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Deviated World


Pain, immeasurable pain, shot through him. They were gone, every last one, taken down by the blinding green light. He could hardly breathe as he held her lifeless body close. They were all gone.

Remus Lupin walked through the lonely, war-torn street of Diagon Alley. Rubble lay to his left and to his right. Bodies lay strewn amongst the dust. All gone. Voldemort had won and now everything, everyone he had ever cared about was dead. There was nothing he could do.

He remembered the battle, how the members of the Order of the Phoenix had fought so bravely, how they had been stuck down one by one. All except him. He remembered how hard they fought, how Harry Potter had approached the Dark Lord with no fear upon his face. But, Voldemort had prevailed in the end. Harry Potter's body had become cold and lifeless before he hit the ground.

Remus remembered the tears that had filled his eyes, how he had begun to fight even harder, trying to get to Harry, to save him from what had already happened. It was too late.

Remus remembered how it had become ever worse from that moment on. The Death Eaters gained strength from Harry Potter's demise. The members of the Order were struck down like flies.

He saw her fall, watched as she fought back with her dying breath. He didn't reach her in time either. He killed the man leering at her dead body. He then held her close weeping into her robes. She was gone.

Remus Lupin walked through the lonely, war-torn street of Diagon Alley. He didn't know what to do. Vengeance is what he desired more than anything, but he knew it wasn't possible. Perhaps death would be a grand adventure.

No, he decided, he could not think that way. He would fight Voldemort to whatever end. It may be a useless fight, but someone had to do something.

He sighed, one hand gripping his head, the other a bottle of fire-whiskey. He wanted to dissolve the memories, rid himself of the long gone faces that haunted him. He knew what he had to do.

Voldemort was said to have unlimited resources, to have access to powers and artifacts that Dumbledore could only dream of. Hence, Remus's plan was suicide, but he had to try, full moon was only three days away.

He lay in wait for three days, planning his mission. He had one bottle of Wolfsbane potion to keep him sane. Voldemort had Hogwarts; he was using it for headquarters. Remus knew he could get there easily enough, even Voldemort knew to be wary of the Forbidden Forest.

His plan was set.

He slunk out of the shadows of the Forbidden Forest. The full moon was bright: a hunter's moon. How fitting, he thought. His keen senses picked up the trances other the other creatures of the forest. The centaurs were restless this night. He sniffed the air: they made ready for war.

The timing was perfect. He would set his attack accordingly.