( Aerith & Sephiroth 50 Theme Drabbles )

#47. moon

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Upon Aerith's insistence and much to Sephiroth's dismay, he found himself walking down a somewhat empty street, heading towards Costa Del Sol's ever so famous beach with Aerith hanging on his arm, humming happily and watching as the sun slowly began to set in the distance.

He let himself get lost in the sight and the feel of just having Aerith beside him, as the calmness slowly began to spread over the town; something he didn't usually let himself go to experience.

Life was good, he decided. Better than the older days, for sure.

"Sephiroth, give me a penny!" Aerith suddenly spoke, breaking his reverie. Scowling, he did as she asked and dug around in his pocket, eventually finding one and handing it to her.

"Why, exactly, do you need a penny?"

"Because," she said sweetly, "there's probably lot's of people around here who need some good luck!" And with that, she bent over to place the bronze coin on the ground.

As she did so, a voice rang out from behind the couple: "It's gonna be a full moon tonight!"

Aerith straightened slowly, as though unaffected by the comment. Meanwhile, Sephiroth spun around with vehemence he nearly knocked himself off his feet. His eyes eventually found the culprit -- an eight year old boy, laughing hysterically, more than likely thinking he was the greatest person to ever grace the Planet.

"Sephiroth..." Aerith soothed, taking his arm and trying to drag him and his angry countenance forward before he could inflict bodily harm on the harmless child.

"Did you not hear the little vermin?" Sephiroth snarled, looking back over his shoulder. "And you want to actually have one of your own? Blasphemy!"

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