I don't own Dragonball and its characters, nor did I create them. For all intents and purposes, Bulma is 18 in the story.

((When Bulma first met Goku she wanted his Dragonball and even showed him her panties, but of course Goku wouldn't really care since he's so innocent, well this fic is based on what if it was some other guy instead of Goku?))

A guy named Chris was leaning back on his chair just waiting and letting the time pass by. He was inside a small house that looked more like a hut, in a chinese design, in the middle of the mountains. He sighed. "How did I ever get myself into this mess?" He was going for a joyride with some friends a week ago but the car accidentaly bounced him out. The car was speeding so fast that they probably didn't notice he was missing until they were miles away. He was wandering the mountainside, alone and hungry until he found this small house. This place would be his new home, but luckily there was some food in the firdge but all alone in the mountains there was really nothing to do or no way to leave and get help since there was no phone or radio or anything. He never knew the treasure his house contained.

Just outside a motorcycle pulled up and a familiar looking girl got off. It was Bulma, the tall girl with green hair touching her shoulders was wearing a capsule corp jacket over a white shirt and brown shorts that were above her knees. The girl was 18 at the time and she pulled out her Dragon Radar that was beeping rapidly. Pointing it to the house, she confirmed she was at the right place. "This has got to be the place. I wonder if there is anybody home. Hello? Hello? Is there anybody home?"

Chris heard her voice and raised a brow, "A girl? Here? Maybe he was finally saved!" He opened the door and saw the lovely Bulma before him. She smiled, "Hello, I'm Bulma." Chris was caught a bit off guard by her sudden appearance, "Um.. hi Bulma, I'm Chris.. um.. what could I do for you?" Bulma pushed herself in the house and ironically asked, "Mind if I come in? Thanks. Do you mind if I take a look around the house?" Chris stood there dumbfounded as this strange girl wandered the house looking around with the beeping device in her hands, "Hmm, it has to be around here somewhere... where is it? I know it's-- aha!" She walked over to a desk and got on her knees stretching forward to get what she was looking for. Chris watched her, slightly admiring her ass but also wondering what the heck this girl could be looking for. Bulma got up and had a shiny orange pearl with a star on it. "Yes! I was right! I found the orange-star Dragonball!"

Chris saw the jewel and it looked quite valuable so he snatched it, "Let me get a better look at this thing." Bulma's temper quickly flared and she demanded, "Hey! Give that back! I found it first!" Chris moved back, "Yeah, you found it but in MY house! You think you can just walk into my house and take whatever you want!" Bulma yelled back, "Yeah, well it's too bad, I found it so it's mine!" Chris yelled back, "You found it in MY house so that makes it mine!" Bulma's temper began to flare up more, "You moron! You don't even know what it is!" Chris demanded, "Oh yeah! Then what is it!"

An hour later both of them were sitting at the table with Chris leaning over the back of his chair (he was sitting backwards), carefully protecting the Dragonball as Bulma finished her story, "And that's the whole story." Chris nodded, "So.. you already have two of these, and the one I have now makes 3, and if we gather all 7, a dragon will appear and grant whatever wish you want?" Bulma nodded, "Yes. Now you know why they're so important to me. Now give me the Dragonball and after I make my wish I'll come back and return it to you." Chris held his DB back, "Are you crazy? You think after all the stuff you told me that I'm gonna give it to you? No way! What if I want a wish of my own!" Bulma snapped back, "Dammit! I found it first and my wish is more important. You don't even know what to wish for!" "Oh yeah, if your wish is so important, than what is it!" Bulma yelled at the top of her lungs, "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" Chris walked away protecting his newfound treasure, "Well, I don't care what you say. This Dragonball was in MY house so it's MY Dragonball. Sorry girl, but this Dragonball ain't for sale." Bulma crossed her arms and huffed angrily and then got an idea, "Not for sale eh?" she thought to herself, "We'll see about that..."

Chris kept his Dragonball close by and eyed the green haired girl in case she tried to steal it and make a run for it. Bulma turned around and smirked, waving her finger. "Ohhhh, I see you game. You're a smart one aren't you? I know what you want to see." Chris raised a brow. What the heck was she up to now? "What? What are you talking about?" Bulma unzipped her shorts and let them drop, showing Chris a nice clear view of her tight white panties. His eyes nearly popped out of his sockets looking at this hot teenage babe in her undies. Bulma smiled and nodded seeing that he liked her fabulous body, "Well then Chris, now that I've shown you what you wanted to see, I believe that Dragonball is mine. Hand it over."

Chris turned his head, "Of course not!" Bulma yelled, "WHAT! Hey! I let you see my panties for Kami's sake, now hand over the Dragonball!" Chris crossed his arms, "Hmph. I never asked you to strip for me. You just dropped your shorts by yourself. I never said anything about giving anything to you in exchange for a look at your undies. So I ain't giving you anything!" Bulma yelled, "Hey! I'm the hottest babe you're ever gonna meet pal, you're lucky you got to see me with my underwear. Now give me that Dragonball now!" Chris smirked, "All right then, let's see your pussy!"

Bulma gasped and stuttered, "WHAT? M--m-- my pussy? Are you serious!" Chris nodded, "Anyone can see panties in some porn mag. If you want the Dragonball, I want to see some pussy." Bulma got mad and yelled, "ARE YOU CRAZY! THERE'S NO WAY THAT I'M GOING TO SHOW YOU MY PUSSY YOU FUCKIN' PERVERT!" Chris turned around and acted like he was going to walk away, "Sorry, no pussy, no Dragonball." Bulma sighed and blushed, "Are you serious? You really want me to show it to you? If I do this, you BETTER give me the Dragonball like you promised..." Chris nodded, "Sure. Seeing you naked would beat any wish I'd ever want anyway." Bulma blushed and nodded, "All right then... take a good look 'cause I'm only gonna do this once..."

Chris nodded and waited anxiously as Bulma closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and lowered her panties, taking them off completely. Bulma blushed as her small tight pussy as well as her small green bush was out in plain view and looked at Chris' reaction. The teenage boy was shocked she actually did it and got a good look at her front. Bulma looked away and asked annoyingly, "Alright... is this better?" She felt like beating the crap out that pervert. Chris nodded, "Wow! Bulma, you really have a lovely pussy there... It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Bulma blushed and nodded, still annoyed but flattered nonetheless, due to her large ego, "Um... yes... thanks.. Now will you give me the Dragonball as promised?" Chris smirked, "Alright, but first let me show you something..." Bulma was still turned away and pulled her panties back up, "Yeah right. What could you possibly show me at a time like this.." Bulma turned to see Chris' unzipped pants and his hard long shaft pointing upwards at her. Bulma simply froze and blushed as red as a beet.

Bulma stood there looking at his hardened shaft and didn't know what to do. Bulma was still a virign at this point and have never really seen a guy's cock before, but she still had her arrogant attitude. She couldn't act like some inexperienced virgin. Bulma coughed to regain her composure and slowly approached the boy, "Um.. nice thing you got there.. mind if I touch it?" Chris shook his head and smiled as Bulma took hold of his cock feeling the hard manhood for the first time in her hand. Bulma got sweaty and blushed even redder and felt how her pussy was heating up, slowly getting wet. She nervously backed away and let him go, taking a deep breathe of releif. Chris smiled and pulled his pants and handed Bulma the Dragonball. "Alright, we had our little fun. You can have the Dragonball." Bulma swallowed hard and turned back to him, "R-really? You're really going to give me the Dragonball? Just like that?" Chris smirked, "Sure. I mean you let me see your pussy, that beats the hell out of any wish I could have asked for. All I ask is that you take me with you, at least out of this dull place." Bulma nodded and Chris went off to pack.

Bulma paused. This guy obviously likes her. He even showed her his cock. They were all alone in this house and noone would ever catch them. This seemed like the perfect chance for Bulma to become a woman. It seemed Chris would be more than happy to screw the daylights out of her rather than say no, so why not? Bulma coughed and approached the young man, "Hey Chris... you know.. there's really no rush to get out of here. Why don't we stay here and spend the night? The Dragonballs aren't going anywhere.. and besides.. since we already did see each other, I don't think it would be so bad if we had sex, wouldn't it?" Chris blushed, "Um... sex? You serious... you and me... tonight?.. You want us... um.. to um.. do it?" Bulma nodded, "Yeah, why not? You already saw my pussy anyway. In fact.. um.. why wait for tonight? How about.. right now?" Bulma was sweating in anticipation. What if he turned her down? Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter by the second.. Chris blushed, also getting harder with the thought of being inside her. "Um.. yeah Ok.. why not? I mean, we both want it right? there's a bedroom to your right.. let's go for it then Bulma!"

Chris took Bulma to the bedroom and started to kiss her lips. Bulma was no stranger to kissing and she wrapped her arms around him and slipped in her tongue. As they kissed, Chris reached for her breasts and squeezed them tightly. Bulma moaned and took hold of his hand, placing it under her shirt. Bulma's breasts were big enough to fill Chris' hands and felt warm to his touch. He flicked her bra off and pulled it from under her shirt, throwing it away. Bulma then raised her shirt letting her pair bounce out into eye's view. Chris hungrily leaned over to carress them and started sucking on her nipples. Bulma let out several moans and stifled breathes as Chris was making her temperature rise and her desire grow. Chris held on to her breasts and sucked on her nipples harder and harder while playing with her other breast. He moved from one to the other until Bulma pulled him back up to kiss him with a lustful frenzy. As their lips met in heated passion, Chris reached downwards to rub his fingers along the front of her shorts. Bulma's pussy was very wet by now and his finger traced along the clit, making her pussy burn for him.

Bulma smiled and unzipped her shorts, dropping them along as her panties, revealing once again her lovely pussy, but this time it was burning with desire. Chris pushed Bulma lightly so she would lay back, slightly catching Bulma off guard. Bulma was expecting them to go right at it but was surprised as she felt Chris' toungue slip across her clit. He wrapped his arms around her legs and stuck his face between them, licking her vaginal lips up and down and then sucking on them. Bulma layed back and moaned as he continued to suck on her, taking a firm grip of the bedsheets as her temperature rose even more. Chris licked her pussy making her wetter by the moment and then slipped his tongue inside for a better taste of her. He licked the edges of her insides making Bulma scream with pleasure. As the heat was building up Bulma reached for Chris' head and held him close as he continued to lick her savangely. Finally it was too much for Bulma and she let out a loud moan-like scream as she came explosively in Chris' face. Chris smiled and happily licked up all her cum, leaving her pussy clean. Bulma took several breathes until she calmed down and wiped the sweat from her brow. "Chris... that was amazing... have you ever done this before?" Cris smiled as he licked his fingers, "To be honest no.. but you sure have a hell of a sweet pussy." Bulma smirked, "Never eh? Coulda fooled me.." Chris laughed a little and unzipped his pants, letting them drop and unleashing his hardened shaft, "Alright Bulma, now for the real deal.." Bulma saw his cock and paused, "No wait..." Chris raised a brow, "What?" Bulma smiled as she reached out for his manhood with both hands, "First let me return the favor.."

Chris gasped as Bulma leaned over and started to lick the head. She let her tongue slide acorss it and then started to lick up and won all over it's length as she tugged on it. Chris let out several sighs of surprise and pleasure as he decided to let Bulma have her way and set his hands on her head. Bulma smirked mentally as she sucked harder on the head noticing every feeling of pleasure she was making her lover feel. Bulma then opened wide and fit his entire shaft down her throat, sucking on it as hard as she could while fondling his balls. Chris stregenthed his grip on Bulma's aqua green hair as the pleasure was building up drastically. He let out louder moans as Bulma continued to suck on him as hard as she could, focusing her tongue on the head. Chris couldn't take much more and took a firm hold of Bulma's head as he came hard into her mouth. Bulma was surprised but Chris didn't let her move, forcing to swallow every drop from him. Chris finally let her go and Bulma swallowed all his cum. Remember what Chris did earlier, Bulma licked his cock clean and smiled. Taking a breather, they both got back on the bed and Chris opened Bulma's legs as he got on top of her.

Bulma held Chris close and started to kiss him as he started to get on top of her. She was overwhelmed with excitement knowing she was about to finally become a woman, but she tried her best to mask it so Chris wouldn't know she was inexperienced. Chris didn't keep Bulma waiting much longer since he held her legs open and inmediately started to slip his hard cock inside her. Bulma gasped and moaned as she felt his manhood snap through her virginity and start to thrust into her. Bulma locked her arms around Chris as he sinked deeper into her warm wet pussy, both of them moving in a steady rythym. Chris could only gasp since Bulma's pussy was alot tighter than he imagined, but it felt so good being inside her that it only impulsed him to go faster.

Bulma started to moan louder and asked for him to go faster. Chris agreed and started to thrust harder into her, sinking his entire shaft inside her, banging against her womb without mercy. He took a firm grip of her breasts and teased her nipples with his tongue as he continued to thrust into her tight pussy. Bulma's eyes could only bug out as she felt her very first intense orgasm making her yell undeciperable sounds as she came hard onto Chris' still hard cock. She held on tighter, almost clawing his back because the young man had only begun his assualt on her. He continued to thrusts harder and faster into Bulma, feeling the most incredible pleasure he ever had in his life, which he never wanted to end. Bulma soon reached her second climax and Chris got off her. But his cock was still as hard now as when they began. He rolled on his back and let Bulma mount him. She carefully slid down onto him, not wanting to hurt herself with his huge shaft and started to pump herself into him. Chris held on to her hips as he returned every thrust of hers as his entire shaft was lost inside her. Bulma rode him violently, not wanting to stop and only wanting him to sink deeper. Chris soon closed his eyes and let Bulma thrust herself upon him as she pleased, letting her warm sex tug and squeeze away at him with every move she made until he felt her warm cum wash over him for a third time.

Bulma got off him and was exhausted but Chris still wasn't ready to call it quits. He layed her on her back and wrapped his arms around her hips. This time he wanted her badly and just rammed violently into her and started to thrust hard. Bulma layed her head back and moaned, wanting more punishment. The pleasure was far stronger than the pain as she was bounced up and down on the bed as Chris thrusted into her with lustful vigor. He loved being inside her and he wanted to cum into her. Bulma gasped and moaned as her hands grabbed onto and nearly ripped the bedsheets off as her pussy continued to clench itself around his hard thick shaft. Chris continued to thrust harder into her, lost in his own lust and pleasure, every single scream from her making him harder and wantng her more and more. She let her head rest on the pillow and slammed her eyes shut as she came intensely, washing her cum over him again, only intensifying the fire he felt for her. He held on tight to her legs as he rammed harder into Bulma until he finally felt the intense bliss of reaching his peak and came hard inside her. Bulma moaned and felt his warm cum invade her and relaxed herself. Chris got off her and layed next to her exhausted and satisfied.

Chris kissed her and smiled, "Wow, that was intense. I never felt anything like that." Bulma smiled and sighed, still lost in her last orgasm, "Yeah... you were great.. I mean, of course compared to the others I've had." He pointed out, "Hey Bulma, how come when we were fucking, you started to bleed? Don't virgins bleed?" Bulma quickly covered up her now-lost innocence, "Oh don't be silly. You were really giving it to me hard back there Chris. Sometimes when you do that you make a woman bleed. It's natural since you're so big." Chris blushed and coughed, "Um.. uh.. thanks.. Heh..." Bulma wrapped her arms around Chris and they soon went to sleep. The next morning, as promised, Chris gave Bulma the Dragonball and Bulma let him drive along with her until they returned to civilization. Bulma was hesitant about leaving Chris behind since she's be alone again. Bulma waved bye but Cris followed her. Bulma asked, "Why are you following me?" He replied, "Well, um.. maybe you need help to find the other Dragonballs. I know its dangerous, but at least I can keep you company at night... If you want." Bulma smiled evily and waved for him to join her, "Sure. I'd love to have you along. Let's go find those Dragonballs!"

And so Bulma and her new friend Chris go look for the other Dragonballs. She might not have as much adventures as she did if she had met Goku, but at least she had a lot of great sex every night...