Worth It


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A/N: Prepare for OOC and shortness. This is a one shot I thought of while watching Inuyasha. How I wrote and FMA fic while watching Inuyasha…I don't know.

"Sir?" I hear someone say.

"Sir?" Their voice seems a little panicked. "Colonel Mustang? Are you alright?"

I open my eyes and find myself in my office and Hawkeye standing over me.


I look to the empty bottle in my hand and realize I'm drunk…yet again.

"Sir?" She asks again.

I look to her and whisper, "Why are you here?"

She gives me a sympathy smile (which I can't stand) and whispers, "I'm here to take you home."

I look the other way and slump more in my chair and say, "I don't want to go!"

I sound like a five year old. A whiny five year old.

"Come on…you don't want to spend the night in this cold office, do you?" She sounds like she's talking to a five year old.

I look back up to her eyes and I gently caress her cheek with my free hand.

She stands up quickly and her whole body and attitude tenses.

"What?" I ask innocently.

"Sir, we need to go. Now!" Hawkeye says sternly. It sounds like she's screaming.

"Stop screaming!" I say as I cover my ears.

"I'm not screaming sir," she says softly as she helps me out of my chair.

My balance is off and so I fall into her and luckily, she catches me.

"Riza?" I whisper.

She seems shocked at me for saying her name.


I lean in and kiss her for some unknown reason.

It feels as if hours pass by before she and I break apart.

"Roy…I'm sorry…that was uncalled for. It will never…" I don't let her finish as I capture her lips while my arms wrap around waist.

I know tomorrow we will pretend like this never happened. That we never kissed or anything like that. And I know I will have the worst hangover, but it'll be worth it.

The End

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