((This part 2 of Bulma and the Dragonball. I decided to follow it up. This time it's kinda the reversed situation. Again, I didn't create Dragonball, Bulma and Lunch are not my characters, and Bulma and Lunch are 18 in this story.))

"Agh... oh shit..." Bulma moaned as Chris was ramming his shaft inside her. It was midnight and Chris and Bulma were doing their thing inside Bulma's portable Capsule house number 42. It has become a habit now, and Bulma was getting more and more used to the wild passionate sex she was getting every night. They were in the bedroom of course, door closed, as if anyone could hear their loud passionate moans. The Dragonballs were safely kept in a drawer in the same room, there were 5 now. The first Dragonball was found by some old guy that wanted to see Bulma's crotch. Bulma was so grossed out that she had to have Chris give her an 'all nighter' to make her feel better after the whole ordeal. The second was found in some town with some shape shifting pig, but Chris didn't like him so they left him behind. And that's how it went. Bulma would try to find the Dragonballs and Chris would accompany her. And at night after all the hard traveling and adventures were done, they'd go at it all night. It was a fair trade off, for sex and company. Bulma preffered Chris' company rather than going alone, and Chris was glad to be out of the woods where Bulma first found him.

Chris was on top of Bulma, both completely naked, and they were right in the middle of an intense round of passion. The bed was rocking with every move they made, and their clothes were in a pile under it. Chris kissed her lips passionately as he continued to ram his hard shaft deeper into her, as Bulma bucked her hips to match his every move. The feeling was intense for both since due to repeated nights they were both getting better at pleasing each other. Bulma had her arms around Chris and squeezed him tighter with every thrust. The feeling of having him pump hard inside her was incredible, and she felt like she could go all night. "Aggh... oh Chris... go a little harder... agh.. let me feel it..." Chris was panting hard, feeling how her tight pussy was clenching harder onto him with every thrust. Her pussy was so nice and tight, and very wet making it perfect for ramming into her at a rapid pace. He kissed her sexy sweet lips, muffling her moans as he started to pump into her harder to her command. "Yeah Bulma... just tell me how you like it.." Bulma layed her head back and moaned louder as he felt Chris fill her up, ramming his lengthy shaft into her hard enough to shake her body up and down. It was all too much as the 18 year old aqua haired girl tightened her grip even harder around Chris and screamed, "OH YES! LIKE THAT! DON'T STOP!" Chris admitted that she was a nosiy one but didn't mind as he held onto her and continued to fuck her harder. The feel of her warm wet inner walls massaging his head was incredible and Chris closed his eyes as he felt his juices squirt out explosively within her. He let out a loud moan as he shook Bulma violently with harder thrusts as he gave her the last of his pleasure. Bulma, racked with such bliss, felt his cum shoot down her pussy, and planted her nails into his back as she followed with her own orgasm. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH! CHRIIIIIIIIISSSS! Her cunt exploded with her steaming hot cum, washing over Chris' shaft and spilling down her legs.

The moment of pleasure have passed. Chris pulled out of her and layed on his back breathing hard. His back hurt since Bulma scratched him up during that last climax. Bulma layed there as well, breathing too hard to even speak. Her chest heaved up and down, sticking those precious melons of hers higher every time she took a breath. Her pussy was dripping with a mixture of Chris' fluids and her own. Chris layed there watching her, focusing on her heaving chest and feeling himself get arroused again. He let out quite a load inside her so it took him some minutes to start to stiffen again. Bulma was still breathing hard and finally regained the strength to speak, "Phew... that.. sure... was one hell of a good fuck... wasn't it Chris? she said in between breaths. She tried too move but her body wouldn't obey. "Oh damn... I think you really wore me out this time..." Chris didn't say anything and was now back to a full errection. He moved over to Bulma, still quite exhausted and moved his shaft near her face. Bulma saw his cock and gasped, "Wha..? Hard again already..? It's been a long day.. I don't think I can suck you off after all this.." Before she could say anything, he placed his swollen member between Bulma's impressively sized rack and held them tightly together to clench him hard. Bulma gasped and looked at him, "Wh.. what are you doing?" Chris smirked and started to pump his shaft between her breasts, holding them tight and feeling their firmness. "C'mon Bulma.. I had to take that 10 mile hike with you.. let me have it my way this time.."

Bulma was too exhausted too move and felt how her breasts were being squeezed and fucked by her companion. She had to admit she got arroused by having his shaft so near to him and feeling his hard long shaft between her breasts was setting her cunt on fire. She weakly raised her hands and set them on top of Chris' helping him rub and squeeze her breasts, her nipples getting harder and harder. Chris' head was so near to her mouth, she decided to stick out her tongue and gently lick it, making Chris moan even more. Chris only read about this 'breast fuck' thing in some magazine the perverted old guy had, and decided to try it. He didn't know if he was doing it right but it felt so good he felt he was. Bulma licked his head faster and faster, trying hard to focus with how good his shaft felt upon her and how tired she was from her last climax. Chris jerked his shaft faster towards her, feeling her warm luscious breasts squeeze onto him and her nice warm tongue drive him wild. Bulma licked him as fast as she can s she crushed her breasts up and down against that warm cock she felt between them. Rubbing her own breasts was making her wetter by the second and she wanted Chris to cum hard. She got her wish soon enough as Chris could no longer fight back the incredible pleasure that was shooting through his body. He closed his eyes and yelled, "OH SHIT!" as he came hard, squirting his fluids all over Bulma's face and breasts.

Bulma gasped and let him go to wipe the cum off her face. "Ewwww yuck! Darn it Chris, watch where you shoot that thing! That's disgusting!" Chris was breathing hard and looked at her cum filled face, "Sorry Bulma.. I... it's not like... I control how I cum you know... besides you never complain when you suck me off and swallow my load.." Bulma wiped her face angrily and looked at him, "Hey, that's different. It doesn't make a mess that way. Do you know how hard it would be to get this junk off if it hit my hair? You're so lucky it didn't mess up my wonderful hair!" Chris grabbed a nearby towel and gave it to her, "Well sorry ok? I'll be more careful next time." Bulma wiped her face and breasts clean, "Well, alright. I'll forgive you this time. Now how about one last round before we go to sleep?" Chris' eyes grew wide. "What? More? But I already did it twice.. I'm exhausted and I don't know if um.. little Chris is up for it." Bulma reached out for now soft and small cock and squeezed it tightly. "The hell you are." Chris jolted , "Hey.. HEY! What are you doing? That hurts! Cut it out!" Bulma ignored him and started to jerk him hard. "Hey, you got off to fuckin my boobs, but what about me? You just left me all wet and horny waiting for more. Now come on. I want some cock dammit!" Chris tried to get her hands off him but he knew she'd try to bop him if he did. Always having her way she jerked him fast and hard making his cock stiffen up again until it was to its full length. Chris was breathing hard and looking at Bulma angrily and she smirked saying, "See? I knew you had it in you. Now c'mon and give me what I want." She pushed Chris on his back and carefully started to mount him. She was still exhausted and her pussy sore, but she didn't care. She wanted to fuck and she was gonna get it. Chris layed there looking at the lustful girl as she carefully slipped his hard shaft upwards into her. She sunk down onto him, wrapping the folds of her juicy pussy around him and started to ride him slowly. "Oh yeah... this is how I really like it.. when I'm in charge... ooooh..." She moaned lightly and continued to ride her forceful lover as Chris could only lay there and watch her go. He had to admit it felt incredible being inside her, and his cock stiffened up even more as he felt her warm inner walls close in on him harder.

Bulma played with her breasts and moaned as she rocked her up and down, riding upon Chris' hard prick. He was exhausted but it felt so good that he managed to reach out to grip onto Bulma's ass, pushing her into him harder with every thrust. At this point, Bulma was in heaven, not really caring about how Chris felt, but caring more about how his nice hard cock ran up and down her pussy, letting the intense sensation run through her body. She rocked nice and slow, letting the feeling build up slowly, enjoying every moment. She continued to rub her breasts, pretending Chris was still between them and was moaning lightly. Chris layed there, his body being shaken up and down as the aqua haired teen got her kicks and started to thrust upwards into her. Bulma continued to please herself and looked down on him, "That's it baby.. work with me here... let me feel you inside me... nice and deep... agghh..."

Several more minutes passed by of this slow pasisonate lovin until Bulma decided to speed up. Chris gasped as his rider started to thrust against him harder, her cunt squeezing him tighter with every move. She yelled at him, "Oh yeah... that's it! Get ready to be riden like you never been before! OH SHIT!" Chris held onto her ass tighter as Bulma started moving faster, maybe a little too rough for his sore cock, but she didn't care. She moaned and yelled loudly as she was closer to coming, and the closer she was, the more she rode poor Chris like a wild animal. Chris held onto her the best he could, noticing how her breasts bounced wildly in all directions with her intense motions. "Oh shit.. Bulma.. you keep this up.. I'm gonna end up losing it soon..." Bulma was driven wild with lust as she wanted to feel his warm cum shoot down her womb again. She rode him harder, bucking her hips wildly, her moans heard across the halls of the empty house. You'd think they were killing somebody in there or something. This was all Chris could take and he yelled her name as he came unspeakbaly hard, shooting all of his fluids, as well as his pshysical resistance into her. He panted hard and basically layed there limp, still being rocked violently by the insane with lust Bulma. She felt his juices flow into her and she lost control. She clenched her cunt even tighter and came in a massive orgasm, smothering Chris' shaft with her steaming hot cum and then she collapsed on top of him.

Chris was speechless, in all sense of the world, struggling hard to breathe after being forced to handle a third round when two was obviously his limit. He held Bulma close as she was also gasping and completely out of it. He kissed her forehead and continued to pant hard until he could manage a "Damn... you really got the wind outta me there Bulma..." She smiled, finally completely satisified and layed a finger on his nose, "See? I knew you had it in you. I'll make you into an excellent lover yet." Both of them were getting better at it everyday. Bulma herself was quite a feisty one, thanks to Chris making her woman she realized that she had alot of pent up sexual energy she was holding for these 18 years and Chris was the guy to help her release it. She was probably the best sexual partner for someone like her, and she was getting better every day, but her arrogance and pride always made her cover it up, and she convinced Chris that she was a complete sexual expert since day one. She hated people thinking she was some innocent naive teenager. She always wanted to be the smartest and the best at everything, even sex.

After a few hours they washed up, got dressed and got ready to go. Bulma checked on her birth control pills (what, you don't think I'd make her pregnant wouldja?) and checked on when her next one was due. She was wearing tight brown shorts and a tighter red top as well some boots. She wore her hair long this time, shoulder length with a loose bang or two. Chris had on some jeans and aplain white sweatshirt. The girl checked her backpack for capsules and made sure the Dragonballs were safe. She made sure the Dragon Radar was working too.

Chris made sure he had his food saved up in his own backpack and counted the Dragonballs. "Well, we have 5 so far. Only two to go. Where do we go now?" Bulma checked the radar, "We'll be heading for the east. There's a small town nearby where can buy supplies. The next Dragonball is somewhere on Mt. Frypan, but we should buy more food first because it will take us several days to make it there." Chris remembered something, "Hey, you never told me what you wanted to wish for exactly. I mean, now that we're closer friends and all, you can tell me, can't ya?" Bulma narrowed her eyes and then decided to tell him anyway, "Fine, I'll tell you. I want to wish for the best boyfriend ever." Chris smirked, "Oh? Then why am I here then?" Bulma crossed her arms, "I never said you were my boyfriend. You're just here because you wanted to come. You're here for company, help and sex only. And don't you forget that. It's only natural that you'd fall in love for someone as beautiful and incredibly sexy as me but I'd rather what the Dragonballs can give me." Chris crossed his arms, "Fine, fine. Don't flatter yourself. I'm not complaining about our little deal here, but we're at least friends right?" Bulma nodded, "Of course. I wouldn't have made it this way without you and you're alot nicer and polite than most of the creeps in the city. You're lucky to have me as a friend." She did have some hidden feelings for Chris, especially since she was in debt of him, being her first time and all, but she decided to firm in her convictions and not settle for second best. She wanted the best boyfriend ever and if Sheng Long happened to choose Chris, than better for both of them, she figured. Chris didn't mind much. He admitted she was very hot and one hell of a vixen in bed but her co-cky stuck up attitude was always a turn off. They always end up in constant fights but at least they always make up by bed time.

The two stepped out and Bulma transformed the house into a capsule She pulled out Hoi Poi capsule number 5 and it turned into a car. Both of them hopped in and Bulma drove. She had Chris read the map for her and they drove over a long dusty road for about 2 hours. The temperature was hot and the backseat of the car had a few empty water bottles before they finally reached the town. The town was called Old West Town and was 'western' enough to fit the name. The place looked right out of some Clint Eastwood movie. Sandy streets, old fashioned buildings and shops, a bar with those cowboy type doors and the folks all wore old style clothes. Bulma wiped the sweat off her forehead and looekd around. "Hmmm seems kinda quiet here. I hope this place is advanced enough to have any capsules for sale." Chris looked around. "Looks more like a ghost town to me. Hope the stores are open."

Suddenly a fat old guy with a cowboy get up ran at the two of them. "Ahhhhh! Someone help me! Quick! Give me a lift! Take me the hell outta here!" Chris and Bulma sweatdropped and she yelled, "Hey, get the hell away from us fatass!" Chris added, "Yeah.. like.. hands off the vehicle please?" The man was covered in sweat of fear and tried to open the car door, "No, you don't understand! We have to get out of here! She's here! And she's robbing and shooting everything in sight! If we don't get out of here she'll get us all!" Bulma grabbed the man and shook him, "Calm down! WHO'S here?" The man replied, "LUNCH!" Chris raised a brow, "Yo, get your hands away from my sandwhiches. They're mine!" The man replied, "NO YOU IDIOT! I MEAN LUNCH! LUNCH! THE DANGEROUS OUTLAW BANDIT AND SHE'S HERE!" Bulma said, "She? A female bandit?" Chris asked, "Is she cute?" Bulma bopped him, "CHRIS!" He rubbed his head and said, "Just asking. Well, then, let's leave before this crazy woman shoots us or something." The man got in the backseat and Bulma started the car. Unfortunately it wouldn't run.

Chris asked, "What's the prob Bulma! Step on it! I heard gunshots and they don't sound as if they're far from here!" Bulma yelled back, "HEY! I'M TRYING OK? Oh no.. I forgot. We also came here to get a refill. The car's outta gas. And I ran out of gasoline capsules." The man heard this and jumped out. "What? You two are useless! I'm gettin the hell outta here! Lotsa luck!" He ran for the hills leaving a dusty trail behind him. Bulma and Chris looked at him go and wondered what to do. Chris suggested, "Well, if this woman comes out and sees us here out in the open, we're sitting ducks. We should hide in one of these shops." Bulma panicked, "Are you crazy? What if she finds us and shoots us?" Chris heard more gunshots and said, "Look, we need to hide. Those shots seem to have come from the licqour store over there. We He pointed to anearby saloon that read 'Usako Fan Saloon', and it looked pretty smashed up already. Bulma asked, "What? Why in that place?" "Because it looks like Lunch already hit that place and she probably wouldn't return to it. Now let's go before she gets out of the licqour store and sees us!" Bulma nodded and both of them check that they had all their equipment with them before they abandoned the car to run for the saloon, which had the floor covered with borken glass, bullets, and several overturned tables. The got inside and hid behind the bar counter, waiting for the gunshots to stop and hopefully for Lunch to go away.

Inside the ramsacked Usako Fan Saloon, Bulma and Chris hid behind the bartender counter, hiding from the dangerous bandit Lunch. The floor was full of shattered glass, both from the windows and from beer bottles. Some tables anc chairs were overturned and the plac was completely silent except for the noise of the ceiling fan that was still intact and working. Bulma and Chris held each other shaking with every gunshot they heard from outside. The shots were so strung together that the woman must have been packing a rifle or machine gun or something. Bulma asked, "Are you sure she won't come here?" Chris reassured her, "Of course not. The register is empty. She wouldn't rob the same place twice. Now hush so she won't hear us." Bulma took a look at the open cash register on the bartender counter, which was completely empty. Suddenly there was an errie silence as the gunshots stopped. Bulma was the first to notice, "Hey, the gunshots stopped. You think she left town?" Chris didn't know what to think. "We should wait here a few mintues to make she's really gone... damn.. I hate being in the dark without knowing what's going on..."

Suddenly the silence was broken by some footsteps. They sounded louder as they were approaching the saloon. Bulma gasped, "OH MY GOD! SOMEONE'S COMING THIS WAY!" Chris covered her mouth to hush her up. "Shhhh! She'll hear us!" Bulma took the hand off her mouth and choked him, "You said she wouldn't come here!" Chris said, "We're all entitled to make mistakes! Shut up before she hears us dammit!" Suddenly a young woman's voice could be heard that made Bulmaand Chris' hair stand on end. "Hello?" They both stayed quiet as the footsteps drew closer, the person pushing the doors open and entering the saloon. "Is anybody in there? Hello? I need help. I'm lost." Chris didn't know what to think and Bulma said, "That doesn't sound like a bandit." Chris remarked, "How would you know what a bandit sounds like?" Bulma decided to take a look and got up to peak behind the counter while Chris freaked out and tried to pull her back down. Bulma was surprised to see an innocent looking blue haired girl with a red ribbon in her hair, wearing a small green top and small tight yellow shorts and some sneakers. The girl seemed very innocent and defenseless. Bulma called out to her, "Hey, who are you? What are you doing here?" The girl answered, "I'm lost. I'm trying to find my way out of town. Who are you two?" Chris stood up and took a better look at the girl. He had to admit she was rather cute and those shorts fit her nicely. "I'm Chris and this is Bulma. Look, we have to get outta here before this bandit woman named Lunch shows up. She seems really dangerous." The girl blinked. "Dangerous? Me? But my name is Lunch."

Chris and Bulma gasped and held each other tightly. Bulma stuttered, "Di..did..di you hear that Chris? She said her name was Lunch!" Chris looked at her, "But.. but.. she doesn't look like she could hurt a fly." Lunch looked confused at both of them, "Huh? What? What are you two talking about? Oh no, did I do it again?" Bulma asked, "Did you do what again?" Lunch asked, "Did I start shooting and robbing banks again?" Chris let go of Bulma and got to his feet, "Wait a minute... You don't even know? Excuse me miss, but these guys were running the hell outta here like the devil himself was after em. You don't really look scary, and you definitely don't look like the kinda person that would rob banks. You're not even armed." Lunch looked at Chris and Bulma and said, "Well, I'm alot more dangerous than you think. In fact it's not really safe to be around me. Something bad happens whenever I... I..." A draft flew near her nose and the dusty winds went right up her delicate nostrils. She sniffled a bit and tried to hold it in, "Oh no.. not again.. I... I..." Bulma and Chris watched her curiously. "ACHOO!"

Bulma and Chris watched wide eyed as the nice blue haired Lunch became and angry looking blonde Lunch. She looked around and noticed that she was in the same saloon she hit earlier. "What the? Alright, where am I? Where did all the money that I stole go? Alright you two, what did you guys do to me?" Bulma panicked, "We..we.. we.. we..we didn't do anything! You just came in!" Lunch pulled out a rifle and started shooting all over the place. "THAT DOESN'T MATTER! BOTH OF YOU, HANDS UP OR I'LL BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!" Chris and Bulma both held their hands up and were shaking nervously. "Chris! You're the man around here, do something!" Chris yelled "Yeah? And what am I supposed to do? SHE'S ARMED!" Lunch aimed the gun at the cash registered next to Bulma and shot it off the table. "Darn right I'm armed! And I'm pissed too! Now give me all your valuables or you won't live to tell the tale!" Bulma's eyes bugged out at the register falling next to her feet and yelled, "WE DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY! I SWEAR!" Lunch aimed her gun at her, "Oh yeah? Then what's in those backpacks? EMPTY EM OUT!" Bulma and Chris dropped their bags on the floor and emptied them out. Lunch walked over, keeping the gun on them at all times, looking through the things. "Hmph. Binoculars, travel books, maps, what are you tourists or something? Sandwhiches? Bleh. This is all a lot of junk!" Then the blonde saw something that caught her eye. "Ahhhh, what have we here?" Bulma gasped as she grabbed the 5 Dragonballs they were carrying. "I don't know what they are, but they should be worth millions. And what's this?" She saw the Dragon Radar and clicked it a few times, only to see it making funny noises. "HEY YOU!" She aimed her gun at Bulma. "What is this thing?" Bulma couldn't tell her the truth, "It's just a watch, it's nothing valuable, please don't take it!" Lunch yelled, "SHUT UP! I'm the one with the gun here! I think this will give me some nice cash if I sell it." Lunch set her gun down and started putting the stuff in her bags. Bulma saw the chance to try to make a break for it (she's the kind that would leave Chris behind) and ran. Lunch saw her and grabbed her gun, "Not so fast!" She aimed at a clock hanging on the wall and it landed right in front of Bulma. The shock was so big that the poor girl fainted. "Wimp." Lunch remarked asshe finished packing up her stolen loot. She got up and looked at Chris, "Well, that'll be the last of it... but first let's see if you got anything else on ya. Hands up against the wall, NOW!" Chris still had his hands up and said, "But.. but.. but we gave you everything! I have nothing on me!" Lunch waved her gun at him, "We'll see about that. Hands up against the wall I said."

Chris turned around and held his hands against the wall as told. Lunch moved in and searched his pockets. She smirked and said, "Well, well, looks like you got some zennis on you after all. And a pair of hoi poi capsules. I knew you were holding out." Chris yelled, "Hey! I bought those capsules only yesterday!" Lunch didn't care and put them in her bag of loot. "Tough luck pal. Hey, you don't look that bad, not that good either, but not so bad. You the boyfriend of that girl over there?" Chris stuttered, "Uhhh um... kinda sorta..." Lunch searched through his pockets to pull out some coins he had, "Kinda sorta? Is that a yes or a no?" Chris sweatdropped as he felt the gun against his back, "Umm.. I don't know.. we're just friends.." Lunch smirked as she reached between his legs and started to stroke his shaft, "Friends eh? You two ever fuck around? I mean, you two all alone doing all this traveling, I bet you do alot of stuff at night eh? What are all the maps for anyways?" Chris swallowed hard as he felt her stroking him, getting harder from having the sexy woman so close to him. "It.. it's none of your busniess... just visiting relatives is all..." Lunch smirked, "None of my business eh? Oooh, someone here is getting excited.. I bet that girl likes you like this, eh?" Chris was sweating fearfully as she felt him continue to stroke him, not knowing if she was going to shoot him in the back or what. She let go of him, seeing he was hard now and backed off a few steps, still having the gun aimed at him. "Alright. Turn around nice and slow. No funny stuff. We all hate funny stuff." Chris did as told, raising his hands. "Are you gonna leave now? You stole everything we got already!" Lunch smirked and walked closer starting to undo Chris' belt buckle and pulling the belt off him. "Just one more thing." She unzipped his pants with one hand, keeping the gun in other, and pulled them down, leaving Chris in his underwear with a very noticeable bulge in front. He closed his eyes thinking maybe she was going to shoot his dick off. He almost yelped as she pulled his briefs down, letting his hard prick spring upwards towards her. He opened his eyes looking at her, being pale in the face now. "No..no.. please don't shoot me there.. I'll do whatever you say... Just please.. don't shoot my balls off... PLEASE!" He closed his eyes and looked away, awaiting the pain. Lunch smirked and took her gloves off, throwing them onto one of the bar tables. Now with her bare hands out, she reached out to get a firm grip of his shaft and started to jerk him softly, while her other hand kept the gun placed under his chin. Chris didn't know what to do at all and tried to stay perfectly still. "Shoot you? No, no. I'm not going to shoot your balls off. But you are right about one thing. You will do everything I want, or this gun will go boom. Got it?" Chris nodded, pinned against the wall as Lunch slowly got on her knees and started to lick his horny prick.

Lunch smirked at him and continued to lick him, focusing mainly on the head. Chris jotled with her nice warm tongue moisturizing his head, as he felt her starting the lick the full length of his shaft. He didn't know what to do. He thought if he moaned it would provoke her to shoot him so he tried to breathe as calmly as possible. Lunch opened her mouth and placed him into her, sucking hard on his head. Chris closed his eyes and started panting harder. He felt himself sinking deeper into her mouth, sucking on him harder each time. His hands gripped onto the wall as he couldn't hide his moans anymore, panting hard and looking down at the female rapist. Pleased by what she was hearing, she slid his shaft deeper down her throat, forcing it all in her mouth sucking even harder than before. He had to admit she was alot better at this than Bulma was, since Bulma only did this once or twice. Chris looked down at her, gun still aimed at him. "Oh shit... Lunch.. I can't take much of this... agh... why.. why are you doing this..?" Lunch just continued to suck away, jerking his shaft up and down as she did so. She knew he was getting close so she worked on him as hard as she could eager to taste his cum. She also knew he was too far gone in his lust for her tongue around his cock, so she set her gun down and started to massage his swollen balls. Chris moved his face left and right and then braced himself mentally for what was coming. "AGGHHHHHHH!" Not able to fight such forceful bliss, he came hard, gushing down Lunch's deep throat. The viscious blonde happily swallowed it down and let go off her toy, only to lick the head until it was clean. Chris panted hard as the woman continued to lick his head, forcing the last of his juices out. He knew he enjoyed it, but he thought he preffered Bulma to some madwoman with a gun at his head. Lunch got up and wiped her mouth, smiling evily at him. "Now that wasn't so bad was it? Was that your first blow job?" Chris shook his head, "N.. not... not exactly..." Lunch cocked her head at the sleeping Bulma, "Oh, she sucks you off too eh? Bet I was better though." Chris replied, "I didn't say that.. hey.. are you done now...?" Lunch walked a few steps back and set her gun on the counter, still having her hand very close to it. "Not exactly. All of this got me really excited. Listen. I'm going to take my clothes off." Chris was wide eyed, "Wh.. WHAT!" Lunch yelled, "SHUT UP! I said I'm going to take my clothes off. You and me.. we're gonna fuck.. got it? You're going to fuck me or else I will shoot your balls off, understand? And then I'll shoot the girl. Now I'm going to take my clothes off but my hand is right next to the gun. It would only take me a split second to grab my gun and shoot you.. so just stay right there and don't move. I swear, one move, you try to get away or something, and you eat lead, GOT IT!" Chris still had his hands up and nodded. He still had his pants down and his shaft was out in plain view. It was very embarrassing and now he knows how Bulma felt when he made her flash her crotch to him.

Lunch kept her eye on Chris and her gun was lying on the counter right next to her. She smirked evily and pulled her green top up, showing her bra, which was clinging tightly to her nicely sized breasts. She was quick to take her top completely off and set it next to the gun, keeping her eye on Chris and his cock. She liked how it felt in her mouth and she couldn't wait to have him inside her. She took off her bra, letting her firm breasts bounce out freely before Chris' hungry eyes. Even under the circumstance he had to admit that she had a nice rack. Lunch smirked even know knowing she had his full attention and that he was enjoying the show. She took a quick glance to make sure Bulma wass till out and then unzipped her shorts and pulled them down. her panties were nice and snug around her curvy hips, her pussy very visible since they were very wet around there. She grinned seeing how Chris' shaft was starting to stiffen up with the sight of her. "Mmmm, you like the little strip show, don't you?" He didn't know what to do or say. The wrong words might provoke her to shoot him. Lunch grabbed her gun and started walking towards him in a sexy manner, moving her hips with every step. She reached out for his prick again and squeezed it tight. "C'mon now.. admit it... you want me badly don't you? You can't wait for me slip my panties down so you can see this burning hot cunt, can't you?"

Before Chris could answer, Lunch pulled her close and kissed her lustfully. She was breathing hard, full of desire for him and started to rub her wet crotch against his shaft slowly. Chris was so arroused his cock started releasing precum, which Lunch used to rubs against him. Her panties were getting soaked and she pinned Chris against the wall, kissing him furiously, horny out of her mind. She still had the gun in her hand, careful to not let it go and whispered to him, "C'mon.. be a good boy and pull them down for me, will ya? I know want to.. You want this as badly as I do don't you?" Lunch ripped his shirt open and started to kiss his chest. Chris never had Bulma this wild on him before so he got nervous and thought she was going to bite him. "Ack.. control yourself Lunch... it's not like I'm all that.." Lunch kept kissing his chest and licking him while jerking his cock hard, "No, but you're what I got... pull my panties down baby.. c'mon.." Chris was breathing hard too and decided he should give in. Lunch was extremely sexy and it wouldn't hurt to give in to her, and maybe she would keep her promise and not shoot him afterwards. He pulled her panties down revealing her soaked blonde pussy. She was so wet she was already dripping a bit down her legs. Chris felt her nice warm pussy rub itself against his hard and needy shaft and let her kiss him again. She motioned to the floor where Bulma and Chris were hiding earlier, behind the counter. "Over there... take me baby...hurry..." Chris agreed and they both walked behind the counter and layed down on the ground. Lunch kept her gun firmly in hand and layed on the ground with her legs opened, her pussy wet and steaming hot with need. "C'mon.. show me what you got." Chris was more than happy to agree.

Chris took off his pants completely which were still all bundled up between his feet and put them near where the cash register had fallen. Lunch reached out for him and pulled him over him kissing him in lustful fury. She seemed as if she hasn't gotten any in years since it seemed she was going to rip him apart with such passionate kisses. She jammed her tongue down his throat forcefully and Chris found himself using his tongue to battle hers as they held each other tightly. She always kept a firm grip on her gun while her other hand kept him as close to her hot sweaty body as possible. The saloon felt like a steamroom as the passion was rising like wildfire, and all they were doing was kissing so far. Chris showed how much he was enjoying this, kissing her repeatedly and moving down to suck on her hardened nipples. Lunch moaned like some wild beast, holding her face closely between her breasts. "Oh yeah... you're good at this.. c'mon... stop teasing me.. I want you inside me.. fuck me already... I want it so badly..." Chris noticed she wasn't one to wait for sublteties and opened her legs seeing her lovely blonde bush, dripping wet and eagerly awaiitng him. He used his finger to open her up and slipped his hardened cock inside her. She closed her eyes and moaned louder as she felt his prick force her wet walls wide open and sinking deeper inside her. Chris felt himself in heaven and started to thrust into her, inching deeper inside her with every move. Lunch held him close with both hands, the gun flat on its side against his back, moaning louder and wrapping her legsa round him. She bucked her hips wildly as he was thrusting harder into her, now forcing the full extent of his cock inside her tight juicy pussy. Lunch breathed hard and kissed him forcefully, "Oh yeah baby... ahhh... fill me up... put all of it in me.. just like that..." Both of them held onto each other tightly as they rocked in a frenzied rhythm, both their hips banging against each other frantically. Lunch felt her body racked with incredible pleasure as every thrust sent immense waves of exctasy though every nerve of her body. Her wetness dripped down her legs as the heat kept building up inside her as Chris made her reach the boiling point. Chris grabbed onto her bouncing breasts, squeezing them violently as he continued to ram into her, jerking her body up down the bar floor. The sounds of unchained lust and passion filled the halls of that empty town, noone around to hear such sweet bliss, the only possible witness completely unconcious.

Lunch and Chris continued their furious 'battle' thrusting savagely against each other. The tough bandit woman felt herself succumb to such rough thrusts, bashing against her womb. Chris felt himself lost in her allure, ramming into her tight cunt, feeling how wet she was, making it easier to slip in and out. Her pussy was incredible, she was just as good or even better than Bulma and he loved how tightly she clenched onto his head, as if she was milking his shaft. Lunch was racked with pleasure, gasping for breath and kissing his lips uncontrollably, playing with his tongue again. Chris crushed her breasts tighter with every thrust, feeling himself about to lose it. The sexy blonde kept herself locked onto his lips, muffling her moans as she bucked her hips hard nearing her climax. She wanted to yell out but was out of breath, all she could do is break from his kiss and let out a loud moaning sound as she felt herself reach an explosive climax. Chris rested his face next to hers and closes his eyes as she felt her piping hot juices wash over his head. She kept thrusting against him, almost to the point of pushing him off her, and he grappled with her hands to keep his balance. Chris tried to pull out but Lunch's legs kept tightly wrapped around her, not letting him go. He soon lost control and felt himself cum hard inside her. Lunch moaned happily as she felt his warm juices squirt their way through her inner walls. They continued to thrust against each other a few moments after their climax until she finally loosened her grip and Chris could roll off her. They both layed there gasping for breathe, covered in sweat, Lunch's legs dripping in juices. She still had her gun firmly in hand, just in case he would do something to her in her exhausted condition. "HOLY SHIT... now that was one hell of a good fuck... I bet that girl over there gets loads of fun out of you..." Chris layed there, still very winded but pleased to have had the chance to fuck such a sexy vixen. He didn't take his eyes off her firearm though and was scared of what was to come. "So... what happens now?... You're gonna leave us now that you got what you want right?" He waited to see what she'd say.

Lunch layed there, gasping for breath until she could sit up and look at her victim. She knew he loved fucking her and felt arrogant and proud of herself. Chris was still waiting for her answer and these a slight pause between the two. Would she keep her word and let them go? The silence was broken abruptly when the blonde bandit asked, "So... you ever fucked a girl up her ass?" Chris paused and his eyes bulged wide at such a strange question, and the the way she just blurted it out like that. "Excuse me?" Lunch looked at her gun, talking calmly, "You heard me... have you ever fucked a girl up her ass?" Chris shook his head still very shocked. "N.. no." Lunch got up and wiped some of the sweat of her body, "Well, since you're so good at this, it shouldn't be so hard for you to do, will it?" Chris was still on the ground and he sat up looking upwards at her, "Huh? What are you getting at? Are you gonna let us go or what?" Lunch cleared some of the glasses and plates from the counter, letting them all fall and smash to the floor. "That your clunker outside?" Chris asked, "What?" Lunch looked at him, still quite serious, "That car. I tried to hijack it but it didn't have any gasoline. You need a gasoline capsule. I got several." Chris titled his head to the side, "And.. you're just going to give me a capsule after you robbed us?" Lunch cocked her gun and looked at him. "Alright. Here's what we're gonna do. I'm gonna lay my hands onto the counter and you're gonna fuck my ass for all you're worth got it? If you do, I'll give you a gasoline capsule and go. I'll keep your stuff but at least you two can get out of this dusty old town. Deal?" Chris got up slowly, raising his arms since Lunch still had the gun aimed at him. "But um.. I never did it like that before.." Lunch yelled, "WELL YOU'RE GONNA LEARN, ALRIGHT!" Chris closed his eyes as she yelled and then he asked, "So.. um.. if I do what you want you'll let us go without hurting us and you'll also give us a gasoline capsule?" Lunch nodded, "That's what I said, didn't I? Now, my gun will be on the counter too, and I'll be holding it at all times so you know what'll happen if you try to make a run for it. Now come on and don't make such a big deal out of this. You know you're enjoying this." Lunch walked behind the counter and layed her hands upon the table. The gun was lying on its side, with both hands over it. She leaned over and opened her legs, spreading herself out for him, raising her sexy naked ass into the air. Chris stood there kinda paralyzed by the situation, staring at Lunch's nice round firm ass, bent over right in front of him. He couldn't help but get hard again. She looked back at him and smirked, knowing that even when she was about to be rear-ended, she was still in complete control of the situation. "Alright you, stop staring and get over here." Chris nodded and walked up behind her. He set a hand on her ass admiring its firmness and rubbed it a bit. Lunch smiled a bit, "Alright, alright, I know you like me but come on. I'm burning for it baby.." Chris nodded and saw what he could do. His shaft was definitely hard enough by now, so he used his fingers to pry her little ass open and slipped himself inside her. Chris winced. Her ass was definitely alot tighter than her pussy and luckily Lunch's cum from earlier made it easier for him to inch his way inside her, or else he didn't know how he could have done it. Lunch hung her head, bracing herself and opening up to make his entry easier. "Oh shit.. you're a big one.. come on you... stick it deeper.. I want all of you inside me..." Chris gasped as he forced his cock deeper into her, spreading her wide open in the process. "Oh shit... you're fuckin tight..." Lunch gasped a bit as he was spread a little wider than she would have liked but she didn't care for the pain, "That's how I like it. C'mon... give it to me!" Chris was now completely inside her and held onto her hips as he started to thrust himself upon her. This was very different since her ass felt tighter than anything and she was clenching onto his harder than he was used to. Lunch gasped and moaned, gripping harder onto the gun and the counter as she was being rocked back and forth. She could feel him inside her, picking up speed and ramming away at her with no mercy. "Oh yeah! Just like that! Fuck me harder! Aggh..." Chris was starting to get into this, and felt how his cock was burning with pleasure as he ran it in and out of her. He always wanted to do Bulma this way, but never had the chance. He would know take it out on Lunch as he continued to pound into her harder, jerking her body against the counter roughly. Lunch's ass was so tight it hurt a bit for both of them, but the intense pleasure was too much for them to mind. The blonde thief felt her pussy flare up as the feeling was coursing through her body. She loved how Chris' manhood was forcing its way faster and deeper up her ass, sending her to new waves of pleasure. Chris found it easier to move inside her now and was determined to screw her lights out. Her ass clamped itself onto him every time he pulled outwards, pulling him back in with intense desire. Lunch tried to thrust backwards into her, but she soon let go and just let Chris pound away inside her. She was breathing hard, trying to speak without moans. "This.. wasn't.. so bad... now was it?.. Admit.. you love fucking me don't you..?" At the moment Chris only cared about fucking her ass harder, lost with the emotions that were clouding his mind, "Yes I do.. you don't need that gun to threaten me anymore... I'd fuck you just the same without it!"

Lunch finally let go off the gun and clawed onto the counter. She was so wet she was dripping down her legs again and the liquid would splash off her with the intense movements of having Chris ram into her. She wanted to finger herself badly but he was banging against her so hard she might bash her hand if she did so. Chris leaned over, wrapping his hands around her breasts, which were bouncing every which way with every thrust, and squeezed them tightly as he continued to slam into her with everything he got. Lunch was letting out a mixture of loud moaning and screaming, coaching him to go harder. Chris was only more than happy to oblidge. Lunch clawed the counter harder leaving long scratch marks as she was getting fucked out of her mind, screaming like some wild animal. Chris squeezed her breasts harder, his hips banging against her ass as he went harder each time, on the verge of exctasy. All the scratching on the table picked up some dust however and some flew near Lunch's nose. She didn't want to sneeze.. not now! She felt herself so close to cumming.. She tried to fight off the urge to sneeze but she couldn't hold her nose with Chris screwing the life out of her from behind. "Oh no.. not now... I'm so fuckin close... nooo.. A.. A... ACHOO!"

Lunch turned into her nicer blue haired half and opened her eyes widely. She didn't know what was happening but she had her hands against the counter with someone screwing her from behind and his hands on her chest. Chris noticed that suddenly Lunch's ass tightened, gripping onto his cock alot harder than before and the feeling was just unimaginable to him. He was so excited from the heat of the moment that he didn't notice Lunch had changed and didn't stop thrusting into her ass. Lunch felt the intense pain forcing its ways in and out of her, and how it sunk in so deep, forcing her to open her legs wider. The poor girl screamed. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! IT HURTS! WH..WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME! STOP IT! STOP IT!" Chis felt himself on fire, her now tighter ass feeling unbelievable, propelling him to jam into her harder, it was impossible for him to stop. "What are you saying? You wanted this.. now come on! You're so tough with your gun aimed at me so shut up and take it!" Lunch was racked with intense pain and tears ran down her eyes, "Nooo please stop! I.. I didn't do anything! I never told you to do this! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Chris was too far gone to listen or care, all he knew is that he was going to cum soon and that she felt incredible. Lunch slipped and her cheek hit the counter, and she was now sliding up and down across the counter due to his insane thrusts. She was confused and didn't know what was happening. She didn't know why he wouldn't stop. Chris rammed faster into her wondering why she stopped thrusting back and yelling orders. "Shut up! You asked for this!"

Lunch gripped onto the counter, being rammed back and forth violently. She felt her pussy getting hotter since she was already wet before she changed. Her fluids poured down her legs slowly and she didn't why her pussy felt that way. She was too tired to scream anymore but felt that the pain was slowly dying down. Something was happening to her and was building up rapidly. Lunch breathed hard with every thrust she was recieving and felt her body on fire. Chris still rammed into her, feeling how her tight ass was now looseing him up, making it easier for him to enter her and do as he pleased. It was much as he could take as he felt a huge rush swarm over him. His body shook violently as he felt himself cum hard inside her. He shook her body along with him as he squirted his juices deep within her, letting out a loud grunt. Lunch clenched her teeth as she felt the foreign liquid gush inside her, it felt so hot, it felt like it burning inside her. "Aghh.. ahhh... something's happening... agghh... oh my..." She gripped onto the table and screamed as she felt how her pussy suddenly contracted and realased a big splash of her sweet juices. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Her first orgasm, Lunch layed there, gripping onto the table, breathing hard as her cum spilled down her legs. Chris pulled out her and fell on his ass, breathing widly. He didn't know why she didn't move, but he did notice that her hair was now blue again. He wondered what that meant. Lunch was still breathing hard, trapped in her own silence, not knowing what just happened, or why her body felt this way.

Lunch finally broke the silence and looked at him, still tears in her eyes, "What.. what was that? What did you to to me? I.. I never felt anything like that.."Chris was confused, "What? What are you talking about? I did what you told me to do. You threatened me with a gun!" Lunch, very sore and exhausted, weakly turned to see the rifle laying near her hands and then turned back to him. "Oh... then I guess it was the other me.." Still in her crouched position, she got back upright and nearly fell backwards. Her ass was very sore and her legs and mostly her pussy were very exhausted. Chris got up and helped hold her and carefully set her down on the floor. Now with both of them sitting together, Chris wanted an explanation. "What do you mean the other you? Why does your hair change color? You were blonde a minute ago." Lunch tried to look away from Chris who was still naked, "Oh.. well I was going to tell you and the other girl earlier.. Whenever I sneeze I change into some else." Chris blinked. It sounded crazy but given what happened, it seemed to make perfect sense. "Wait a minute... so you're saying that whenever you sneeze you turn into that mean bandit woman? And then when you sneeze again you turn back to your regular self?" Lunch nodded, "Yes. The bad thing is that I never know what she's doing when I turn into her. That's why I was lost in this town. She must have been robbing this place." She suddenly gasped, "Oh my! Did I rob you?" Chris pointed to the bag of loot that was lying on the ground near Lunch's clothes. "Yeah. You put all our stuff in that bag over there. Can we have it back please?" Lunch nodded, "Of course you can. I'm so sorry. What I don't understand is what you were doing to me. It hurt alot at first but then something happened... my body felt like.. on fire." She looked down and slipped a finger into her pussy, still full of her cum. "And what's this stuff?" She looked at it curiously. Chris sweatdropped. "Well.. um.. it's kinda hard to say this but you um.. the other you made me fuck her... she had a gun aimed at me and she made me all sorts of things.. You kinda sneezed in the middle of it.. I'm sorry. Didn't mean to hurt you. And um.. that stuff comes out when you um.. reach your climax.." Lunch blinked, "Fuck? Climax? As in sex? Ooooh... well I never really.. had sex before and I don't really know much about that kinda thing.. I didn't know my other self did that stuff. Now I wonder how long she was having sex without me knowing." Chris nodded, "Well.. um.. she kinda sounded like she knew her stuff.. so this wasn't her first time.." Lunch blushed and looked away, "I'm sorry. I'm so embarrased. It must have been awful the things I made you do. Please forgive me." Chris smiled a little, "Well, it wasn't all that bad.. I mean, she didn't shoot us or anything.. and I think she was gonna let me go afterwards.." Lunch was still curious as to what was happening and what she was in the middle of doing when she sneezed. "What were you doing to me anyways? Was that sex?" Chris blushed a little, her naiveness making him feel horribly guilty for what he had done, "Um.. sorta..." Something caught the innocent girl's eye. Chris' cock was still hard and the way it was sticking upwards caught her attention. She never really seen a man's member before, but she had an idea what it looked like. But she never knew it would stick up like a pole. "Hey, what's that? Can I touch it?" Chris blushed a bit and nodded, "Umm.. uh.. yeah... go ahead.." Lunch reached out for it and rubbed her hands down from the head to the base. "Hey.. it feels really hard... you were poking me with this, weren't you? Why? Was that sex?" Chris didn't really know to put it, "Um.. sort of.. I mean... you can have sex that way, but most of the time we put it in your pussy..." he pointed to her cunt still spilling some cum. Lunch blinked and looked at her pussy, riddled with her first climax, "Here? Well, back there... when this stuff came out.. I felt.. well.. my body felt... I don't know how to put it into words... but I think it was kinda nice... Can you show me?" Chris raised a brow, "What?" Lunch smiled at him innocently blushing deeply, "Please.. put it inside my pussy like you said... or whatever sex is.. please show me.. I'd like to know.. Just please not back there, that really hurt and I'm still sore." Chris blinked "Are.. are you sure you want this..?" Lunch nodded, "Yes.. I'd like to know.. I'd like to feel that special feeling again..I never want to forget it. Please? Just be nice with me.. " Chris nodded, "Um.. ok if you say so. But how about we both get some rest first.. the other you really took alot out of me.."

Suddenly Chris felt a hard object bash the back of his head. It was Bulma, awake and furious and swinging the bag of stolen loot. "OH SO THIS IS WHAT YOU DO WHEN I'M OUT COLD HUH? HOW DARE YOU FUCK ANOTHER WOMAN! ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU GOT SOMEONE AS INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL AS ME WITH YOU AND ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE TRIED TO SHOOT US!" Chris shook his head, "Ack! No! Bulma, you don't understand! Lunch changed personalities when she sneezes! The blonde Lunch was evil and she raped me! She had a gun to my head the whole time! HONEST!" Bulma kept swinging her backback and tried to hit both of them with it, "BOTH OF YOU PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON! WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY MAN!" Chris tried to dress himself fast and remarked, "I thought I wasn't your boyfriend?" Bulma smacked him, "SHUT UP!" Lunch started dressing up and innocently said, "I don't remember what we did. But I know we did sex. It hurt at first and alot but at the end it felt very nice." Bulma screamed "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! CHRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!" She was about to spit fire and Chris ran the hell out of the saloon with the enraged woman behind him. "Bulma please! I swear, she was holding a gun to my head the whole time.. and um.. uhh.. I was thinking of you the whole time!" Bulma yelled swinging the bag at him, "YEAH WELL YOU'LL BE THINKING OF ME ALRIGHT WHEN I BREAK THIS DRAGONBALL ON YOUR HEAD! GET BACK HERE YOU FUCKIN TWO-TIMER!" They both ran until they were out of sight. Lunch was now fully dressed and looked at the dust clouds left by the two visitors. "That's so weird. Why did they go? They even left their car behind? Won't anyone help me get out of this town? A... A... ACHOO!" Lunch changed again and looked around, seeing she was left alone. "What the fuck? HEY! I'm dressed again! And all the stuff I stole is gone! And where's the guy? DAMMIT! WE DIDN'T FINISH FUCKIN YET!" She fell on her knees and punched the ground. "DAMN! I lose more men that way..."

The End