A/N: Hello again. tai'sgirl23 here. As you can see, I'm back with another story. After the success of my story "Rekindled Love" (which was my first full Yaoi story), I though I'd give this a try. This story was inspired by the book "Eragon" by Christopher Palini. And before you say it, I won't be copying the story word from word. This will be my own creation that I hope you'll enjoy reading.

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Shin no Duelist


Main: Yugi x Atemu

Others: Seto Kaiba x Jonouchi, Ryou x Bakura, Malik x Marik

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Rating: T


Millennium Items and Ancient Magic. Mystical Spirits and Powerful "Duelists". A land called Domino covered in darkness. Can a man named Yugi restore the light?

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! or any of the characters.

Big thanks to my beta Darkyami7 for their quick and fantastic work.


Shin no Duelist



There have been tales throughout history, of lands once living in peace that have been corrupted by war. Lands are covered in darkness, men battle for their lives, cities crumble in a blink of an eye. But there always comes a hero, whom battles for good and restores the light to the land, bringing peace and happiness to the people and forever banishing the darkness.

If this is true, then why has no hero come to save this land?

The land of Domino was once a peaceful land ruled by a kind King and the seven Duelists. These Duelists were powerful people, each possessing unspeakable magic, granted to them by their mystical Millennium Items. Although not much is known about their magic or the sacred items, much is know about their triumphs. Working for the King, they spent their lives protecting the Kingdom of Domino, using their powers in mysterious ways.

But that did not last for long.

One Duelist named Pegasus rose up against the King and his fellow Duelists. After many bloody battles, he defeated the King and took the throne for himself. Once in power, the land of Domino was shrouded in chaos and fear. The Duelists tried desperately to bring order back to their land, but like the former King were quickly defeated. Before Pegasus was able to seize control of the Millennium Items, they-along with the Duelists-disappeared and were never heard from again.

Thirteen years have passed since the Day of Darkness, and not much has changed. Although it is known that the Millennium Items have been passed on to the next generation, it is not known whether or not all of the Items have found a new Duelist. Rumours and gossip spread over the land quickly, and news that three of the new Duelists have been captured by Pegasus is soon common to the people of Domino.

If heroes rise up to stop evil, then why has no hero risen up to help us, the people of Domino? And will we ever be able to live like we once did, without the constant fear of Pegasus controlling our lives?


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