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Chapter 1

I want you to change.
I want you to change.
I want you to change.

The words echoed through his mind. Repeating itself numerous times now, he has lost count. He looked at her photo and gazed at it sadly. Her last words when she left him were bombarding his mind.

He has changed. He willed himself to change starting that very moment. He changed for her. If only she was here to see him.

"911 emergency, what's the emergency?"
"A car accident... Someone help! God, she's not breathing... She's not breathing..."
"Calm yourself, sir, tell me the location of the accident."
"15th avenue, hurry!"
"An ambulance is on the way. Could you tell me the details of the accident, sir?"
"She was crossing... A car lost control... There's a lot of blood, oh god, she's not breathing... Help her..."

He was arrogant, boastful, and narcissistic. Everyone hated him once they knew him. Only women who were after his body and his money kept up with him. At first he thought she was one of them.

"Could you spare a minute to answer a survey?"
"If you'd spare me a few hours over dinner tonight, I would."
"Could I just persuade you with a please? My boss just ordered me to hand these out."
"Thanks! Here, I'll just come back for it later."

He looked at the survey and checked the first box for everything. She came back a few minutes later.

"You sure you do not want to have dinner with me?"
"I'm pretty sure."
"Tell me then, what is the purpose of this survey?"
"You didn't read it?"
"No, I just checked the first boxes."
"At least you made some effort. Thanks again."

She left without another word. He looked at her for a long time, trying to absorb the fact that a woman just turned him down. He figured she was just playing hard to get. He left a few bills for her tip and left the coffee shop. He waited in his car parked across the coffee shop that afternoon. She left after her shift, wearing simple jeans and a tee-shirt, a jacket, and a body bag. He left his car and crossed the street. She wasn't looking at where she was going, he purposely bumped into her. Gaining a surprised shriek from her.

"I'm sorry."
"That's alright, I wasn't looking."
"Hey, aren't you from the coffee shop. Fancy bumping into you."
"Yeah, I guess. I'd better go."
"So you're off then? How about dinner?"
"You don't get a hint, don't you?"
"I just can't accept a no."
"Well then... No."
"How about coffee?"
"You do realize I just came from a 4-hour shift at a coffee shop, you know."
"I don't drink tea."
"Have water with me then?"
"You're weird. Please, leave me alone or I'm calling the police."
"You have a boyfriend, then?"
"Just leave me alone, okay?"
"You're married then."
"I'm not, okay! I have to study for an exam tonight."
"Oh, so you're a student."
"Yes. A very busy student."
"How about after your exam... Dinner?"
"Fine. Dinner after my exam."
"I'm going now. Bye."

She probably thought she was on the safe side by then, he forgot to take her number. But he was not about to give up, a little flirting with the manager of the coffee shop was the solution he needed to his little problem. He got her number before the end of the day.

He planned a romantic dinner in one of town's best restaurant to impress her. But to his surpise, she told him to meet her somewhere. They ate in a small pizza parlor. They talked, he flirted, she did a bit too. He didn't expect her to be the kind of girl who slept on the first date, but she was one of those girls. Just as he suspected... It's either his money or his body, he guesses it's his body this time around with her. They checked in on one of his hotels but she didn't know that. The next morning, all he found was a note from her, the first time someone left him before he left them first.

"I had a feeling you'd be here."
"I know, I had a feeling I'd be here too."
"What do you want?"
"Some coffee, I guess, since this is a coffee shop and an explanation."
"It was a one time thing."
"You do that often?"
"A first, actually."
"I'm touched. But I'm not willing to let it go like that. Have dinner with me again."
"What part of one time did you not understand?"
"The part where you're still saying no to me after the fun time we had last night. Don't even deny you didn't enjoy it."

She was simple. He was not. He liked her more than anybody he's ever been with. He figured he could keep her for a few months then break it off with her gently. Or maybe not gently. For the first few weeks they dated, he was kind, sweet, fake, so fake. He started to let his true self slip after a few weeks. And he knew she did not approve but still, she stayed. Something he was surprised at.

"I have an exam tomorrow, I need to go."
"Does it look like I care?"
"I'm going, okay?"
"No, you're not."

"You've got no decency, don't you?"
"What did I do?"
"I was there, right infront of you!"
"I have no idea what to do with you. I give up."
"What did I do?"
"So tell me, did she say yes to you?"
"Oh, her."
"Did she?"
"She most certainly did but don't worry, baby, I'm not going."

He did go. He went everytime someone offered, he went everytime someone said yes. She didn't know. She would never know, he made sure of that. And if ever she did find out, he figured she shouldn't really give that much care about it. She was the only one he ever took home to his apartment, she even knew his security code. He's going to remind her of that, he knows that's going to make her feel special. Women liked that. But he soon found out that she wasn't like other women.

His first mistake was not finding out who her friends were. The next mistake he took was sleeping with one of them. Unbenownst to him, her friends like to tell all. And she found out through one of their daily conversations.

"You slept with her. Tell me, how many have you slept with other than her?"
"Everytime you had an exam, I go out."
"Ouch. That really cuts deep, baby."
"I hate you, you know."
"Well what do you want me to do now?"
"I want you to change."

He followed her out his apartment and right infront of his eyes, it happened.

Chapter 2 preview:

He comes and visits everyday.
He brings her flowers everyday.
It's been a month now.

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