As Maddie was being bothered by Zach London came over and asked him to go away.

You don't own this place! Replied Zach

Um... think again. Said London

So while Zach walked away London started to talk to Maddie.

Maddie I really need to talk to you about somethin very important. Said London.

What is London you know you could tell me anything.

Maddie had liked London for a long time but didn't think that London was into her.

Well I don't really want to talk about it here so tomorrow I'll take you out to lounch. Replied London

So she walked back onto the elivator. Maddie just watched her walk , she didn't even realize the costumers.


The next day Maddie tried to look her best for London.

What Maddie didn't know was how London felt about her!

So London picked Maddie up at the candy counter.

Maddie looked very nice in her mini skirt and stomache shirt

DAM Maddie looks hot thaught London.

So they walked outside into the limo that London had arranged for the ride to the resturaunt.

The car ride was very silent.

How have things been goin with you and your father. Asked Maddie.

O well I really haven't been talking to him much hes been very busy. Replied London.

The limo came to a stop, they were at the restruant.

So when they got seated Maddie asked what was so important.

London replied, Maddie I don't know how to say this but I Love You! And I have for a long time.

Maddie had nothing but a grin on her face.


London I love you to but I never told you because i was afraid of how you would react.

Well instead of this resturaunt do you just want to go back to my suite and we could just get room service and talk? asked London

Maddie replied, I think that would be great!

So they stepped back into the limo to take them back into the hotel.

Since London was so happy with the news that Maddie loved her to...

She pulled maddie close to her and started kissing her pasonately and cupped on of her boobs.

Maddie dicided that she would stick her tounge into London's moist mouth.

So while london moved her tounge all around Maddies mouth Maddie just massaged her tounge with hers.

When they broke for air your a great kisser said Maddie , O thank you Maddie but it seemed like you haven't done much tounge action? We'll no that was my first kiss replied Maddie.

O really said London well maybe i could show you more at the hotel I could show you alot more.