Ring…. Ring….

"I got it Tidus!" Yuna yelled as she raced for the phone.

"Hello?" She said as she answered.

"Yuna!" Shuyin yelled excitedly on the other line.

A smile quickly spread across her face as she listened to his warm voice. "How are you Shuyin? I haven't seen you for over a month. I really really miss you."

"I know. I've been really busy with school. I miss seeing your smiling face."

"Are you coming home for the four day weekend? We could all hang out and do whatever."

"Well, actually Yuna, I wanted to talk to you about that. Do you and Tidus want to come to the University tomorrow for the weekend? I'm going camping with Wakka and Lulu. I think it would be even more fun if you guys could come with us."

"Uhhh, hold on. Let me give the phone to your brother." Yuna ran to Tidus and handed the phone to him.

"Camping?" Tidus asked, "Since when did you like going camping. You were always deathly afraid of bugs."

"Well Tidus if I remember correctly, you're the one who would scream like a girl every time a bug flew by." Shuyin responded.

"What? Whatever. You have such a bad memory. Yah, sure we'll meet you at your apartment then. It should be fun."

"Did you have any other plans Tidus?" Shuyin asked.

Tidus looked at Yuna and gave her a small smile.

Well I wanted to spend time with Yuna alone. I guess those plans are down the drain. He thought.

"No. I had no plans."

"Okay it's settled then. So you're gonna come down tomorrow?"

"Yah man. I guess we'll just ride the train. Yuna and I will see you tomorrow then. Ok, bye."

Yuna ran to Tidus and gave him a big hug, "I can't wait to go camping! I am so excited.

Tidus nodded his head. "Yah I'm excited too." He headed back to his room and looked over the list that he had been working on since the morning.

Things to do for Yuna this weekend

-Go on our first date

-Go to a carnival and ride the Ferris wheel

-Go to a really nice restaurant (since she eats as much as an elephant.)

-Go on a hike.

-Teach her blitzball

-Buy flowers… and a new teddy bear. (stupid Shuyin)

-Watch the sunrise and sunset on our special pier

-Show her how much I care

"Well, so much for our first date." He sighed as he crumpled up the list and threw it in the trashcan.

The Next Afternoon

"There is something about trains that relaxes me." Tidus whispered as he watched the scenery fly past through the window.

"What?" Yuna asked as she pulled out her earphones.

"Well, it's just so calming. I feel like when I'm on a train, I absolutely have to sit and contemplate about life.

Yuna laughed, "Is that why you didn't bring a book or music?"

"Yup. I know that it will be a two-hour train ride, but right now it's my time to sit and think about everything. Don't you feel that rides like these symbolize a turning point in life?"

Yuna shook her head. "No, I just think of train rides as a way to get to the designated area."

Tidus frowned and turned away. "Whatever. Don't talk to me right now, I'm contemplating."

Yuna stared at him and smiled. She wrapped her arms around his chest and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Okay you sit there and think then."

Over an hour later, Yuna pulled out her earphones and grinned, "You're still thinking?" Tidus slowly nodded his head.

"What are you thinking about now?"


Yuna raised one eyebrow. "Really, and what are you thinking about me?"

"Your ugly nose and you crooked eyebrows. Oh and your raspy voice." Tidus replied with a serious expression on his face.

"Really? Am I that ugly?"

Tidus smirked and ran his fingers through her hair. "No. You have a beautiful face and one of the warmest voices that I have ever heard."

Yuna blushed a bright shade of red.

"Why are you blushing Yuna?" He laughed.

She covered her cheeks with both of her hands and looked away. "Don't say things like that."

"Why? They're true." Tidus smirked as he watched her turn an even darker shade of red. He placed his hands on top of hers. "Never doubt what I say okay. You are so beautiful to me."

"Well in Zanarkand, no one thought I was really pretty." Yuna whispered.

"Well those people are losers. No one shines as bright as you. Inside and out."

Yuna closed her eyes as Tidus's face slowly moved closer towards hers.

"LAST STOP! Hey you two love birds. Get up, this is the last stop of the train." The conductor said.

Yuna opened her eyes and Tidus pulled away before they had the chance to kiss one another. He sighed and picked up both their bags as they walked off of the train.

Once they entered the train station, they saw Shuyin waiting for them.

"SHUYIN!" Yuna yelled as she ran towards him.

Shuyin caught her in a strong embrace and twirled her around, just like he always did. He picked up a white rose that he had placed on a chair and handed it to her. Tidus glared at his brother.

FLOWERS?! Why the hell did he bring a freaking flower? Kiss ass.

"How are you?" Shuyin asked as he smiled down at her.

"I'm good. I'm really glad to see you!"

"Me too, Yuna. Okay let's go then." Shuyin exclaimed as he placed his arm around her waist. He gave Tidus a pat on the back while they walked towards the car.

Tidus shook his head. He could not help but stare at the arm that was around Yuna's waist.

As they headed towards Shuyin's apartment, he explained the plans.

"Okay so we're going to leave for the camp grounds tomorrow morning. Lulu and Wakka are already at my apartment. Oh and we have everything ready. We'll be camping for two nights. So just get comfortable at the apartment for now. That's pretty much it."

"Well it's getting dark already. We might as well just go to bed, since we're going to be waking up really tomorrow." Yuna suggested.

"Yah that's a good idea. The problem is there are five of us, and my apartment is really small with only one room."

"Well we'll find a way to fit."

Once they reached the apartment, Wakka and Lulu welcomed the three of them home. The apartment really was extremely small. It was perfect for a college student that was living on his own.

Lulu and Wakka decided to sleep in the cramped living room together. That left Yuna, Shuyin, and Tidus the room.

"Sorry you guys. My bed is really small. Only one person can sleep on it." Shuyin apologized, "Well, I guess two people will have to sleep on the floor. Tidus, you and I can sleep on the floor. Yuna should sleep on the bed."

"What? I don't want to sleep on the hard floor." Tidus complained. He headed towards the bed and climbed under the covers. Yuna shook her head.

"That's okay Tidus, I'll sleep next to Shuyin on the floor then." She replied as she covered the floor with a few blankets.

Tidus's eyes widened. "Wait, you're going to sleep next to Shuyin? No it's fine. You should sleep on the bed. It's the gentleman thing to do." He quickly jumped out of bed and pulled Yuna onto it.

Yuna stared at him with confusion, "Okay then. Good night Tidus."

Once the two brothers heard Yuna's soft steady breathing, Shuyin turned towards Tidus. "What was wrong with you awhile ago? You acted like if she slept next to me, I would have attacked her."

"Well, Shuyin, guys are animals. Besides, it's the right thing to give up the bed for her."

"Are you calling me an animal? Look bro, I would never do anything to hurt her."

"That's what you say now, but maybe your hormones will take over."

"Tidus shut up. You're so dumb. I'm going to bed. Geez, when did you get so protective over her in the first place?"

"When I fell in love with her." Tidus whispered inaudibly.