( Aerith x Sephiroth 50 Theme Drabbles )

#17. tears

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He hated to see her cry. A smile belonged on her face, he'd said. Nothing else.

It had been difficult to find her, but when he had he'd been relieved beyond words.

She stood outside in the middle of a storm, her dress clinging to her as though it were a second skin and her body wracked with incessant shivers. He'd never seen her more in her element and yet he'd never seen her more out of it.

Her eyes were shimmering more brilliantly then usual. Her hair was plastered to the sides of her face and her eyelashes looked longer and darker then they truly were. She looked ethereal, like an angel. She looked beautiful.

He could tell something was wrong, and yet he couldn't. She gave him a smile but he could see that her gaze was saddened and her looks only half-hearted.

Was she crying? Or was the rain acting as her tears? He couldn't tell and he had the strangest feeling she'd purposely made it to be that way.