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Chapter 5

Stella walked into the break room for her first cup of coffee of the morning, and was surprised to see a familiar head of curls lying on the table next to several papers. She smiled and poured an extra cup before setting it down on the table next to her sleeping coworker. Lindsay awoke with a start at the sound of something near her head, or maybe it was the smell of coffee.

"Morning sunshine," Stella greeted kindly.

"Hey Stella," Lindsay mumbled in-between a yawn.

"You do realize that you can sleep at home, right?" Stella asked jokingly.

"I wasn't sleeping, I was just resting my eyes," Lindsay retorted.

"Uh-huh," came Stella's disbelieving reply.

"Besides, Danny and Flack went to go pick up our suspect and they should be back any minute," Lindsay added, taking a sip of coffee.

"Yeah, I heard about that case at the game. How did your date before it go?" Stella asked, finally getting to what she really wanted to know.

"What date?" Lindsay faked ignorance.

"With Danny?" Stella clarified.

"Well, I don't know if you could really call it a –"

"Lindsay," Stella interrupted as though she was reprimanding a child.

"It was fine," Lindsay stated ambiguously.

"Oh, come on, that's it? I need details," Stella prompted.

Lindsay opened her mouth to object, but was saved the trouble when Danny entered the room.

"Hey Montana, we got a suspect to interrogate," Danny said, leaning on the doorframe.

"Great," Lindsay said, standing up and making her way to the exit rather quickly.

"You haven't got rid of me that easily!" Stella called after her, amusedly.


"You were charged with assault two years ago, Mr. Gilbert," Lindsay stated, looking him directly in the eye.

"Yeah, so?" he asked, as though bored with the whole situation.

"So, your prints are in the system," Danny shot at him, shoving a paper across the table "and they match the one we found on Travis Morgan's moneybag."

"You both sold cotton candy at the baseball games, isn't that right?" Lindsay asked, pleased to see the now worried look in the suspects eyes.

"Yeah, so do other guys," came his reply.

"But we didn't find blood from other guys at the crime scene, we found yours," Lindsay told him. "From when he gave you that," she added, gesturing to the man's swollen lip.

"So what happened? You two got in a fight, and things got out of hand? What?" Danny asked.

"That punk," commented the suspect harshly, shaking his head, "I've been doing this for six years, then all of sudden, this kid comes in for the summer and tries to take over my territory."

"Which is?" Lindsay asked.

"Section behind home plate; its always the most crowded," Mr. Gilbert replied.

"And that's why you killed him?" Lindsay asked with raised eyebrows.

"No, that's why I confronted him before the game. We got into a scuffle and he fell and hit his head," was his explanation.

"Why didn't you call for help?" Danny wondered.

"Cuz I knew they'd say that I killed him. So, I just shoved him under the seats, grabbed the money, and left," he told them.

Lindsay and Danny exchanged incredulous looks. Danny turned around to Flack, who was standing in the corner of the room, and nodded. The two left as the man was read his rights.


Lindsay sat at her desk, finishing up some paperwork when Danny entered their shared office.

"So…you got any big plans tonight?" he asked casually, but never taking his eyes off her.

"Just a date with the inside of my eyelids," she replied, never looking up from her work.

"Would you be willing to cancel?" Danny asked.

At this point, Lindsay looked up and caught his gaze. "Why?" she asked suspiciously.

"Well, tonight's the second game of the series, and while I may not have tickets, I do have cable," he told her, flashing his most charming grin.

Lindsay held his gaze for a few more seconds before looking back to her paperwork, blushing. She sighed, "What time?"

Danny had to resist punching the air.

Later, the two sat relatively close to each other on Danny's couch in front of the TV, an empty pizza box lying on the coffee table. They watched as Derek Jeter stepped up to the plate to bat. Lindsay glanced at the display bar on the top of the screen, and smiled.

"It's the fifth inning," she commented, more to herself, as memories of their last fifth inning together flooded her mind.

She instinctively looked over at Danny, only to find him staring back at her as if he could read her thoughts. She hadn't realized just how close they had been sitting, and why were they getting closer? And closer? The rest of her thoughts evaporated along with the rest of the distance between them. This time, the kiss contained nothing resembling soft or sweet. She wrapped her arms around his neck, while his hands tangled in her hair. Before long, Danny had laid back on the couch, pulling her on top of him.

Being rather preoccupied, neither noticed that Derek Jeter had just hit a homerun, and was quickly rounding his bases too.