After Happy Ever After

A/N: So what happened to Wolf and Virginia after the movie left off? Here's what I (since I have way too much time on my hands) have come up with. Rating PG-13, I think. All characters, etc. belong to Hallmark Entertainment and NBC's production the 10th Kingdom except for any new characters, I guess. Danielle and Ivy own themselves since they are real people. No copyright infringements intended.

"Wolf? Wolf, where are you? I told you not to go off without me. This is a dangerous city." Virginia called as she searched for Wolf.

Virginia had to laugh at herself. Wolf had protected her from the deadly Huntsmen and more and she was warning him against wandering off alone like he was a little boy. Although, he could act like it sometimes. Manhattan was a whole new experience for him, just like the 9 Kingdoms had been for her. Still, she was worried about him.

"Wolf!" Virginia called again.

She stopped in the middle of the small clearing with her hands on her hips. He was here, she could sense it. Something about being around Wolf had heightened her own senses. She knew he was here and he was having fun with her.

"Would you stop playing around." she said, letting an annoyed edge seep into her voice, but a small smile crept on her face anyway.

Wolf jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed Virginia from behind. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close.

"If I didn't know better, I could think you were almost a wolf yourself." he said.

"No. It's just you rubbing off on me." Virginia replied, "You make me see things differently. I never knew so many things went on that I never really even paid attention to."

Wolf didn't reply, but he smiled happily. He gave Virginia a quick squeeze, then released her.

"I'm hungry. Can we go eat?" he asked anxiously.

Virginia almost laughed.

"You're always hungry." she replied.

"So? Let's go eat." Wolf paused and thought, "Somewhere with steak. Yes, huff, a nice juicy steak would be perfect."

"Alright." Virginia relented quickly before he could go into any more detail about steak.

She and Wolf walked hand in hand across Central Park. It was only two days since they had come back from the 4th Kingdom, but it seemed like longer. Virginia knew that they would have to work something out soon. Wolf had no problem sleeping in Central Park, but Virginia knew this wasn't really safe. They would need to find a place to stay. She would need to try and get a job. Maybe Wolf, too, although what kind of job he would have escaped her. She pushed all this out of her mind for the time being. She concentrated instead on where they should go to eat. She automatically thought of the Grill on the Park, the restaurant where she used to waitress on the edge of Central Park. Maybe she could get her old job back. It hadn't been the best job, but it had paid okay. She dismissed the idea. There had been some bad happenings there. There was no way they would hire her. There were other restaurants. Wolf wouldn't care.

They left the Park and walked down the sidewalk along the street. Cars and taxis passed, spraying filthy smelling fumes in the air. Virginia wrinkled her nose at the smell. The air in the Kingdoms had been so clean. She wondered how Wolf could stand the exhaust with his sensitive senses. She looked over at him with this thought. He had turned his face away from the street and every once in a while he would paw at his nose with his hand. The smells were getting to him.

Virginia spotted a restaurant that she had gone to before with her father. She steered Wolf towards it and they went inside. Little bells tied to the door tinkled as they stepped inside. The restaurant was small and nearly empty. Good. Virginia and Wolf sat down at a table and waited for the waiter to come with menus. The smells in the restaurant were quite different than the ones outside. The food smelled great. Wolf was practically drooling. He almost jumped and snatched the menu from the waiter's hands. Virginia kicked him under the table.

"Ow! What?" he asked, wondering what he had done.

Virginia ignored him and took her menu from the waiter who was still somewhat astounded at Wolf's behavior.

Virginia scanned her menu. Wolf would want a steak, rare. She liked her meat cooked and she didn't trust Wolf to order.

"Two steak specials. One rare, one well done." she said quickly.

"And warm milk." Wolf added quickly with a sheepish grin.

Virginia glanced at him strangely.

"A water and a warm milk." she added.

The waiter quickly wrote down their orders and left.

"Warm milk?" Virginia asked.

Wolf shrugged, "Just always had a taste for it. Reminds me of my mum."

Virginia shook her head. There was a lot about Wolf she didn't know about. Matter of fact, she still didn't know why he had been in Snow White Memorial Prison, where the Evil Queen, her mom, had found him. Virginia tried not to think about her mother and concentrated on the other part of her question.

"Wolf, why were you in prison?"

Wolf started.

"What?" he asked, surprised.

"You never told me. What did you do?" Virginia asked.

Wolf looked down at his hands and shifted uneasily.

"You can tell me." Virginia said.

Wolf looked up at her. He could tell her, yes, but would she think less of him? He didn't like letting the more animal parts of him show to Virginia. He was still ashamed of that part of him. But he couldn't bring himself to keep anything from her.

"I ate one of the Peep's flocks." he admitted quietly.

Virginia was silent for one stunned moment. Wolf looked at her nervously.

"You ate a whole flock of sheep? How could you eat a whole flock of sheep!" she demanded.

"I couldn't help it! It was sheep! You know how I am about sheep. And it was a full moon." Wolf protested.

Yes, Virginia did know how he was about sheep. Sheep was his number one temptation. And in an incredibly close second were shepherdesses. Virginia didn't want to go there either.

"Yeah." she said, finally, "I know."

"You don't…" Wolf cut off as the waiter returned with their drinks.

"Just a little longer with the rest." he said and left again.

"Of course not." Virginia said as soon as he was out of hearing, "I love you, Wolf."

Wolf couldn't help but sigh with relief. He smiled slowly and almost shuddered with happiness. He couldn't believe he had ended up with a girl like Virginia. When she said she loved him…his heart just soared. Virginia was his life-mate. The love of his life. His soon to be wife. The mother of his child.

"How are you feeling, anyway?" Wolf asked, glancing down towards her stomach.

Virginia looked down too. She still almost couldn't believe that she was going to have a baby. This brought up some questions, too.

"Fine." Virginia said, "Wolf, you said that it'll be just like you. Will he be a wolf, too? What will we do…."

Wolf took her hand.

"Yes. But he'll be only a quarter wolf. Don't worry about that now." Wolf said, his gaze snapping toward the waiter who was returning to their table with a large tray of steaming food.

Wolf was starving and would have ripped into the steak, but he remembered Virginia and for all that they were in love and engaged, he didn't want to embarrass himself in front of her. It was hard sometimes. He carefully picked up his fork and knife.

"What do you want to do later?" Virginia asked.

Wolf thought. Almost all yesterday Virginia had taken him sightseeing all around the city. And there were still so many places he had yet to see. And he also would like to go back to the bookstore. The books fascinated him and there were still so many he had yet to read. All in all, he really didn't care as long as he got to do it with Virginia. Every moment with her was wonderful.

"You decide." he said finally.

"You want to see a movie?" Virginia asked.

Wolf was curious enough to pause in his eating.

"What's a movie?" he asked around a mouthful of steak.

Virginia had forgotten that Wolf had never seen a movie. She tried to think of a way to explain it to him.

"A movie is like a book that's acted out and then played on a big, flat screen for people to watch." Virginia said slowly.

Wolf turned that over in his mind. It sounded interesting.

"Okay." he agreed with an enthusiastic nod. He looked down at his plate to discover that he had eaten all his steak. There was some steamed vegetables and rice on the plate, too, but he wasn't that interested in it, "You want this other stuff? Do you think I could get some more steak?"

Virginia smiled and hailed the waiter.

Wolf was surprised at the darkness of the movie theatre. There were lights, more than enough for him to see by, but he didn't understand why it was dim in here. How would they be able to see all of the play? He dismissed his doubts and took a seat next to Virginia. She had bought two sodas for them. He still wasn't clear on what a soda was. She had said it was a flavored drink. He had had some trouble with the straw concept so she had taken the lid off. He sipped some of the odd colored drink. Wolf's eyes widened in surprise. It was a little too sugary for his taste and it made his mouth feel funny. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not. He set it back in the holder and looked around. He could hear better than see the other people there. They were speaking quietly, he didn't know why.

Suddenly there was an explosion of sound and light from the large black area in front of them. Wolf nearly jumped out of his seat in surprise. Virginia yanked him back down.

"Shhh. It's just the previews. The move will start in a little while." she whispered.

Wolf barely heard her. He was too busy staring at the pictures. They were larger than regular people, almost like giants, but not really. It was more like a bigger image of a regular size person. He was sure that was it. The sounds came from all around and it took him a moment to pinpoint it to strange black boxes that were set in the walls. He calmed down a little and watched the "previews". It showed some men, soldiers said some voice from the boxes, in a war against something called the "Nazis". There was another explosion, but this time an actual one on the screen. Wolf jumped and yelped. Virginia pulled him down again. The people around shushed him angrily.

"Wolf, it's okay. It's not real. It's just a picture. You have to stay quiet so everyone can hear." Virginia whispered to him.

How could they not hear? The noise was almost deafening. But Wolf nodded and sank down in the chair, clasping the arms tightly. He cringed at every explosion of sound until the pictures switched to a different story. Virginia touched his arm and he looked at her. She smiled encouragingly at him, then laid her head on his shoulder. Wolf forced himself to relax. He hoped the movie wouldn't be one about a war.

Later, as they exited the movie, Wolf couldn't stop talking about it.

"It's like magic." he said, still awed, "Are those actual people in that box?"

"No, just images." Virginia said, for about the fifth time.

"Huff-puff." Wolf said, shaking his head, "But they shouldn't have previews. Those are enough to run a person out of there."

Wolf really had been amazed by the movie once he had calmed down enough to watch it. It hadn't even been that good. Luckily the movie theatre hadn't been very full. The few people near them had been mad enough at Wolf's constant talking and exclamations. He had complained a little about the volume. It was loud in the movies, but you could get used to it pretty quick. At least, Virginia did and it had seemed Wolf had eventually.

Virginia yawned. It was getting late. But she really didn't want to sleep in the Park again.

"Wolf, we need to find an apartment or something." she said.

Wolf's attention was snapped back from the movie. He looked at Virginia.

"Now?" he asked.

"I doubt we'll find anything this late. But I still have some money, from what Wendell gave us. We can rent a hotel room." Virginia said.

It had been hard enough getting the golden Wendells changed into dollars, but it had paid off, literally.

"Okay." Wolf agreed readily.

He didn't much care where they spent the night. He had too much on his mind anyway to worry about that. What Virginia didn't know was that Wolf had left Prince Wendell plans for their wedding in the 4th Kingdom. Wolf was sure that Virginia would want it there with the prince and her father. He had set a date for a little more than a week from now. And he needed to tell Virginia. He just really hadn't gotten around to it. He would tell her later when they were in private.

Wolf followed Virginia down the street again. It was night, but all the lights made it almost as bright as day. He couldn't help but gaze around at everything they passed. The first time Wolf had been here he hadn't really paid attention to anything that hadn't concerned his mission of finding Prince Wendell in the dog form he had been trapped in. Now, he realized what he had missed. Wolf was amazed by the city, but he still kind of preferred the fresh clean air, tall green trees, and wonderful scenery of the Kingdoms. This city was dead, yet tremendously alive at the same time. And still, the strangest thing here was the people themselves. They were so cold. They walked by oblivious to everyone else, in their own little bubbles. Wolf could sense the predatory nature of this place, but it was different than the kind he knew. No wonder Virginia had been so distant at first. Everyone here was. Wolf physically shook off the feeling he was getting from these thoughts and bounded a few steps to catch up to Virginia.

"Virginia. I have something to tell you." Wolf said, sitting down next to her on the hotel bed.

"What, Wolf?"

Wolf shifted so he was facing her and took her hands in his. He opened his mouth to tell her and….

"The wedding date has been set. But you're not ready yet." sang a small voice.

Wolf jumped. The singing ring had ruined his whole approach.

"You are starting to annoy me." he growled at it.

"W…what did it say?" Virginia asked.

"I wanted the most perfect wedding for us and I wanted to surprise you, but I knew you would have to get ready for it. So I told Wendell to start planning before we left. We set the date for three weeks later. It's been a week and two days already since we said that." Wolf admitted.

"I wish you had said something to me!" Virginia nearly shouted, annoyed.

"Sorry." Wolf whimpered.

Virginia would have relented, but this was a very important matter. He should have asked her first! She crossed her arms angrily and turned away from him.

"Don't be angry, don't be mad. Your fiancée's oh, so sad. Give him another chance 'cause he really hasn't got a clue. He's just too busy loving you." the ring sang.

"I'm starting to like you again." Wolf muttered quietly to the ring.

Virginia looked at him, wondering what he said. Wolf straightened as if he hadn't said anything and nodded in emphatic agreement with the ring. Virginia tried to stay mad at him, but he really had just been trying to do something for her. It wasn't a huge deal, was it? She wondered if he knew how hard it was to argue with him when he had that puppy dog look on his face.

"Okay. I'm not mad at you. Well, I kind of am, but I forgive you." she said. She smiled a little mischievously and changed the subject, "They have a continental breakfast here. I think there's bacon."

Wolf's eyes widened and Virginia would have sworn that if he were an actual wolf his ears would have pricked.

"Bacon?" he asked, quivering with anticipation, "Huff-puff, I love bacon."

"I know. Wasn't there a song?" Virginia asked.

"I thought you didn't like the song." Wolf said, frowning.

"So? Sing it." Virginia said, scooting closer to him.

"Um…baste it, roast it, toast it, nibble it, chew it, bite right through it, wobble it, gobble it, wrap it around a couple of chickens and I am ravenous?" Wolf sang unsteadily. He brightened a little, "Do you think they'd serve the breakfast now?"

"We can wait." Virginia said.

"We can?" Wolf asked.

Virginia kissed him on the mouth.

"Okay, we can."

Wolf was still mostly asleep when the smell came to him and his nose quivered. He sniffed again to make sure, then sat up. He turned around. Virginia was still asleep. He was sure she would want to wake up and have some breakfast so he shook her.

"What?" she grumbled groggily.

"Virginia. Bacon, remember? Come on." Wolf said giving her another shake.

Virginia rolled over and rubbed her eyes. She reached out and felt on the nightstand for her watch. She held it in front of her face and pressed a button that made it light.

"It's five o'clock in the morning!" she exclaimed.

"But I can smell it. Come on. Aren't you hungry?" Wolf asked.

"Not yet, I'm not. I'll be hungry when the sun's up." Virginia said and pulled a pillow over her head.

Wolf shrugged helplessly. How she could go on sleeping, he didn't know. He would come back and wake her up later. Right now there was bacon to see to!

Wolf realized that people were staring at him. He didn't know why. He was just enjoying some delicious bacon. Maybe it was time to go back and wake up Virginia. The sun had to be up by now, hadn't it?

"I'll be back." Wolf promised and bounded for the stairs and back up to their room.

Wolf looked out the window and was frustrated to see that the sun still wasn't up. He decided to explore the room while he waited. On top of the dresser was a large black box. There were squares on the front near the bottom that protruded from the box. He sniffed it curiously, but all he smelled was dirt and a little static, plus the faint smell of people here before that had touched it. He pushed one of the squares, the largest one. There was a little bit of a flash on the front side and a picture appeared. Sound came from the box just like the movie theatre only smaller. Wolf was fascinated again. And luckily, the sound was low. He liked this much better than he had the dark room and the loud noise of the theatre. He wished Virginia had let him watch this instead or at least, to prepare him.

Wolf sat down on the foot of the bed and watched the box. There were short clips on right now that reminded him of the previews. They told of stores with low, low prices and shoes, and drinks with weird names. Then a voice said, "Welcome back to Monster Movie Marathon." The box showed a picture of a mutated wolf-man howling at the moon. Wolf angrily jumped up and jabbed at the buttons on the box. The pictures switched to a different setting. At the bottom of the picture it said the Disney Channel. The pictures were very colorful and the people looked funny, not real. But Wolf recognized the story. It was Cinderella!

"No, no. That's not right. That's not at all the way it happened." Wolf said to the box, but it ignored him.

Wolf remembered that they were just images and couldn't respond, but he couldn't help, but try to correct them. They had it all wrong.

Virginia stirred behind him and Wolf turned. He realized that the sun was up now and that he had been watching the box for a good amount of time.

"Rise and shine!" Wolf said cheerfully.

Virginia rubbed her eyes and sat up. She smiled sleepily.

"What time is it now?" she asked.

Wolf shrugged, "Don't know. But huff, the sun's up! Bacon calls!"

Virginia laughed.

"Okay. But just out of curiosity, how many helpings have you had so far?" she asked.

"Um…five or six. Maybe." Wolf admitted.

He shrugged it off and jumped to his feet. He took Virginia's hand and pulled her to her feet.

"Come on. Get dressed. The day's already started!" Wolf said.

Virginia yawned and got dressed and let herself be dragged downstairs after Wolf. He had another six helpings when she was present.

"Where are we going?" Virginia demanded.

Wolf was leading her down the street through the smaller, but gradually increasing crowds.

"I thought we could start the day with a trip to the place with all those books." Wolf said.

He paused. He really wanted to get some more books, but he just remembered that the last time he hadn't exactly paid for the ones he had gotten.

"But perhaps you know of a different book place?" Wolf suggested.

"Why? What did you do?" Virginia asked, suspiciously.

"I sort of forgot to pay for the books I got last time?" Wolf admitted, "But that was before I was changed. Nothing to dwell on."

Virginia didn't comment. Instead she turned Wolf in a different direction.

"There's a Barnes and Nobles this way." she said simply.

Wolf nodded, glad he wasn't in trouble again, but definitely not stupid enough to push it.

Wolf had already stacked some self-help books in his arms. Virginia reminded him to take it easy, they weren't rich even if they did have a good sum of money from Wendell. She left him to himself and looked at a different section. She smiled to herself and chose a book called Wolves: All There Is To Know. She tucked the book under her arm and went to get Wolf before he could find any others books he had to have.

"But…but…" Wolf protested as she dragged him away from the shelves and towards the counter.

"Save some for next time." Virginia replied, thinking to herself that she sounded like a mother talking to her child in a toy store.

Wolf dropped his head and followed her.

"Oh, alright." he said in a none too happy voice, "But, huff-puff, I don't see how anyone could ever run out of books to read in here."

They paid for their books and left the store, Virginia quicker than Wolf.

"What else have you got planned for today?" Virginia asked, knowing he would have something.

"Well, I didn't know whether you wanted to get a wedding dress here or in the Kingdoms, so I left that open to you." Wolf said, "And I figured that if you didn't want to buy it now we could read."

"You are a bookworm." Virginia said.

Wolf looked confused.

"I mean you are really into books." she amended.

"Oh." Wolf said.

"Actually, I think I'd like to hold off for today on wedding dresses. Let's go back to Central Park and we can read." Virginia said.

"Great!" Wolf said, taking her hand and dragging her along the sidewalk, "I've got a great book on interracial relationships…"

Virginia smiled.

Virginia sat with her back propped up against a tree and the book open against her knees. Wolf was a few feet away, lying on his back in the grass with the book held open above him. He rolled over and looked at her.

"Virginia, the book says that it is very important for us to share everything about each other and our different cultures." he said slowly, as if to make sure he said everything right.

"I'm reading a little about yours right now." Virginia said, showing him the book.

Wolf stiffened a little. He didn't really want her to get to know that part of him. He wanted her to know the human part of him. But she seemed okay with both. He forced himself to relax.

"And I'm learning about yours just being here. Which reminds me. What was that box in our hotel room that made pictures like the movie theatre?" Wolf asked.

"Box? Oh, the TV? Yeah, it's like the movie only smaller." Virginia said.

"Well. Let's see." Wolf scooted over next to Virginia, "Tell me about yourself."

Virginia smiled, "You probably know almost all there is to know already."

Wolf shook his head.

"That's not true. What's your favorite thing to eat? What's your favorite color?" he raised his eyebrows playfully, "What's your favorite animal?"

Virginia decided to go along with it.

"Well, I used to really like cats." Wolf made a face. Virginia continued, "But lately, for some reason, I've found myself drawn to wolves."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Wolf replied. He turned serious quickly, "I mean it. I want to know everything there is to know about you."

Virginia paused.

"Only if the same applies to you." she replied.

Wolf frowned.

"Ooooh, alright." he said finally, "But you first."

Virginia took a deep breath. This would take a while.

Virginia took another deep, shaky breath. She had no idea how long she had talked. Her throat and her eyes hurt. She had cried a little. The area of her mother was still too hard to talk about.

Wolf nuzzled her, kind of like a puppy upset because its master is. He looked at her imploringly.

"I'm okay." she said, almost as much to herself as Wolf, "I'm okay."

Wolf pushed her hair off her forehead.

"Not yet. But you will be." he said.

Virginia just stared at him.

"Well, you listen and I'll talk now. Dad was a wolf, mom was human. They had me, half-wolf. Mom didn't have much of an imagination. Named me Wolf. Mom lived with us for a while, lived like a wolf. And every full moon, dad would disappear and mom would take me out to watch. A little while later, mom had another litter, a girl and a boy. She and dad took pretty good care of us, but when I was eleven, my brother and sister even younger, dad was burned for killing someone. That's when mom left. They said she jumped on the pyre with father." Wolf drew into himself and became almost unaware he was still talking out loud, "I ran. I left my little siblings and kept running until my legs wouldn't move anymore. I slept for two days, then woke and ran again. I ran all the way to the 3rd Kingdom. I remember those first few nights, lost in the old beanstalks. I could hear the giants at the top and sometimes the trolls out hunting with their dogs. I would curl up under one of the low bean pods and wait for them to pass. I spent a long time running across the Kingdoms and I learned quickly how to fend for myself. About a year later, I made it back to our place in the woods, but no one was there. I spent a long time looking for my brother and sister. I finally found my brother, but what had happened to mom and dad and who knows what else had made him obsessed with revenge and he got himself killed trying to get it. He was only twelve. The only word I got of my sister was what he told me. He said she had gotten in trouble for killing some chickens or something and had become a sort of hermit. She had secluded herself, apparently hoping to keep the wolf locked up with her."

Wolf shook himself and smiled unsteadily at Virginia. Her eyes were still a little bleary, but she looked sympathetic. Wolf discovered he was holding her hand.

"It really wasn't that bad. Huff-puff, I saw all there was to see over that year and the next few. But by then the full moon was getting to me. I don't remember much of anything that happened those nights except for hunting things. When I was about sixteen, I lost it. I just forgot being human and stayed wolf even when I still looked human. I spent a long time like that. I'm not sure all of what I did, but huff, I did a lot of bad things. When I was eighteen, I finally got caught. They beat me up pretty good, but I got away. I ran into the deep forest and got lost. Quite a feat for a wolf, but I was bleeding and dehydrated and close to fainting. I finally couldn't go any farther and collapsed. Just before I fainted, I smelled someone coming. I saw their shadow and heard their footsteps, even though they were incredibly quiet. I never actually saw them before I blacked out." Wolf whimpered at the remembered pain, but continued, "I came to lying on a bed. I had no idea where I was. But that smell, the smell of whoever had found me, was all over the place. It smelled familiar, but I couldn't remember from where. When I first woke up, I couldn't remember much of anything. It took awhile for that to all come back.

'But the person who had found me came in only minutes later, as if she knew I was awake. She looked so familiar, but I didn't put it together until she said, "Hello, Wolf. Remember me?"

'It was my sister! She had found me and nursed me back to health. I was just getting better when the men from the village, the ones who had caught me, found her place. They set it on fire. We were confused by the smoke. I made it out, but my sister didn't. I was tired of running. I did some bad things there, but only as bad as they had!

'After it was all over and when I was ready to move on again, I found I didn't know what to do. My sister had taught me something. About being a good wolf. And I tried that for the longest time, but I finally snapped again, on a full moon, and ate that flock of sheep. I was a bad wolf again until they caught me and put me in Snow White Memorial Prison. And then I met you and became a good wolf again. And this time, it's permanent!" Wolf vowed.

Virginia stared at him.

"Wolf. I'm so sorry. I didn't know." she sputtered awkwardly.

She had cried and complained and done the self-pity thing, and here was Wolf, his whole family murdered. What a brat she was!

Wolf pretended to remove a rock from the area he was sitting on, but Virginia could hear him sniff. He turned back towards her and forced a smile.

"History. Nothing to be done about it now. But there are other things to talk about. Like cars. And those flying things we saw that one time. And TV. You live in a strange world, Virginia." Wolf said.

"So do you." Virginia replied, going with his change of the subject.

For the rest of the day they pointedly ignored the subject of their pasts as they looked at apartments.

Virginia had no idea why it hadn't occurred to her. And why on earth it had occurred to Wolf, she didn't know.

Her old apartment! They still had at least a month left to them in return for her father working there. She had forgotten somehow.

So she and Wolf were back at the apartment building, looking for Mr. Murray. And they found him, or rather he found them.

"Miss Lewis! You've returned! May I inquire at whether the Master has returned as well?" Mr. Murray asked humbly and actually bowed to her.

Virginia nearly fell over backwards. She did stumble and Wolf caught her and pushed her back to her feet.

Wait! Virginia thought to herself about something that her father had told her concerning a magic dragon dung and six wishes. Apparently, the wish was still in affect. Good.

"Actually, he is still on a…business trip. He may be away for a good time. But my fiancée and I have returned and would like to have our old apartment back." Virginia said, making things up quickly.

"Fiancée? Congratulations, Mr….?"

"Wolf." Wolf interjected quickly, shaking hands with Mr. Murray.

"Mr. Wolf. You're a very lucky man. Miss Lewis is quite a young lady."

"I know." Wolf agreed, looking at Virginia.

Virginia fidgeted under the attention.

"The apartment, please?" she said, changing the subject.

"Oh, right this way. I took the liberty of moving you out of that box where you were before and to a suite on the top floor. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not." Virginia sputtered, amazed.

She couldn't believe this was the same Mr. Murray who had always cheated her father, treated him like dirt, and had been an all around jerk. Magic was pretty amazing.

"Good. Good." Mr. Murray muttered as they entered the elevator.

He punched the button for the tope floor and the elevator creaked as it started up.

Wolf swayed and grabbed the side. He looked sick. Virginia took his arm and helped him to stay up.

"Sorry. Forgot." she whispered.

Wolf just nodded. He looked forever grateful when the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Mr. Murray hurried ahead and pulled open the double doors to the best suite in the entire building. Virginia bit her tongue in surprise. He must have kicked out his wealthiest tenant! Magic, indeed.

"I trust you will find everything in order." he said, holding out an arm and motioning them inside.

"Y…yes. Thank you." Virginia recovered from her surprise and turned to Mr. Murray, "That will be all for now, Mr. Murray. Thank you."

Mr. Murray bowed again and left Virginia and Wolf alone in their new apartment.

"Wow." Virginia said, shaking her head.

She looked around for Wolf and saw he was already exploring the place.

"Huff-puff, I like this place, Virginia. Much better than your old place downstairs." he said, turning to her.

"Me, too." she said.

She hugged him and he looked at her in surprise.

"What was that for?" he asked, then quickly added, "Not that I mind."

"No reason. I just can't believe how well things have worked out." she said, smiling.

"Me neither. But I'm sure glad they did." Wolf agreed.

Wolf and Virginia remained for a moment in each other's arms before Wolf gently disentangled himself.

"You think there's anything to eat in here?" he asked.

Virginia laughed and followed him to the kitchen.

"If not, we'd better go out and buy some bacon, hmmm?" she said teasingly.

Wolf didn't notice her tone, but nodded emphatically as he searched the fridge. He pulled out a large ham that had a note attached to it. He looked at it quickly as he set the ham down on the table.

"Courtesy of Mr. Murray." he said with a smile, "Sit down and relax, my dear, sweet Virginia. I'm going to make you the best dinner ever!"

Virginia smiled and took a seat at the table. Her mind came up with some terrifying thoughts about Wolf's cooking, but she ignored them.

"I can't wait." she said.