Oh Captain, My Captain

In Which Our Heroine Gets Truly Wasted

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"You'll be stayin' in the Capn's quarters wiv' me," Jack said smoothly, as if it were every woman's dream to have to sleep in the same bed as Captain Jack Sparrow. (AN: Which, of course, it is!)

"Oh no I won't," Desireé replied, not wanting to be tempted by Jack any longer, "I'll sooner stay in the brig."

"Well, if you're so set against it," Jack answered, sounding slightly disappointed, "I s'pose I'd better tell the crew t' make room fer ye."

"Aye, that'll be fine." Desireé was slightly apprehensive toward sleeping near a crew of thieves and scallywags, but she was ready to accept it.

The pair of them walked along the docks 'till they reached a magnificent ship, dark and forbidding. Desireé was entranced.

"The Black Pearl?"

"Aye, the very same," Jack puffed up proudly, "Shall we?"

He called up to some of his crew, who threw two thick ropes down.

"Stupid blighter!" he shouted, and then to Desireé, "That's no way for a lady to climb aboard."

Desireé gasped as Jack threw her over his shoulder and began scaling the wall.

Whatever 'appened to a damned gangplank, she thought to herself. As soon as they reached the deck, Jack swung himself over the rail, successfully scaring the hell out of Desireé.

Taking a deep breath and throwing Jack a scathing glare, she straightened herself and looked around. A motley crew of wobbly-legged, rum soaked pirates bustled around her, climbing rigging and swabbing the deck and all manners of ship-maintenance. Jack led her by the small of her back to a portly man who was sleeping at the helm.

"Desi, this is…er…me loyal and…always…aware…" Jack gave the man a sharp kick in the shin, waking him instantly and causing Desireé to gasp and laugh at the same time, "Me first mate, Joshamee Gibbs."

As the pained Gibbs looked to blink blearily at the pair, Desireé gasped again.

"Mr. Gibbs?" Gibbs looked in her general direction, but focused on her face after a moment.

"Desireé? Desireé, love? Mother an' child, it is ye," he exclaimed. He stood upright and embraced her like an uncle would to his favorite niece.

"You two are, erm, acquainted?" Jack asked, seeing only one way they could know each other. The pair picked up on this and sprang apart.

"Jack!" Desireé cried.

"Cap'n!" Gibbs exclaimed.

"Then 'ow? 'Ow are you two acquainted if not by the means which I thought you were?" Desireé sighed at Jack's one-track mind.

"More our business than yers, innit, Jack? Besides, ye know I'm no prostitute," she drawled. In fact, she and Gibbs had met one night when he saved her from a man who thought she was indeed a prostitute, but Jack was not to know that.

Jack was disappointed at the lack of information, but quickly turned to other matters. Taking hold of Desireé's waist, he swaggered down to the deck with his free arm lolling about as though attached to a marionette string.

"So, love, ye sure about sleepin' with the crew?" Looking around her, Desireé was gripped with apprehension. Jack sensed this even with his drunken mind and assumed a comical thinking expression.

"The crow's nest," he stated. She looked up at said crow's nest, way at the top of the tallest mast.

"J-Jack, how am I supposed to-?"

"Don' worry, ye'll fit jus' fine."

"But Jack-"

"It's not too cold up there, either-"



"I was askin' about how I would crawl up there-"she began, but thought better of it. It was better than sleeping with the crew, and much better than sleeping in Captain Jack's quarters.

"Ne'er ye mind," she said. Jack nodded somewhat unsteadily.

"Then ye're to be our new watchman…woman…person, savvy?"

"Savvy," she answered. He looked at her in a strange way all of a sudden. Desireé searched for the difference in his kohl-lined eyes, but found none. Was he looking at her that way the entire time? No, she surely would have noticed it.

"Desi, 'ow's about ye havin' a drink with the crew? I 'ave some business to see about on shore," Jack said. Desireé faltered; what business?

"More my business than yers, innit, Desi?" Jack taunted, knowing she was curious about what he had to do. Feeling utterly drawn to the joyful drinking that some of Jack's crew was in the middle of, Desireé nodded. Jack nodded back and swaggered off backwards, keeping her in his view for a few more awkward seconds.

So, rum or rum? Desireé asked herself as she made her way to the small group of drinking buddies.

"Mind if I join ye?" she asked, sitting down with them before she received an answer, "Pass the grog."

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As Jack made his way back to land –particularly the Faithful Bride- with Gibbs and a small number of his crew, he thought about his latest encounter with his Desi. A certain part of him felt awful about his plan for the pair of them, but for the most part, he was just scared for his own skin.

"Cap'n," Gibbs said, "Ye really believe fer a second tha' Davy Jones'll believe yer married?"

"Why not? I'm dashing, handsome, brave-"

"Daft, brash, and a complete drunk," Gibbs interrupted, but shrank back when Jack's offended gaze swung to him, "In the best sense, o' course. But Cap'n, d'ye really think tha' the sea Himself will hesitate to turn ye into the seaswine what works 'is Flying Dutchman jus' 'cause ye say yer married?"

"Hmmm," Jack thought about this new doubt for a moment, "Yes."

He finally made his grand entrance into a relatively quiet tavern –that is, no barfights- and took a seat on the base of a large pillar. Gibbs sat behind a large table and put up a sign which read: Croo fer Blak Perl Needed. A sizeable line was formed in a matter of minutes, a fact which made Jack smile. The smile was quickly gone as his mind turned back toward Desireé. Her life was in danger because of him. If he went along with his plan and presented her to Davy Jones as his wife, he might be saved from a century in salty, briny hell. Then again, Davy Jones was a cold and ruthless…man…thing. What if he simply took the both of them and forced the two into salty, briny hell anyway?

Was it worth the risk? Was his own life more important than his former lover's?

Jack wondered if his compass could tell him. Opening the device and shutting his eyes, he muttered to himself.

"I know what I want, I know what I want, I know what I want…"

He looked down at the compass's point, which was pointing to a strange man making considerably deliberate passes at the barman. Hardly a bankable heading. Jack sighed to himself and turned to his first mate.

"How're we goin'?"

"Includin' those four, that gives us…four."

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Meanwhile, back on the Pearl, Desireé was having a grand time with the crew, laughing and singing at the top of her lungs. She knew she was piss-drunk, but everyone else was, too. What was there to worry about?

"Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-naa…and really bad eggs…DRINK UP ME 'EARTIES, YO HO!"

The entire ship's company took a long swig of rum applauded. Desireé felt her hands missing each other more than a few times. The sky had painted itself a dark, inky blue stained with streaks of bloody red and brilliant gold on the horizon by this time.

"Y'know what that looks like?" Desireé drawled to the nearest pirate.

"Wha'" the pirate asked, draping his arm around her shoulder to steady himself.

"Look's like the sun's bleedin' on the ocean. The moon's the cap'n now…"

She and the pirate laughed heartily until he collapsed onto the floor. She looked around to the rest of the crew, and burst into tears. Gibbs, who'd just returned from the Faithful Bride retaining about half of his sobriety, came over to her.

"In the name o' mother an' child, heart, wha's wrong?"

"Jaaaack…why isn't 'e with meee?"

"The Cap'n's on the dock now, 'e'll be 'ere soon," Gibbs answered soothingly. He seemed to have an experience with calming drunken women.

"He-'e said we'd be together on this journey, and 'e's gone a-and left!" Desireé wailed. She was ignorant of her making a spectacle in front of the crew; even the most drunken pirate on the ship felt embarrassed for her. She continued to bawl until the sound of Jack's boots followed him to the deck of the Pearl.

As soon as Desireé saw him, she felt all her tears dry up as her anger heated up.

"JACK!" She stood from her former crouch and stumbled over to him. A sick-looking man in a filthy naval uniform standing by Jack regarded her in a slightly shocked and completely disgusted manner.

"What'sa matter, Desi?"

"Y-ye said we'd be together! Ye said! Ye p-promised!"

"Desi, I'm right here," Jack replied, astonished. He'd never seen her as drunk as she was.

"N-no! I mean with me! Y-you couldn't bear to have a child, could ye!? I killed it, 'cause o' ye! I hate ye Jack Sparrow! HATE YE!" Jack raised his eyebrows and bent down. Before anyone could inquire as to what he was doing, he'd picked Desireé up and hoisted her over his shoulder. In front of a couple dozen slowly sobering men, he made his way toward his quarters.

He slammed the door behind him and dropped the still-kicking-and-screaming Desireé onto his bed.

"It's this baby business again, innit?"

"Yes, J-Jack, I love babies…" Desireé replied, having forgotten the train of conversation in her rum-induced stupor.

"Desi, ye know why I 'ad to leave ye."

"N-no, I don't. Please…" Desireé trailed off in the middle of her statement.

"I am a pirate, Desi. A pirate. Wha's a pirate to do wiv' a baby? Teach it to shove a blade up me arse before it can even 'old up it's own 'ead?"

Desireé felt the cloud of inebriation disperse, ever so slowly. She was still quite drunk when she replied,

"I could come wiv' ye. Jackie, I coulda-"

"No, I may be as horrid and selfish as the damned navy says, but I will not have you on this ship."

"Do ye love me, Jackie?"

"Jack. S'Jack."

"Jack…" She felt herself getting angry now, "Do ye love me?"

The pirate captain looked shiftily from one side to another. After a tense moment, he stood and swaggered to his door.

"Think yerself over, Desi."

And Desireé did. She thought and thought, about Jack and their would-be baby and her new embarrassment and everything else. She was completely sober by the time the Pearl set sail, and twice as self-loathing. She remembered almost everything that had happened, and every time she recalled another shameful outburst, she buried her head further into Jack's pillow. His scent filled her head, and it was that smell that allowed her to ignore her pounding headache and fall asleep.


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