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Chapter 1: Unexpected Encounter

Kagome could see nothing but red. She was running, to where, she knew not. She was so blind in rage she didn't notice the thorns and tree branches that were ripping her clothes and lightly cutting her skin. When a demon appeared she would ruthlessly attack them with everything she had. Lucky for her she didn't get any serious wounds. If she wasn't so angry she would have been surprised to how easy it was to kill the demons.

All she could think about was getting away from Inuyasha. She didn't wanna leave Sango, Miroku, Shippo, or Kirara but she had to get away from there. It really didn't accrue to her that they would understand fully. They were there when everything happened so they would understand her rage. But she didn't even know what she wanted to do. Hell, she didn't even know where she was.

As she walked through a village she just ignored the people as they tried to get her to stop. She knew they wanted to help but she was still way to close and she couldn't be found by him. She just wanted to disappear.

Not long away from the village, she was still running, she stopped when she saw a small camp. A fire was going, a fish on a stick was cooking and everything looked so innocent. When she looked around a strange creature caught her interest. It was a double headed dragon, it's body was a deep almost forest green and it's yellowish eyes were staring at her.

She moved forward, not knowing she had, and reached her hand out. To her surprise the dragon pushed one of it's head into her hand letting her pet him. Kagome smiled and reached out her other hand and stroked the other head. A low growl was coming from them, but Kagome knew they wouldn't hurt her. A screech of excitement brought her back to the real world.

"Kagome-chan," a small voice asked.

Kagome turned around fast to find herself staring at a little girl. She was in a cute little kimono with a flower print on it, some of her hair was pulled into a side pony-tail and her brown eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"Rin-chan," Kagome smiled at her.

Rin rushed forward and wrapped her arms around Kagome's waist, pushing her face into her stomach. Kagome returned the hug and they happily talked.

As he walked towards the 'camp' he had made for Rin he heard talking. He could tell Rin was one of them but the other voice really didn't sound so familiar. Though he could tell whoever that girl or women was she sure wasn't going to hurt Rin.

The 'camp' slowly came into view and that's when he saw that the girl was Inuyasha's wench.

"What are you doing here," he asked coldly.

"Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome needs some where to stay. Can she stay with us," Rin asked.

"No," Sesshomaru answered.

"But, Sesshomaru-sama. Kagome-chan is a friend of Rin's and Rin wants to have Kagome-chan to play with," Rin whined.

"No," Sesshomaru stated.

"Don't worry Rin. I'll be fine," Kagome hugged the girl.

Rin started to cry as she clung to Kagome.

"But, Kagome-chan. Your human like Rin. How will you survive on your own," Rin asked tearily.

"I've made it this far. I can make it to where I need to go. As soon as I figure out what way that is," Kagome sighed.

"Rin don't wanna let Kagome-chan go," Rin cried.

"Your going to have to Rin-chan," Kagome held her close softly cooing soothing words to the girl.

Sesshomaru watched the two interact. He didn't say anything or move. He just stood there like a statue and watched them.

"Thank you for trying Rin, but I really most getting moving," Kagome kissed Rin on the forehead.

"Rin is sorry, you can't stay," Rin tried to stop crying.

"It was worth a try," Kagome stood up and began to move.

Rin watched almost silently as Kagome walked over to the dragon and gave each head a pat. Kagome let out a sigh and began to walk away, her walk turned into a run as she was blinded by her feelings again.

"Kagome-chan, is really hurt. Kagome-chan told Rin that Inuyasha hurt her and that she is trying to get away from him. Rin thinks that Rin hurt her even more by asking her to stay," Rin sighed.

Sesshomaru let out a barely audible sigh as he ran after Kagome. Rin really was making him weak, and he didn't like seeing Rin in that kind of distress.

Kagome felt something wrap itself around her waist causing her to stop and also knock the wind out of her. Gasping for breath Kagome turned to find herself face-to-face with the Lord of the Western Lands. Kagome gasped in surprise and tried to pull away, but Sesshomaru only tightened his grip on her.

"You will stay," Sesshomaru ordered.

Kagome mutely nodded as she was led back to the camp. Just before they got there Sesshomaru let her go. Kagome stumbled a little but regained her balance and walked over to the now beaming Rin. Rin talked happily as she sat next to the fire. Kagome really wasn't paying attention, but Rin didn't seem to notice, her eyes were staring into the flames of the fire trying to stop herself from thinking about him.

Tears came to her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She hadn't cried yet and she wasn't going to now, not in the presences of Sesshomaru. Blinking back the tears she continued to nodded at the girls words. She didn't know till Rin passed out that Sesshomaru was pointedly staring at her. He knew she wasn't paying attention. He saw the tears but then watched as she pushed them back.

Something big happened and from what Rin said, it had to be because of his half-wit half brother. This human girl was so pure but with the power that was in her aura told him that she wasn't completely innocent. She had most-likely seen her fare share of war and fought in it too. But, he knew she was only experienced in the art of archery. If she was going to travel with them, then he would have to train her.

Kagome knew that if it weren't for Rin, Sesshomaru most-likely would have lobbed her head off the second he found her in is camp. She silently thanked god that Rin traveled with Sesshomaru, but she was silently wondering where that stupid toad, Jaken, was. She could still remember all the times that she beat the stuffing out of the freaky looking thing.

Sesshomaru watched as Kagome's lips turned up into a smile. He listen as a light giggle escaped the girls lips. He didn't ask or even try to understand why she was giddy, all of a sudden. He just watched her. Ever since he had met her in the tomb of his father's, she always had him guessing. He hated to admit that she amused him. The way she would be happy then Inuyasha would say something and then she would become angry.

Kagome sighed. No matter what she did she couldn't figure out why she wasn't afraid of the demon Lord that barley sat a few feet away from her. She actually felt quite content in his presence. She felt safe. When she was with Inuyasha she always felt a little unsafe, but now she felt totally safe. The only thing that was making her uncomfortable where the feeling of Sesshomaru's eyes on her.

He just sat there, staring at her as if though she was going to get up and run. He knew she wouldn't not after Rin had told her she wanted her to stay. That's when he noticed he was looking intently into saddened blue eyes. He could see the hurt and betrayal shining brightly in her eyes like the sun shines bright in the day. He felt a tinge of something but he pushed the feelings away. He watched as she gave him one of the saddest smiles he had ever seen.

She wanted to smile at him, she knew it would only be a sad smile, but she tried anyways. She laid down on her back and stared into the sky. Breathing in the cool air that felt good on her face. Sighing once again, she closed her eyes letting only a tear fall from each eye.

Sesshomaru watched as the tear on the side of her face, that was facing him, slowly made it was way down into her hair, but he couldn't help but like the way the moon made the tear shine like a crystal. He listened to her breath as it slowed down into a even pace and she rolled over on her side facing him. She was peacefully asleep. He would ask her about her sadness tomorrow. Closing his eyes he fell into a light but peaceful slumber.

A few hours after trying to follow Kagome showed that it was useless. Inuyasha would smell her scent for a distance then it would disappear inside a village and would reappear somewhere else. Inuyasha huffed as he sat down on the ground. Him and all his friends were sitting in a clearing, not known to him but he was about a hours run at full speed away from Kagome and her new found partners.

"You do realize that this is your fault," Shippo accused him.

"How is it my fault! She is the one that ran away," the half-demon yelled.

"It's still your fault and you know it," Shippo tried to hold back his tears.

"Shippo is right, even if you don't believe it, Inuyasha. You caused Kagome emotional pain, so she ran," Miroku stated.

"I just hope Kagome is okay," Sango sighed.

Sango was sitting right next to Miroku with Shippo in her lap. Inuyasha and Kikyo were on the other side of the hut. Miroku was so worried about Kagome he totally ignored his chance to grope Sango. He knew Sango was really worried and upset at Kagome's actions even though they weren't unpredictable. Though Kagome did run west while the well lies north.

That's what worried them all. She was going the wrong way. And most-likely was going to find herself in deep shit with a demon. The main demon they didn't want her to get in trouble with was Sesshomaru.

"Damn it," Inuyasha hissed.

"Do you think we can find her before she gets to hurt," Shippo asked.

"We can only hope," Miroku sighed.

That was the moment that Shippo couldn't take it any more and the tears poured down silently from his eyes. Sango held him to her chest whispering soothing words to the little boy who had a death grip around her neck.

"Be safe Kagome," The three whispered together.

Kagome's eyes shot open. She could have swore her friends were right there telling her to be safe. Her wide eyes scanned her surrounding. Rin was still asleep. She touched her face and felt the thin layer of sweat beneath her fingers. Her breathing was labored. Her dream was a nightmare, but when she heard her friends call out to her it was like they were standing right there hugging her and whispering into her ears.

Sesshomaru's eyes turned to the girl that was sitting up in fright. He could see the sweat glistening in the moon light. The fear and confusion in her blue eyes as she looked around. That's when their eyes locked. He wanted in amazement as the fear completely disappeared but the confusion stayed. He noticed that she was shivering. Either from cold or from her previous fear, he knew not.

He pulled off his haori and laid it around her shoulders. Her surprised eyes looked up at him.

"Thank you," Kagome whispered.

Sesshomaru just gave her a current nod before moving back to where he was sitting moments before. Kagome pulled the haori around her and laid back down. She didn't want to get the clothing dirty but she was tired and slightly cold. Her eyes landed on Sesshomaru once more before she passed back into her deep sleep.

Sesshomaru could tell after an hour of watching her that her dreams were nightmares, again. Her soft whimpers and raged breath told him so. Her face covered in sweat, and he could only assume that her body was too. Letting out a small breath he didn't realize he was holding, he closed his eyes and tried to block out her whimpers and groans.

"Sesshomaru," the girl whimpered, "Inuyasha. no."

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. What was she dreaming? Why did she call my name. The thoughts kept running through his mind, but he guessed he would have to ask her tomorrow. After she called his name one more time he found himself lulled to sleep.

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