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Chapter 18: Can't Escape Time

A beautiful raven haired woman shifted feet, tugging at her skirt. Her uniform was now a soft grey short skirt, a white shirt with a tie that matched the skirt. The building that loomed before her had a large sign that read Tokyo University. She smiled when she was approached by three girls, dressed in the same uniform.

"Hey Kagome," Eri greeted her.

"How was summer," Ayumi asked gently.

"It was," she faulted for a second before saying, "amazing."

"I heart you got yourself a boyfriend," Yuka teased.

Kagome didn't seemed phased when she said, "yeah, I did."

"What," her friends cried out, "you have to tell us everything!"

"That will have to wait, we have class first."


The four girls sat at the round tables in the lunch room, munching on the cafeteria food.

"So dish," Yuka exclaimed.

Kagome couldn't stop the happy smile that graced her face, "Well, I've know my boyfriend for four years actually. At first we were the bitterest of enemies. We hated each other. You remember Inuyasha?"

"The two timer," Ayumi asked.

"Yeah, well he decided to go back to his ex and I kind of stormed off and bumped into his older half brother."

"You mean your dating his older half brother," Eri gasped.

"It was an accident really. I never even thought that I could fall in love with him. He was rude, cold, and cruel when I met him. He always treated me poorly and then something changed. He became sweet and kind, though only to me, Rin and Shippo."

"Who are they?"

"Rin is Sesshomaru's adopted daughter and Shippo is my adopted son."

"Wait, when did that happen?"

"About four years ago for me and two years ago for Sesshomaru."

"Why didn't you say anything," Eri questioned.

"It didn't seem important, because they live so far away you would never be able to meet them," she shrugged her shoulders.

"Even now," Yuka inquired.

"Even now," Kagome nodded.

"Continue your story please," Ayumi said eagerly.

She chuckled, "I fell in love with Sesshomaru, roughly about a year ago. It was only three months ago that he asked me to marry him."


"Kagome, you are so lucky," Ayumi purred, her eyes closed envisioning the proposal.

"I have to agree, I am lucky. He really is an amazing person once you get to know him."

"We want to meet him," Eri told her leaving no room for argument.

"How about in a couple days? Like this weekend," Kagome offered, "we could all go out to eat and then Sesshomaru can talk to you about himself."

"When will you be getting married, can we come," Yuka asked with hopeful eyes.

"Soon, I assure you," Kagome smiled, "of course you all can come."

The lunch bell rang signalling the end of the period.


"I'm home," Kagome called as she slid open the front door to the shrine.

"Okaa-san," two small children slammed into her legs wrapping their small arms around her waist the best the could.

"Takeo, Amaya did you behave for your grandmother," Kagome asked the two.

Takeo was four years old in appearance, his midnight black hair fell to his shoulders and his blazing golden blue eyes sparkled with happiness. He had a single baby blue stripe on each cheek that was currently hidden under his protection charm that was placed on his silver necklace. His normal pointed ears were round, his fangs and claws were also not visible.

Amaya was in-between two and three in appearance, her usually bright silver hair was tented with a platinum blonde colour from her protection charm that was placed on the small gold ring on her finger. Her ears pointed ears, fangs and claws also hidden. Her golden eyes remained impassive much like her father. If they hadn't been hidden three magenta coloured stripes would adorn her cheeks.

"Yes, Okaa-san," they both nodded before turning and running back into the living room.

"It is good to have you home," Sesshomaru stated, moving in from the living room to wrap his arms around her waist.

She didn't hesitate before kissing him, her hands fisting in his hair pulling his head down to hers. Their tongues danced and the heat and smell of arousal filled the air. Kagome was the first to pull back and smiled lazily at him. She strode off into the Kitchen to find her mother already preparing food.

"How was your first day at Tokyo University," her mother asked.

"It went better then expected," Kagome smiled, "it's a bit hard to keep the dates correct, but I'm working on it. Oh, mom can you do me a huge favour?"

"What is it?"

"My friends want to meet Sesshomaru, I don't even know how to explain that we already have children, so could you watch Takeo and Amaya while we go out for a couple hours?"

"Of course I can! They are so well behaved Kagome, I'm very proud of you."

"You wouldn't be saying that if you met our other pups who were raised around my half-brother," Sesshomaru remarked as he took his seat at the table.

Kagome laughed, "yes. Well, Inuyasha did tend to rub off on our pups didn't he?"

"That is an understatement, koishii."

Her giggles only subsided when her mother asked her to help set the table.

"You know, you never did tell me where all your other children are," her mom said just as everyone was settling down at the table.

"They are scattered everywhere," Sesshomaru shrugged.

"Some we haven't heard from in centuries," Kagome frowned, "but it's to be expected. They all have lives and families of their owns. We never tend to end up in the same country."

"Moving around a lot, we usually end up to far away from each other," he nodded.

"That is a very sad thought. How long can you remain here," her mom frowned

"Oh, I'm not sure," Kagome blinked, "I can obviously finish college. Last place we stayed only twenty years because to many people started asking questions."

Sesshomaru cut it, "about four years is the maximum we have ever been able to settle into one place."

"You must know so many different languages," Souta exclaimed excitedly.

"That we do," Kagome smiled at her brothers enthusiasm.

"Okaa-san," Takeo drew her attention, "Uncle Souta showed us how to play video games!"

"Oh really," Kagome asked with wide happy eyes, "did you like it?"

"It was fun," Takeo nodded.

"It was weird," Amaya shrugged.

"Most girls don't like video games so it's okay if you don't," her mother told her easily.

"Sis, it's not that bad," Souta huffed.


"Kagome," her three friends called waving her over.

Sesshomaru tightened his hand on her hip when he noticed that Hojo was there. Kagome had to choke down a giggle. They exchanged their hellos before all of them entered the fine restaurant to be seated. Kagome and Sesshomaru sat next to each other. Hojo and Eri were across from them and Ayumi sat on the right while Yuka sat to the left.

"So tell us Sesshomaru, how did you meet Kagome," Eri leaned forward in her seat.

"She is a friend of my half-brother. Four years ago, I stumbled upon them trying to see if Inuyasha knew anything of my father's will."

"So you two like, never hung out before or anything," Yuka questioned.

"No, nothing of the like. Actually, we both had a mutual hate of each other at the time."

"So then... What changed your mind," Ayumi asked.

"Well, one day she got in a fight with my half-brother and stormed away. She ran into my adopted daughter Rin, who convinced me to let Kagome stay with us for a while," he answered easily, "during her stay, she just kind of wiggled her way in."

"How old are you," Yuka suddenly asked, her eyes narrowing.

"Much older then Kagome, I assure you."

Kagome laughed, "he is twenty five."

"That's almost six years older then you," Hojo gaped.

"Age isn't a matter," Sesshomaru told them.

"We never intended to fall in love," Kagome told them honestly, "it just sort of... happened."

They shared a knowing smile before turning back to the curious eyes of her friends.

"What happened to that two timer any ways? And what about the really pushy guy," Eri tapped her chin thoughtfully.

"Inuyasha eventually fell in love with one of our best friends. They are married and currently living in England. The pushy guy I'm assuming is Koga and he is married and living in America. Our other friend Miroku passed away shortly after his wife Maya."

"I'm sorry," the four said.

"He was happy," Kagome smiled, "that was all that counts."

"What about Rin and Shippo, where are they," Ayumi asked.

"They decided to stay in England with Inuyasha for a while," Sesshomaru told them.

"Where are the two of you staying?"

"At the shrine for a while, but we are already in the process of buying a house."

"I work for a large company as a CEO," her mate told them, "but, Kagome's mom insists we stay as long as we can."

"Which won't be long if Takeo and Amaya have any say in it," Kagome whispered under her breath making Sesshomaru smirk.

"You don't even need to go to college," Eri sighed dreamily, "I mean, a rich man comes and sweeps you off your feet. God Kagome you have all the luck."

She laughed. Her friends would think she had all the luck. Her life was amazing and she always was so grateful and happy. But, she couldn't deny the heaviness the still sometimes weighted on her chest from all the deaths and destruction she saw when she was young. They were memories she could never get rid.

Kagome's friend didn't speak up, but in that moment while she was thinking Kagome's beautiful bright happy naive blue eyes suddenly became hard and sullen and gave her the appearance that she had lived far longer then any human ever should. For she had. Five hundred and twenty years was a very long time for a human to live.


Kagome sat on the stone bench under the Goshinboku. Tears slipped gently down her cheeks as she thought of the time when she was younger. She remembered all her days as a young teenager. Coming home to go to school just to jump down the well and face youkai after youkai. Most of her dearly beloved friends remained alive and well, but a part of her ached for the old days.

Heat encased her, alerting her to Sesshomaru's presence beside her. He didn't say anything, just simply sat there. His eyes fixated on the stone ground in front of them. Kagome sobbed quietly. All those days. All that time she spent there in the past before knowing she would live there, it seemed almost foolish.

She had stayed there not knowing her future. She had ran so recklessly into a world that could have killed her. But, that foolishness had led to her bright future. A love so strong that five hundred years had done nothing more then build it up. Their passion together burning higher then it had all those centuries ago.

A part of her had been certain that she wouldn't make it this far in the future, but here she sat. She had returned to the shrine mere days after she knew her present self would return to the past. It had taken time to explain to her family about everything. They still often found themselves learning things that hadn't been brought up. How could one relay five hundred years of memories?

His arm wrapped around her hips and pulled her tight to him. She shared a small kiss before burying her face into his neck. For her family, she hadn't even been gone but a week before she was back in their lives. The memories of her final year here still so very fresh in their minds. It was hard to hear them talk, and to deal with their grief over Kai's passing.

It was hard being so old, and she wondered just how Sesshomaru faired so well being far over a thousand years old. However, she always wondered if maybe it was for this very reason that Sesshomaru had always remained cold and distant. Because, loving and caring for people that passed away while she stayed so very young broke her heart. Often times she found herself wishing more people had taken youkai mates.

"Koishii," Sesshomaru whispered softly to her, "it will get easier."

She nodded, "I love you, Sesshomaru."

"I love you, Kagome," he smiled into her hair before kissing her head softly.


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