Chapter 13: Time

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Sasuke lay in bed since it was raining way too much to go anywhere. He could only think of the words she had told him earlier the following morning.

"Sasuke...let's...stop seeing each other. You have Ifalna and it wouldn't be right. Kouji is always waiting for me. I feel that we're just not right for each other. And...I think...I'm falling for Kouji. I'm sorry Sasuke. Please forget about me and just focus on Ifalna. You have always loved her anyway. Bye."

"Hinata..." He spoke her name with care.



It's been a week since the incident between Sasuke and Hinata. Every single time they see each other; they just nod their head and move on like nothing has happened at all. Ifalna and Kouji notice this, but don't say anything. They know what the reason was as well. Kouji and Ifalna decided to meet up at the training ground to talk.

"Can't you let him go?" Kouji asked Ifalna, leaning on a tree.

"No. It's selfish, but I love him too much." Ifalna said sternly.

"It's very selfish, but you're only hurting the two. Just let him go and move on." Kouji said with no emotion.

"Tch, what about you? Can you let her go?" Ifalna smirked.

"...yes...if she's happy, I'm okay with it." Kouji said sadly.

"Heh, I wouldn't. I know myself. I would probably have to threaten her just to have Sasuke. It's cruel, but that's what you call Love and War. It's a love to die for." Ifalna smiled.

"You're different." Kouji said out bluntly.

"You just notice? Heh! After founding out about the whole secret love between the two, it changed me. I was so angry! I hated her for that! I wanted her to die! But...after realizing these things...I knew I was jealous of her. So...I asked her to forget him. Because I love him." Ifalna said angrily.

"Humph, they still have feelings for each other. There's nothing you can do about it."

"Don't you want to make her happy as well?" Ifalna said sadly to Kouji, making him a bit surprise.

"What do you mean?" Kouji said hesitantly.

"If you do this, it would only bring more pain to the two of them. Are you sure?"

"Yes...I want to see her happy. Not fake happy!" Kouji said determine.

"Really? Then I guess I'll just have to stop you." She looked at him with cold, evil eyes.

Kouji was taken back. "You're not Ifalna."

Ifalna started laughing hysterically. "Really? Are you sure?" There was another voice.

"IFALNA!" Kouji quickly came and slap her across the face.

She looked at him coldly. "Now, now, aren't you angry as well? Seeing them kiss each other so passionately?! When I SAW them kissing each other, it killed me! THAT STUPID SCENE OF THEM KISSING KEPT REPLAYING IN MY FUCKING MIND! I JUST WANTED TO KILL HER RIGHT THEN! I WAS SO HURT! I CRIED! I RAN AWAY! I DIDN'T WANT TO LIVE ANYMORE! WITHOUT HIM...I...I...I..." Ifalna cried. "I felt sorrow for the first time. I was so jealous of her. I wanted to be the one in his heart." Ifalna tried her best not to cry anymore.

Kouji felt bad and hugged her. She cried harder on him and started beating at his chest. She started to yell the word why. Finally, eleven minutes, she stopped. She backed away from him and smiled.

"Thank you...I'm sorry...about all the stuff I said about Hinata. I didn't mean too. Love can be so cruel." Ifalna clinched her hands into a fist. "I REALLY love him."

" sure?" Kouji asked seriously.

"Yes..." Ifalna replied sadly.

"Are you EVEN positive that's your TRUE feelings towards him and that it's not fake love?"

Those words surprised her, but she quickly said yes and left. Kouji could only, hesitantly, feel something wrong with Ifalna. She wasn't sure about anything anymore. She's colder and surprise easily now. He knew something was up, but just couldn't say what it was.


Ifalna sat on a rock. She was thinking those words that Kouji had spoken to her earlier. Was it really her true feelings? Was it Orochimaru's doing? She didn't know. She was so confuse.



Hinata walked in a daze. She wasn't really paying any attention to where she was going. She was just going where her feet dragged her. When she heard her name called, she found that she was in front of the Uchiha Manor. She was quite taken back. She turned her head only to see Sasuke...alone.

"Sa-Sasuke!" Hinata looked the other way. "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Sorry! I'll be leaving now!" Hinata started to walk away.

Sasuke didn't know what happened, but he had held her. He soon came to realize what he was doing. He quickly let go of her and apologize.

"Ca...Can we please talk?" Sasuke said sadly.

" would-" She got cut off.

"It'll be quick. Please come inside...will you?"

"Mm." Hinata didn't know, but she answered without thinking.

The two sat in silence for awhile. Their tea was getting cold as the two could feel the tense atmosphere. The two didn't even know what to say. It was also getting dark. So, Hinata finally decided to talk.

"I'm sorry. We just can't be with each other." Hinata said with no emotions.

"I know...but...let me ask you this're free to go." Sasuke said sternly.

"Okay...what's the question?" Hinata ready herself.

"Do you truly detest me?" Sasuke said it so coldly, that it surprised Hinata.

"Detest...? No. I...I...I just don't love you. I...I love Kouji." Hinata looked away with a sad smile plastered on her flawless face.


Hinata's eyes were wide. She couldn't believe what was happening. She couldn't move. She couldn't do anything. Sasuke had pinned her against the wall. He hovered over her. His lips were so close. She yearned for it, but couldn't betray Ifalna. She wanted him even more.

"Don't lie to me!" Sasuke said angrily.

"Sa-Sasuke...I'm sorry, but I have to-" She got cut off.

Lips pressed on hers. Hinata didn't want it. She pushed and shoved, but it only made the situation worse. He kissed her harder. She yearns for the kisses, but it was killing her. Eventually, she gave in to the kisses. She started to kiss him back. It was intense. They both wanted this for so long.

Once they stopped kissing, Sasuke carried her bridal style and took her to the bedroom. Their love blossomed even more than before. Of course, this was a secret. But sadly, she heard everything when she got to the door step. From the beginning to the end. She was inside the house now. She could hear the moans and groans from the two couple. She was sad instead of angry. She knew, but why is it that she can't be set free from the feeling of loving him. She knew...she thought it over so many times till it was dark. She knew everything now. She smiled sadly as tears stream down her eyes.

"Poor, poor soul." A sinister voice could be heard.

She wasn't surprise. She could already sense him.


"Ku, ku, ku, ku. Isn't it just lovely? Your sweet heart is cheating on you and is doing love with the one he loves."

"I know...I knew from the time I saw them kiss. Why...why did you even...make me have these feelings?" Ifalna cried in pain.

She could feel Orochimaru right behind her, laughing evilly.

"Isn't it nice? To be betray?"

Ifalna made a fist and kicked him away from her. ""

"Ku, ku, ku. You know where to come." Orochimaru disappear from the shadows.

Ifalna looked back at the hall that leads to the bedrooms. She turned and left.

"I will never go to him. I won't let him have what he wants."

The next day, Hinata and Sasuke didn't want to do anything but stay in bed. They ended up getting up for training and maybe missions. They took a shower and got dressed. Hinata gave him a quick kiss before leaving. The Uchiha was happy. He knows that Hinata loves him...but...there was Ifalna. He had to break things up with her. He and Hinata had decided to confront her and tell her the truth. They will meet her at the training ground.

As Hinata got home and change to a new attire, Neji was furious. He WANTED to know where she had been all NIGHT! Hinata told him that he was at Ifalna's and ask why he wanted to know. He DOESN'T even live with her.

"You had a mission, but SINCE you were no where at all, I had to do it FOR you!" Neji said furiously.

"Sorry. I'll make it up to you! But right now, I have to go and meet up with a friend! Bye Neji!" Hinata quickly push him out of her house and locked it up and left.

Sasuke was already at the training grounds with Ifalna there. She wasn't hyper and hugging Sasuke like how she usual does. She was...just sitting there...all quiet and doing nothing.

"Sasuke, Ifalna." Hinata said a bit happy.


"..." Ifalna only turned her head and gave a nod towards Hinata.

Little known to them, Kouji was there, hiding and watching.

"I...I mean...we wanted to tell you this together." Hinata said sadly towards Ifalna, knowing this would hurt.

Ifalna got up to listen to what they had to say to her. Sasuke step up a bit to face her even more.

"Let's...break up." Sasuke said bluntly.

"Why?" Ifalna asked looking up at him with baggy eyes.

"Because I love her." Sasuke looked at her straight in the eyes.

Ifalna looked at Hinata with sad eyes. "And you love him too?"


Kouji felt a pain in his chest. It hurted him to hear those words, but he knew it was true. Hinata only loved Sasuke. No one else.

"I see." Ifalna could only smile at the two couple. She backed away a bit. "I...I heard everything last night." That surprised Sasuke and Hinata. "It's okay. I...myself was going to break up with you too. I knew your heart wasn't with me, but Hinata. It pains me a lot, but there are those times that you can't have everything you want. I know. I was selfish. I even asked Hinata to stay away from you." That surprised Sasuke a bit, but he didn't show it. "Please, you don't have to explain anymore, nor do you two have to tell Kouji. He already knew that you loved Sasuke. So please, just don' wish the best for the both of you." Ifalna smiled at tears streamed down her pale face. "I hope...we can still be friends." Ifalna held out a hand to the two. Both took it.

Ifalna had left the two couple alone. They had decided to spar for awhile before doing anything else. They were glad that Ifalna understand and was okay with it.

Ifalna sat alone on a cliff. She was watching the scenery. Kouji came and sat beside of her. She put her head on his shoulders.

"Are you okay?" Kouji asked sadly.

"Mm. You heard everything, so yeah. I'm okay. Don't worry. I'll be fine." Ifalna said sadly.

"What happened to your enthusiasm? You were saying love is war."

"Kouji...I...don't know."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I don't feel like myself anymore. I feel like something inside of me is going to explode. I'm afraid. I'm afraid I might hurt someone." Ifalna cried.

Kouji hugged her tight. "It'll be okay." He comforted her.

"No...i-it wo-won't! I'm scared of my OWN existence! Every single time I sleep...I don't know what's happening to my body! I feel like I'm going to drown. I feel like I'm on fire! I have these feelings...that I'll hurt you! I don't want to! YOU WERE THE ONLY ONE THERE FOR ME! YOU TOOK CARE OF ME! I'm scared...I don't know what I am..." Ifalna hugged him even more.

"I won't let anything happen. Everything will be okay. I promise. I will always protect you."

Ifalna looked up at him with teary eyes. "Thank you...Kouji..."

-A week passed-

Every body now knows about Hinata and Sasuke together. It surprised everyone. When they see Ifalna, they would pity her. Ifalna now has been silent then ever. She hasn't been talking nor eating properly. She's also hasn't been sleeping too well. She has really baggy eyes. Even Tsunade and Sakura don't know what's wrong with her. They ask Kouji, but he doesn't know either. It's not because of the whole Sasuke and Hinata together. Kouji could only say that she had told him something was wrong with her, but not about the two couple. Kouji could only stay by her side and watch as she deals with everything that's been happening. She looked like a statue. Sasuke and Hinata decided to come and visit her.

"Ifalna-chan." Hinata said sadly. "Are you feeling well?"


"Is it" Hinata asked even more.

"..." Still no answer.

"Ifalna." Sasuke spoke her name. She didn't even flinch or move.

"It's not about you two." Kouji said walking to them.

"Kouji." Hinata looked at him sadly. "What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know myself. She had told me that there was something wrong with her body. She doesn't know what it is either. I believe that's the reason for her behavior." Kouji said worriedly.

"Well...okay than. We'll...come visit again." Hinata smiled at him.

"Mm. I have to go see Tsunade anyway about her condition." The three left the room, only leaving her only.

A person appeared before her and smiled.

"Orochimaru sent for your presence." Kabuto smirked.

Ifalna turned her head slightly in horror. The first movement she made in awhile. She couldn't speak, nor could she scream. She had lost her voice.

Moments later, Kouji, Sakura, and Tsunade came in. Kouji stopped in his track, along with the two. Ifalna was gone. There were blood stains on the bed as well. Kouji quickly ran to the bed.

"IFALNA! NO! Damn it!" Kouji cursed.

Sakura spotted something on the table. "No..." The other two looked as well, only to be shocked.

It was in blood, Ifalna's blood. It was one word. It was a name.


TO BE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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