He looked at her irritatingly and she looked at him, warning him. He dropped the scowl and smiled at her.

"Yes, baby?"
"You're doing it again."
"I can't help it."

He shrugged as he looked back at their son and started to baby talk to him again.

"I told you not to do that."
"He likes it. See?"
"He's probably just laughing at the way you look talking like that. And so are other people."

He looked around and glared at the man beside their table who was looking at him strangely.

"Don't start a fight."

She warned him, knowing the look he was giving the other man.

"I'm not going to. Especially not infront of Damien."

He went back to talking to their son, making her smile. They got married a few months after he stopped her from going away. They tried for a baby for months but to her disapointment and to his guilt once again, they found out that she had a laceration on her uterus because of the accident and that it would be difficult for her to conceive a child or carry it into full term. She was down for weeks after that, and he on the other hand reverted to his old guilty self. The one that she did not want anything to do with.

He started to distance himself from her then on and they were on the verge of a divorce when one night of passion from a fight gave them their miracle. She found out a month later she was pregnant and it made them closer again and all thoughts of divorce went out the window without any other word.

Damien Matthew Angelus was born 7 and a half months later, weighing 9 lbs., to a very exhausted mother and a very thrilled father. That was six months ago and the family could not be any happier.

He smiled at her as she watched them. Her son and her husband. Her son who came just in time to save his parents' marriage... And her husband who realized that being changed by guilt was not as effective as being changed by the heart...

--- --- ---


--- --- ---

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