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Author's Note: I came up with the idea for this story after going to a Dbacks game and it wouldn't go away, so... Play Ball!

Chapter 1

Lindsay blew a piece of hair out of her face as she closed the last evidence bag and began to pack up her kit. It had been a very long morning of processing; she and Danny had arrived at the B&E scene three hours ago. She was suddenly aware of someone watching her and looked up into a pair of deep blue eyes.

"What?" she asked him. She always knew when he was looking at her, due mainly to the butterflies that unintentionally crowded her stomach.

"Nothing," Danny replied unconvincingly. She knew something was irking him, but didn't push any further, and instead just smiled and went back to putting her supplies in the case. She'd find out eventually.

Smooth Messer, Danny thought to himself. How was she always able to catch him at his new favorite pastime?

"So…Montana, " Danny began hesitantly.

"Yeah?" Lindsay replied. Aha! Out it comes.

"You've already displayed you're knowledge about football, what do ya' know about baseball?" he asked teasingly, the only way he knew how.

"Well, I know that tonight is quite possibly the biggest game of the season: Yankees vs. Red Sox," she answered.

"Very good," Danny praised. Here goes nothing. "You interested in goin'?" he added, pretending to be casual.

"With you?" Lindsay asked, having been brought to full attention.

"That's the general idea," Danny said with his classic smirk.

There was a moment of silence thick with tension as though there was a sudden fog.

"Okay," Lindsay finally replied.

Danny looked up from his previous study of his shoes and held her gaze for a moment. He gave her the grin he saved especially for her and felt his heart do a somersault when she returned it, a bit of pink showing in her cheeks.

"I'll pick you up at six then," he said, unsure as to why his heart was beating so fast or why he had to release a breath he hadn't noticed he was holding.

The two stood up to depart from the crime scene in noticeably lighter spirits than when they had arrived.


I know this is a really short chapter, but it flows better this way, trust me. Anyways, the next part will be up soon!